“The Brave German Woman”–may her tribe increase

11 Feb

This woman seeks a spiritual rebirth for Germany.

There’s still a remnant in this world.

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25 responses to ““The Brave German Woman”–may her tribe increase

  1. Tony

    February 11, 2014 at 2:48 PM

    Wonderful – and such courage!

  2. Jethro!

    February 11, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.”

  3. J.M.

    February 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM

    She said, Holy Anger. Yes indeed !! But when she said,or rather asked, Where is everybody? I broke down. It made me sob. Yes, where is everybody.

    • Russell Arms

      June 29, 2015 at 1:14 AM

      @ She said, Holy Anger. Yes indeed !! But when she said,or rather asked, Where is everybody? I broke down. It made me sob. Yes, where is everybody.


    February 11, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    “Where is every body?” They have their heads in the sand. They see nothing because of the expensive ‘blinders’ they are wearing. The halters (willing ignorance) they have placed around their necks are stylish and comfortable!

    Islam was created by the Catholic Church to prevent ISHMAEL from the Messiah and to aide EDOM in the murder of true Israel and Christians. The Catholic Church, was created by EDOM to involve Christians in Spiritual Fornication and IDOLATRY!. The Biblical and Historical facts are that EDOM is who Messiah was contending with. It was EDOM that HE said were the “offspring” of Vipers. It was EDOM that HE said were the Synagogue of Satan.

    The KEY to understanding the N.W.O. is understanding EDOM and who TRUE ISRAEL are!
    When you have put all of this together, this is the only thing that makes sense. READ these four articles.
    “Why don’t these scriptures fit the so called “Gods Chosen”?
    “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”
    Here are those that are manipulating all Economic, Foreign and Domestic Policies in the political realm and the destruction of Nationalism World Wide!


    • J.M.

      February 11, 2014 at 5:09 PM

      @ “Where is every body?”

      Y’know E. T. & you may not agree, but I “see” this lady as being one of the “little flock” people. More than I know how to say, I am so grateful I know of & try & trust in a “God” who looks on the heart.

    • J.M.

      February 11, 2014 at 6:05 PM

      @ > “Where is every body?” They have their heads in the sand.

      EDOMS THORN, aren’t you beating a dead horse ? Why do you lift up your voice to those who have their heads in the sand? I would think that people who have their heads in the sand, includes their eyes & ears too. They can’t hear you or see you, EDOMS THORN. I guess I’m missing something here too. Did you get my emails? I have not received any email response from you. I won’t ask you about this anymore, I hope anyway. I am forgetful. This is another flaw you can add to your shortcoming list about me. I’ll probably think of some more flaws later & I’ll let you know about those too.

    • J.M.

      February 11, 2014 at 9:20 PM

      E.T. I have concluded that the reason you are so upset is simply because you are not getting enough attention, plain & simple.

    • J.M.

      February 13, 2014 at 1:08 AM

      @ The KEY to understanding the N.W.O. is understanding EDOM ……..”

      If only this little woman, as she calls herself, would have just said this, >The KEY to understanding the N.W.O. is understanding EDOM, a hush would have undoubtedly fell over the entire “congregation” & they would have listened to her & agreed with everything else she wanted to say. WHY ?? Because it’s the KEY. Well, give her an C+ for at least trying.

      • Russell Arms

        June 29, 2015 at 1:20 AM

        .@ February 13, 2014 at 10:35 AM
        Sounds like just more Les you know who gibberish.

  5. UglyTruth

    February 12, 2014 at 3:45 PM

    Adolf Hitler regarded Martin Luther just as she did.

    Germany can be identified as the four-headed beast of revelation, and Christianity is the religion of the beast.

    The lion, England, Anglican.
    The bear, Russia, Eastern Orthodox
    The four-headed leopard, Lutheran/Calvinist
    The ten-horned beast, “Holy” Roman Empire, Roman Catholicism.

    AFAIK Irvin Baxter was the first to connect the dots between the beast and these states. While he does suffer from the usual Christian prejudice against Muslims, he has the honesty to admit that it is Christianity that is fundamentally connected to the beast of revelation, not Islam.

