Government’s “Protection” Racket

24 Nov

Is government here to help you, or help itself?  This video illustrates the idea of the government consumer robbing the private-sector producers.  (See,

video     00:03:09


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5 responses to “Government’s “Protection” Racket

  1. Anthony Clifton

    November 25, 2013 at 7:23 AM

    truly the definition of the word “government” for Americans should not be…

    economic terrorists, instead of “public servant”.

    preceding that important distinction of course would be a very important

    understanding between the sacred & the profane,

    namely the difference between

    the Children of Israel & the Children of the devil &

    “proselytes” to their truth hating “religion”…..John 8:44 !

    please refer to Jefferson’s Eulogy of Washington.

    Isaiah 13 :14

  2. mrtideman

    November 25, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    Thank you Anthony for that 2-minute video of this “Knock Out” phase going around where instead of that Random Acts of “Kindness”, (v.s. “Violence”) there are these “sucker punches” out of the blue. But that of three teen agers now going to trial for killing a 46-year old man. Of hopefully he will not have died in vain as they say of to make this a lesson for others to learn of NOT to land on death row too maybe. Of beyond that of a just a Bishop (Titus 1:7) to be not a striker to that of: also past that of: of limited to striking hands (and not to be a surety for debts either; but that the gov’t of New Hampshire does do so by guaranteeing bonds that if not paid back to the bank loaning to whatever business that We The People will pay, like in the G&C votes some every other Wednesday of $ millions through the B.F.A./ Business Finance Authority, and so now to maybe give them my 2-cents worth as they say at these Public Hearings (of not held open for others to comment later who could not make it to there) of against my religion, and so to “protect” my N.H. Article 5 religious rights of to not include me IF they should default Of “the” Bible quote bottom-line thus being: of to be not violent. Of thus this Gov’t “Protection Racket” of for to pay such into The System for these Guarantees be un-lawful and un-constitutional here, of thus with 1.3 million population, and $x-amount of dollars in guarantees of what? self-insured? No, the State Government pays $x-amount per year in premiums to The National Grange Insurance Company at 55 West Street in Keene, N.H., Attention: Eli there the Claims Agent, for our public servants to their RSA Ch. 93-B:1-9 faithful performance bond of insured to up to $100,000 per officer +/or employee. [ Compared to the $150,000 per year premium for a $5 million insurance policy at each of the ten counties.] Of my guess is that because the majority do not object, that they pass these things anyway!? Of thus what we ought to have is a PRIVATE Attorney General for us, for when the gov’t A.G. gives an “opinion” to The Governor & Council of it O.K. since the majority do not dis-agree, but then gov’t is supposed to operate for in an Article 14 “complete” manner, of NOT complete when I file my protest, as the gov’t can only operate by the “consent” of the governed. Then what? My Executive Councilor to meet with the Revenue Commissioner to give me some Waiver punch card of to not have to pay the 9% Rooms and Meals Tax when next to lunch at WENDY’s? Heck, look at the corruption there in these government offices now: of no “advice ” from the G&C to the Revenue Commission to NOT send out the Tax Warrants to ALL the 222 cities and towns in this state because the statewide education property tax IS un-constitutional! billing as un-lawful per the Supreme Court case of 1997: “The majority holds today that the present system of taxation to provide funding to meet this constitutional duty violates part II, article 5 of the State Constitution, because it is not reasonable or proportional. ” nor wholesome but that THEY do it ANYway! Crooks, liars* and thieves. * They SAY that they will obey the law by their RSA Ch. 92:2 oath of office, but do lie! for Article 84. Of actually the governor and one of the five, now four councilors since one just went to his grave, have yet to “make and subscribe” as in to go past just the viz. to SAY the oath to that of to write it in that of to subscribe is to acknowledge, yes, but that of BOTH of to “draw up AND sign”! of it is “sufficient” to them, but not Article 14 “complete” as required by me! in this NOT Democracy of round up to the next whole number, BUT to be one hundred (100%) percent! in what is supposed to be this Article IV, Section 4 U.S. Constitutional Republican form of government! JSH cc: to them at their next Public Hearing. Thank you for this information. Thank you “very” much. Of maybe not to get some Waiver card, but to refund me $x.xx already paid, that if they don’t pay up, then to either take them to Small Claims Court of demanding some $80.00 filing fee that be against the law! [Art. 14 N.H. Bill of Rights] and so maybe to criminal court by an RSA Ch. 594:14 summons, of to see LSRs # 2282 and 2286 to deal with this this Winter at the Legislature so as to make that case law of: and into statutory law. Per my Petition #22 of last year at:

  3. Anthony Clifton

    November 26, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    gives that whole live free or die thing….. all kinds of new meaning….

