Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets and Join Protestors

11 Dec

Nightmare for fascists: Italian cops side with protesters.  

When will we see the same in the U.S.?  In fact, when will we see American soldiers side with American dissidents and protesters?

The government is not a unilateral enemy. Some government employees are thugs. Some recognize the crimes they’re being called on to commit, and are losing their taste for unbridled power. Only a handful of government employees refusing to “just follow orders” could be enough to precipitate a revolt even within the ranks of government, itself. Once the cops refuse to function as knee-breakers for the mob that runs this country, that mob will be on the way out.

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6 responses to “Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets and Join Protestors

  1. Jetlag

    December 11, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Adask said: “Once the cops refuse to function as knee-breakers for the mob that runs this country, that mob will be on the way out.”

    Only to be replaced by a new mob. This is how externally incited revolutions always end. The revolution being incited in this country, to abolish our nation state in favor of the lawless rule of money, is no exception, if We the People should be foolish enough to take the bait.

    “There is no such thing in the United States as a forcible revolution. The Constitution forbids it. The framers of it gave to the Federal government power to put down a rebellion, because they saw that remedies for all grievances were provided by law.”

    – John Whipple, lawyer for appellee, Luther v. Borden, 48 U.S. 1 (1849)

    We the People are nowhere near exhausting the remedies available under the law. So far, we’ve been using up our time and energy being passive, hand-wringing spectators of the increasing peril of this nation: a credit to the effectiveness of the manufactured “anti-government” counterculture.

    • Mary Broussard

      December 11, 2013 at 4:03 PM

      I beg to disagree based upon my observation that the members of our
      congress seem to be clueless regarding their responsibilities to those who elected them to represent them, and our Judiciary members have become compromised (some have). The three branches of government were designed to balance each other, with no branch having too much power…. When the Executive Branch runs roughshod over the other two, what do we have? I think we have chaos and what we are seeing is a plutocracy.

      • Jetlag

        December 11, 2013 at 4:48 PM

        Hi, Mary.

        If the Tea Party had 10,000,000 members instead of less than 1 percent of that, I’d think maybe We the People were using every available remedy under the Constitution.

        Until serious numbers of Americans click off the web videos, put away the protest bongos, and finally make a plausible effort to take back our government, we should keep the Money Power’s incited revolution on hold.

  2. Mary Broussard

    December 11, 2013 at 3:44 PM

    …….wow, watching this made me so happy; so good to see the poiice doing right and joining with those of their nation home they have sworn to protect. Perhaps there is hope that this will happen here in America, the only nation on the earth that has a living Constitution modeled on the laws of our Creator. While we were sleeping, Satan came like a thief in the night to deceive, steal, kill and destroy. I think that we are experiencing a great revival and that Americans are praying to their Lord and Savior. to forgive their sins and come back to save our once great Repubic established by and for the people. Time for the preachers on their pulpits to find some real courage and conviction and warn their congregations of what is at stake here. It is time for the people to take their government back.

  3. Mladen

    December 11, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    Did anybody notice that we currently have a secular world of dis-united nations where more people are frustrated and angry then ever in the history of mankind?

    No man-made secular government has ever had anything to do with God and to think so is an amazing comment on the lack of knowledge about fact and reality. Democracy is the worst form of secular government where evil men rule over other evil men.

    In this short video, Daniel distinguishes between the Spiritual Supremacy of God and the false belief of secular “Democracy” that is opposed to God.

    What is God?
    God is Supreme. God is the Creator, Maker and Father of all. God does not need us to vote for Him. God never intended for his creation to think that it could be the Creator. Man was never supposed to hold the false belief that man could be his own little god (aka sovereign without subjects). God’s power is limitless, infinite, and God has no intention of sharing His power with man.

    Democracy is opposite to God.
    From a secular point of view, “Democracy” is the false belief that every individual has an equal share in the power of God, which is the false belief that individuals can be little gods (aka sovereign without subjects), and the idea of one man with one vote to elect other men to rule over men. God does NOT authorize this. God only allows evil man to rule over other evil men who choose to betray God.

    Man repetitively committed treason against God throughout history as shown in the Old Testament of the Christian Holy Bible. First, Adam committed treason against God by believing Satan’s lie. Then, Moses put judges over the people because the masses rejected God at Mount Sinai (Mosaic covenant). Eventually the people wanted to have kings rule over them just like the other pagan nations who were not being ruled by God. Man’s secular (non-spiritual) world eventually evolved into different forms of mass-treason against God —– monarchy, queens, and the ultimate treason against God, “Democracy”. Note that “Democracy” is only one letter away from “Demon-ocracy” and only a demon could have come up with the idea of mass-treason against. In the illusion of “Democracy” the people act like false little gods believing they have equal share, power and right to elect who governs over them.

    God never approved the secular governments where evil men rule over other evil men since God never approved self-rule by man in any way whatsoever. God simply allows evil to rule temporarily over itself. Unfortunately, many people also use their false interpretation of Romans 13 to justify subjection to being ruled by man’s secular government of evil, which is opposite to rule under God for good. It’s just a free will choice and every individual has the free will choice to choose good or evil, God or Satan.

    God does not approve of secular government. That is why a true Christian must “Come out of her”, as it is written at Revelation 18:4 (KJV). Christians must come out of the evil secular system of things. Secular elections and voting is a joke because the elected vote only places powerless puppets to positions of power to make it look like they are in charge, which they are not because Satan has placed his evil minions in high places in secular government. Satan does not need your vote either.

    “Rationalize” is defined by the American Heritage dictionary as,” To devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons for (one’s behavior).” You cannot rationalize a wrong and make it right! You cannot rationalize participation in man’s imaginary secular world of lies and evil in a democracy with anything to do with God the Father, Christ the Son, or the Holy Spirit or anything to do with His Word in the Holy Bible! The current temporary secular world is the system of things over which Satan has temporary dominion over unbelievers (gentiles, pagan, heathens, and infidels).

    You cannot mix participation in evil through democracy as having anything to do with God or being part of the body of Christ if you apply, volunteer and consent to your own bondage (slavery) under the secular dead body corporate. And, yes, if you volunteer to be a secular slave then you should and you must give unto secular Caesar and his secular government what is Caesar’s, just as it is written at Romans 13 (KJV); but, that is only one side of a two-sided coin and there is an alternative, which is to side with God.

    For a more detailed explanation I can only suggest that you watch the following 5-minute video:
    63 – Democracy is evil government ruling over evil man.

    I also have a 5-page PDF document that explains things in great detail and if anybody would like to receive it just drop me a note at and I’ll send it to you.

    Change your law and change your God.
    —- Mladen


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