    • AN

      February 12, 2014 at 8:51 PM

      @Ugly Truth:
      You are misguided. You should not listen to other men’s misguiding darkness. You should study the Book of Revelation for yourself, and let the Holy Spirit of the Living God teach you.
      The ten-horned beast has nothing to do with Rome. It is the ten-entity confederacy of the Islamic Empire, the “Seventh” ( which becomes the Eighth) great empire of the world.

      • J.M.

        February 13, 2014 at 10:35 AM

        @ >You are misguided.
        I think we are all “misguided” about something(s). I may be misguided about something(s) that you are not & vice versa. This is where we could be of help to each other, But, to come right out & say “you are misguided” or you are wrong, is not right. There are nicer ways to say the same thing, e.g. I do not understand this the same way you do & here is why, then explain why. If you get a response of, well you are wrong, just let it ride & let him/her go his/her own way, or say. thanks. I need to practice what I preach too. We need to help to lift each other up, not put each other down.

  6. AN

    February 13, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    I’m sorry you took offense at my words.
    It isn’t just that we may not understand something in the Bible the way someone else understands it. There is only one correct interpretation of The Word. And that is the way the Author meant to convey. If one doesn’t interpret the Bible the way The Author interprets it, they have the wrong interpretation. The Author’s is the correct interpretation. The Holy Spirit is the only Person that can teach the Author’s interpretation.
    I apologize for offending you, but truth is truth. If we haven’t been taught by the Holy Spirit, we have been misguided. Blessings to you…

    • J.M.

      February 13, 2014 at 2:13 PM

      To: AN,
      @ J.M, I’m sorry you took offense at my words.

      I did not take offense whatsoever. I “hope” my response did not offend you. I think we are both sensitive & maybe to the extent it is to our own hurt. I usually start out good with most everybody & wind up not in very good standing with some of them. We can only go with what we know at the time. My experience has been that the Bible interprets itself, here a little & there a little.
      I ask the Holy Spirit to let me understand & know the Holy Scriptures the WAY the Holy Spirit does.

      Oh by the way, An, if you do respond, tell me what you think of the word, Shalom. I will know then, if I should say or not say, Shalom to you. Some people don’t like it ANYWAY, Blessings to you TOO !!!!

      • Russell Arms

        June 29, 2015 at 1:26 AM

        @ Oh by the way, An, if you do respond, tell me what you think of the word, Shalom. I will know then, if I should say or not say, Shalom to you. Some people don’t like it. ANYWAY, Blessings to you TOO !!!!

      • Russell Arms

        June 29, 2015 at 1:33 AM

        @ “I think we are both sensitive & maybe to the extent it is to our own hurt. I usually start out good with most everybody & wind up not in very good standing with some of them.”
        This IS BECAUSE You are aka Les you know who & we cannot have this. SOME People can only handle so much truth ya know.

    • J.M.

      February 14, 2014 at 2:35 AM

      I sincerely hope that you are not going to be another of quite a few posters who will only post messages if he/she is posting to let someone know that he/she is misguided. I think I know what offends me better than you or anyone else does. YOU AN are telling me that I took offense at your words. I did NOT take offense at your words & I wrote you back & told you I did not take offense. & I SAID I HOPE my response did not offend you. ONLY you would know if it did. AN I ‘m sorry you are misunderstanding what I’m saying.but you are.

  7. hogorina1

    February 17, 2015 at 2:21 PM

    In supposition, national government has an unanchored mindset that the present administration is nourishing the theory of absolute isolation. At times, such imagination of political iniquity is not discovered within the Pentagon. The presidency hammers away the fact that imperialism is only a fox-hunt within the Near and Middle East, of which will dissipate when Iran will eventually roll over and play dead. Netanyahu is head hunting for Iran.

    Correspondingly, a Combined trio, caucus, Israel, Britain and our grand old republic, America, collusively cultivate global unification of collectivism, to be garnished with an aggregate of cultural, economical and social amenities. international proletarian motivation to revolt shares a mind-set in line with the universal Marxian concept of a world, one-state utopian spinoff alliance. This worker’s icon, hammer and sickle, as a Golan monster, to be spiritualised and globalist political monstrosity representative is to be visualised globalist political monstrosity, in line with communism and I.V.Vladimir Lenin’s premature unveiling of future Bolshevism. The socialists “ First International “ meeting steamed-rolled through decades winding up on the ground floor of
    the Eastern End of New York City. Technically, The United Nations Organization is a communist front.