    • mrtideman

      November 26, 2013 at 12:46 PM

      Yup, We live in like NOT the state BUT more of it being: The Plantation of New Hampshire. See also: of per The “Concord Monitor” web-page cited therein of it now goes to: ”
      The page you are looking for cannot be found. ” of this message found there. And: of the point being of that since I could not vote for Dudley, who BTW was the clerk on the House Judiciary Committee, in Room 208 of The Legislative Office Building (L.O.B.) because I do not live in that city, then that she shrivel up and die, of me not to DO any thing but to wish it upon her! Of thus the “Thought Police” of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four” in full force on this Plantation. The word: “or” being her choice, of she chose the latter. Then somebody new to replace her in the next election could do what is right of to “serve” the Article 12 protection as paid for by the property tax. And an option by choice is NOT a crime! ALL criminal charges to be tried by jury (6th Amendment) and ALL criminal charges supposed to be appealable to the jury by N.H. Article 77 * here in N.H., but that they do lie when they take the oath if they ever did. * = ” And the general court are further empowered to give to police courts original jurisdiction to try and determine, subject to right of appeal and trial by jury, all criminal causes wherein the punishment is less than imprisonment in the state prison.” Of I was fined about $800 and then appealed, but that neither the District Court woman Clerk Diane Carroll there in Lebanon would PUSH my case, of neither would the Grafton County Superior Court Clerk Robert Bruce Muh (of since retired to Littleton, N.H.) would PULL the case either to there, of another District Court in another criminal case of mine as the RSA Ch. 594:14 private prosecutor (in Concord District Court against Dr. Groves of The U.S. Census for criminal trespass “by the doctrine of collective knowledge”) having the case illegally dismissed by an A.A.G. “nol pros” withOUT any examinations of the evidence of against R.S.A. Chapter 7:6 of it was marked for to be appealed and was appealed by Clerk Diane Lane to the Superior Court but REFUSEd to be accepted there in Belknap County in Laconia by the Clerk Jim Warren of its county of origination and so returned, and so this issue of “private prosecution” to be straightened out by LSR 2286 to HB #_____ next year, starting with a Public Hearing as early as on maybe ____day January ____ ’14 @ __:__ a.m. / p.m. in L.O.B. Room #_____, thanks to State Rep. Dan Itse from Fremont, at: ** Of I’ve put in an RSA Ch. 4:1 claim against both this new Attorney General Joe Foster of Nashua and his underling of Benjamin J. Agati to my Executive Councilor [Telephone # Cell: (603) 290-5848 e-mail: cvanostern at nh dot gov ] but that he REFUSEs to do anything about this. And my three State Reps (one woman and two men, all missing their “guts”) are chicken (you know what) to do any Article 63 impeachment. Of I did Article 32 “instruct” them to please re-present of what I presented to them for an Article 32 petition on this, but that they REFUSED, but still call themselves Re-Presentatatives that is a lie, of to call them thieves as their titles at next year’s Public Hearings. ** Of the Bills Sponsored for 2014 not yet published. _____

  4. Joe

    November 27, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    This video presumes that business owners do not have a choice in regard to the government’s “offer.” However, “the hand of the diligent shall bear rule, but the slothful shall be under tribute.” Proverbs 12:24. The diligent American business owners, not having rejected knowledge, have read 26 CFR 31.3402(p)-1, and have not elected to become “employers.” Therefore they are not subject to the demands of “Obamacare,” they not pay the employer’s portion of FICA, Medicare Tax, FUTA, or SUTA, they do not file quarterly Form 941’s or issue W-2’s about their workers, they never provide Form W-9’s to their customers, and they pay their workers 100% of the fruits of their labor in accordance with Ecclesiastes 3:13. There is nothing new under the sun. Be a diligent business owner and rule your own affairs, or be a lazy business owner and be robbed.


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