    The Israel of 1948 is a Counterfeit state. It has become a leech and of a parasite on the back a vultured administration, in league with professional racketeers. Israel is a hock-shop, operation in winding down an impulsive pseudo-intelligent gangsters grip on the back of Uncle Sam. This self-spawning nest of professional criminality palming itself off as a so-called ally of the West, USA, specifically and Indirectly, using congressional panhandlers, in tightening down a pinpointed dedicated drive to destruct Iran through a maze of national news media in the hands of universal printing bandits. Politico/religious gangsterism urges masses of Americans to approve mental slavery and nihilistic temperaments through ballot-box political surgery, in the hands of Lucifer and his agents of Satan. Our state dept is a caged animal without a growl, while stringing along the Israeli land-poachers and Assyria religious factions. In the name of pseudo democracy a fifty-state mob machine, like a lamb, is led to the slaughter as being fed on the opium of fiat currency. While NATO plants troops into alien soil and the ever expanding free-loading operations here at home, then the conclusion is that illicit invasions and homestead cuddling alien invaders is a revolution on its own. WE have troops in forty lands and fools in national office, in an attempt to ready a civil war, a revolt throughout the country. The destabilization of America runs deeper, as to the communist takeover is near completion. Oil is used to manipulate the pro-communist ruling elite in the District of Columbia. This is a special elite of aristocratic putrefaction being alienated from all fifty-states. These scoundrels are the leading proponents in controlling all state offices, including their appointed presidency. All Near and far east nations fear and tremble as drones and stinger-rockets with the inclusion of nuclear weapons hold them in line through fear, while slave-labor and natural resources are imported become ambivalent as to the GNP.The trashing of American production in unleashing poverty is well-lain path into the royal arms of incipient communism, bolshevism, and a One World confederated nest of anti-christian bastards, of whom nailed our saviour to a tree.

    Contrary to belief, pedigreed villainess blood lines are thicker than water. Indeed, an animal cannot change its spots. For sure, multitudes of hybrids, inter-mixtures of multiple gangs of nomads and vagabonds, drifters, swarmed into ancient Judaea, to be hauled off, These people as historicity reveals, were classed as mud-people– were hauled off into the north into region of Assyria. The council on Foreign Relations satisfies Netanyahu’s religious options encouraging military action against Assyria. This always a pretext in pulling Iraq into the affairs of Iran. This situation has existed for hundreds of years. Several military induced societies are correlated into one grand alliance–one blood line The state Dept is upside-down in that three countries are united with a winner take all. American troops are occupying in and near these nations, for no other reason than a specific religion, oil and sustaining petro-dollar. NATO illegally invades alien territory.
    Slandering three associative rebellious patriots with implicated names brings no division amongst one united blood lineage.

    The present administration is stagnated with no prospects of military might to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. Over a period of hundreds of years invaders, crawlers from a global sewer of human excrement, have wormed their parasitic venture right into the armpit of western civilization. Their stagnated cultures have politically decimated any nation offering them a seat into civilised western-world pseudo-democracies. China, Assyria, Iran, Iraq will fall in line with all caliphates of Arabia that are not bribed to protect Arabia oil production. The split will remain. The attempt to control the Crimea shows where Russia is committed. The present administration is a bungling tool with no one at the helm of state. Israel, a counterfeit state, being jaw-locked over diverse religious infatuations willingly, as a team, rape, loot and invade governments, of which have ethnic and a prised national inertia of concrete existence, rather than to serve a future world-state as a cross-road politically designed commercial trading center. NATO and the Pendragon professionals should pull in their claws. Our state department should mull over this. The aristocracy of occult rule via london and the D.C. should be rounded up and imprisoned as to their regard to all children. If not, then America is finished

    • hogorina1

      February 17, 2015 at 3:39 PM

      Self-hatred is individual detestation via God’s law of individual nation separation. Every global tramp and swamp runnerr lugs a conscious that warns such individuals of their racial origin. Any racial segment reeling back through the lineage of Esau, is, and have been, marked. The communist party USA and its fellow travelers hold seats within the highest level of state and national government. Racial turmoil and the lust to down-grade our Lord’s chosen seed line is the work of Satan. Misleading clowns of state authority discredit any people of whom thinks that a zebra can change its spots. Usually, the trash
      arriving into america generally drag some God along their sides as a front in attempting to melt-down Christianity, as to some come-along drag of Oriental influence, that had seen its days. America has become one master dumpster of collective damned fools moving into the dehumanized area of national mongrelism. It is always some imported scumbag of a Godless antiquity, as Christ haters, awaiting to drag innocent Caucasians
      into their own hell on earth. This is the first trip into our Babylonian influence.

  8. hogorina1

    February 17, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    I had been talking with a professor of economics. Having little education myself, i asked him what really was economics. He replied. With me it puts bread and whiskey on my table. This startled me, for this individual was a pillar of the university where he taught. Asked him about the national economy and he replied. Tax all the whore houses in Washington, for the last fifty years and our national debt could be paid off. This made me angry, because he knew that i was ignorant.
    Generally, i look up to educated people. I asked him was he Jewish. He replied: I am a gypsy from Romania and sent here on a visa. ( whatever that is ). I always thought that gypsies were Jews, because our Lord, not a ghetto expert, Christ, through a prophet, let them go into Egypt to beat the famine in Canaan. They were cursed by God for doing so, in that them and their seed would never set foot in Egypt again. This site dislikes the chosen people, but what about the Gypsies. Since we have had several Jews in the White House why are you folks down on the Gypsies. We are all equal according to social engineering, why not shove a Romanian into the White House or the state Dept. Hillary Clinton could then give good advice, as how to screw up foreign affairs. We need new blood on capital hill. What do you folks think about this?

  9. hogorina1

    February 18, 2015 at 11:59 AM

    The principle of political rule within our pseudo-democracy depends on the level
    of one nationwide political benevolence of subtilbility to wrestle with inarticulate mob restlessness, Keeping in mind, to succeed with the levity of
    bushwhacking this herd through the art of bamboozlement, via baffling the masses oratorially, in the art of brilliancy, or to sway humanity with a line of bull manure. The national news media parallels such hypocrisy with journalistic prostitution. The very basis of socio psychological engineering factors into the ideological issue that stolen political and private wealth holders owns and controls police powers. This setup is to actually guard the stolen wealth of the various states in the hand of ruling classes. This cyclorama of plundering society is a tunnel vision into the presidency, in being upheld through political perversion of corruption in gerrymandering the confusion of rule on a platform of lies and perjury. The state becomes of parasitic origin.

    Democratic and Republican In-party perjury is pronounced, for sure, when the black-mailed late President Woodrow Wilson was shoveled into office in 1917. Outwardly, his machine was inclined to unravel with foreign affairs. But lo and behold, the optom for Zionism was greased lightning.
    The Chief Justice of the supreme court compelled Wilson to lay his left-hand upon the Old Testament. The right-hand was raised aloft. This act clearly demonstrates that the Israeli Sanhedrin really controlled our national judiciary system. This Wilson was a master-liar and mass-murderer, that agreed to make war on Germany causing the youth blood, the flower of America, to be spilled on alien soil. Sworn in via perjury, this schizophrenic induced personality, with Satanic confederation, to obey London’s Lord Balfour’s declaration, that was to set up counterfeit Israel in 1948. This act was put into force by global Zionism. The result consummated WWl.

    The high treason was not far-fetched, for we have had two traitors, unelected Presidents, Harry solomon Truman and a Mr. L.B. Johnson. Both of these pro- socialist confidants betrayed this republic — two different manners. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury, in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. The Council on Foreign relations interveined.
    Both of these pro- confidants of dishonesty put Jesus down and delivered our republic into the vials of Bolshevism, betrayed in two different manners. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters.

    Correspondingly, Alien spies such as Alger Hiss, Russian spy, and Harry Dexter White, Russian agent, Worked tirelessly with Harry Hopkins, through Truman, in betraying a country while L.B. Johnson betrayed a nation. And ln what manner did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in to coy to a network of communist gangsters. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. Truman in the palms of an elite Russian communist oriented aristocracy, forced Truman to atomic bomb two defenceless cities within Japan, composing of women and children. This criminal act completely destroyed America’s fate, as to isolationism. Our governing body now pursues imperialism, as propelled forward in the hands of NATO versus Russia.israelisrael confidents

    Nevertheless of presidential misconduct, the matter of perjury is weighed against two naive characters, by way of sworn oath that a specific gang of people were of Jewish ancestry. Laying hands on the Old Testament solidified this artificial presumption.

    Their sworn word before God was a broad-faced lie. It was Bolshevism over capital. Leon Trotsky, a Jew by coincidence, in his narrow biography, ( Leon Trotsky ). Trotsky was in alliance with I.V. Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the 1917 communist overthrow of Christian Russia. Trotsky absolutely declares that there is positively no ethnic nation or ethnic race of people known as Jews. Trotsky was an internationally known revolutionary communist. The phony Jews of Russia murdered him in Mexico in 1939. Trotsky is the horse’s mouth.

    This band of mixed ancestry took over Palestine seven hundred BC and opted to be called Judeans. Backing up Trotsky is bonafide in that the word Jew did not appear in world literature until after the American Revolution. From Teddy Roosevelt until the present era. Its one presidential liar on the other, all fronted for a counterfeit class of people that have never been a nation. L.B. Johnson betrayed God’s chosen lineage while in congress. He revolutionised mother nature in that the royal seed line is now a rainbow coalition. Yes, organized confusion and perjury is the game.

  10. hogorina1

    February 27, 2015 at 9:04 PM

    WOW! an international syndicate of social engineering finantial racketeers have finally accomplished a natural and long depressed disposition to drag the civilization of our Republic into the corrupted fangs of an international octopus, slivering amongst pre-bought presidential panhandlers, scheming behind an inbred psycologically self-implanted nature, in concealing just what money is and its origin. Theoretically, currency expressed through paper, silver or coupons, credit cards or gold is worthess, other than commercial use. However, for thousands of years gold was the most precious in controlling various nations and societies. In fact. the power of currency as to fueling the movement of goods and services world-wide is unique in that world nations can be controlled through financial marketeers, of whom collaborate with the some what newly established International Monetary Fund, in conniving various international exchange rates weekly, sit, in pricing gold, as professional swindlers, by being governed by several financial agents, being subjected to agents of the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve.
    This vast one-eyed banktster cooporation keeps helpless nations in prevailing poverty via the interest ( USURY ) or ( INTEREST ) form of vice. These professional loan sharks, through cashiering productive states, plunder and rob unconsciously,with an absolute artificial conterfeit species. America is being crucified upon a literal cross of ( GOLD ). These certifed ibarbarians of lusting on other’s labors holds nations in financial bondage. Of course, our Republic is now run on ( FIAT ) money.
    Reiterating that fiat moneys have no precious metal value at all, the conclusion demonstarts American Primarily, the globe’s gold supply, over all, rests in bens at Fort Knox, KN. Gold backs up the American and British empire, in renting out their military deployment world wide. All countries accept goods and services in trading with various nations. Fiat moneys originated with our Congress and Britain’s Parliament. Gold is being hoarded in both America and England via the Rothschild banking networks. Together, both civi-lized nations have turned to imperialism. Rothschild is a psuedo paternal name. For sure, these collective revenue scavengers consider the above average individual, not in the house of their blood-sucking covey. to be nothing less that ( cattle ). In cahoots with these consciouslesness fin- nanciers ( usurers ), all America is driven like one vast horde of wild animals under stress, to pay through the interest system, Organized usury.The banking system originated to control progressive civilizations through specific self-serving sycophants, in the field of political whoredom.
    Still, we are unable to establish when gold took over the ancient bartering nations of past millennials. But it is obvious ( FIAT ) moneys must be backed up. IT IS ! because citizens own homes and other property. Believe it or not, your fixed and fluid wealth is being stolen through outrageous taxation. This ownership is stolen from criminal taxation. It doesn’t take a robber to take property dishonestly, for tax collections are running them out of business. Any nation not falling in line with fiat currency is invaded and starved into submission. America has become a sewer for the globe’s humanoidistic revolutionary driftwood and from the pale of eastern Europe. The banking intelligencia brings up the rear, in formating ethenic dissenion and community solvency, through control of all and any press, or news outlet. We might say that the gold owners are forerunners of universal Bolshevism.
    This ancient psudo religious movement basis its determonation to sit up a so called ONE WORLD government. In essence, gold is only a means to an end. Absolutely, money lenders correlate metropolitics as the gaul in financial entrenchment, in setting up the so-called city and county manager organzation. Here citizens are merely mobs, ( CATTLE ), in the hands of socializing specific areas of America, in furthering incipient socialism, by bringing into poverty well established middle-class productive elements via taxes, with inflationary funds to keep such subserviants to gradually drag any elevated class into a state that has ties to international finance.
    The unlawful to tax is the power to destroy a nation. Gleening back into the latter eighteen hundreds, we discover that the globe’s chief banksters met in Vienna, Austria. Here these agents of universal finance of global significance decided to bring Europe under the scope, in buying up France, Germany, the Netherlands and colonial assets of the British empire, in congealing the world’s gold supply.This gang brought America under its wings in the latter eighteen hundreds. And today, over taxed Americans have their heads in the ground, by supporting usury in a mad rush to finally wind up in a future that heralds a home-made guillotine.

  11. hogorina1

    September 20, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    God condemned Israel for a whoring after strange Gods. Yes, today, various religious set ups run to and from in line with priestcraft and unauthorised authority to preach the gospel. More conflict arises when various denominations lose sight of divine intuition, as Satan and his gang deploy their trade of spiritual fraudulence. Pseudo democracy is the major bed fellow of misled christians, of whom father their major enemy, imperialism, through armed conflict to be involved in the Middle East affairs and their Gods. The main event is israel’s God and Mohammed’s impertinence. But, then, Israel seems to be inappropriate with its illicit conduct within the United Nations Organization. It must be assumed that imbedded criminals deposited down within our national administrative parlance is using doublespeak, in creating a hell on earth, in steamrolling an incipient America into socialism.
    It is an indisputable fact that the heathen nations of the world actually mention God more than christians societies of the West. This is because there is one Creator. Spiritual water seeks its own level. The vast criminality of illicit investors controlling the Federal Reserve is a pawn in the hands of the vatican, the City of London and the District of Columbia. Under the scheme of global humanity, degenerative industries in the name of democracy, spread man-made religions. Godly fear, plus rockets and drones under the cloak priestcraft, loot raw materials and enslave humanity.
    It is an established fact that our nation is being fed political sewage from the halls of congress. Likewise, the state department is nothing more, or less, than an idle-dumpster, as a holding slot for mentally crippled introverts. All-in-all, Nothing but a practical joke of scallywags, in alliance with bribery and flesh hounds. These characters would marry the devil in order to obtain consideration to
    visit Parisian red-light districts and collect antiques.
    Our nation’s rush to doom was manifested years past , when Nikita Khrushchev stood before Congress pounding his shoe heel on the podium, shouting we will take America without firing a shot. In attesting to alien political/religious hoovering over Capital Hill,
    is the height of fruition of inward corruption. Collective religious harlotry is demonstrated, when the Pope of Rome stands before Congress. How much more are we engrossed with alien religious empires. Netanyahu of Israel stood before Congress and demanded a war with Iran. This is Zionism’s poster-boy. least of all is that Protestantism has lost its footing with millions, as the splintering of its faith has discovered new Gods all rolled into one.
    Yes, indeed, compromising faiths of various strains have created another God at contemporary Mt. Sier, Washington, D.C. The late President, Ike Eisenhower, proponent of imperialism and mass-murderer warned congress that, (he) and Congress worshiped at the tomb of Karl Marx in compliance with Communism. Marx’s tomb is at High Gate cemetery in London. In America we erect monuments to traitors and slabs of concrete to
    brave patriots. Since the national administration has bastardized a once great republic a public dumpster should be placed near the Washington monument, symbolic of phallus worshipers ruling America.
    In actually, this is a spiritual war of orthodox Catholicism and unorthodox Protestantism. The state of Israel established in 1948 is the very root of PAC influence within congress. God has watched Israel in ancient days in the matter of spiritual whoredom. His people have been called down through the ages, as religious harlotry took His children down a notch or two, as a whoring after strange flesh. Instrumental in America’s downfall. The butchers of this republic sit in high seats, shuffling back and forth with self falsification, in committing high treason, thinking that plato and his Socrates could have been absolute fools. The mentioned bastards do mingle within and without misled-Israel. Truly, God hates religious whoredom. As to the illicit clergy nestled down in all fifty states is demonstrated that Beezlebub and his family of devils have offended the God of Israel, and the Israel under Netanyahu has seen its final days. If not, why cannot Iran be tamed into submission to a future One Word criminally denominated police state? SIMPLE!
    The dead cannot be resurrected. And God hates ignorance. A divided nation cannot stand. This nation’s citizens do mourn!
    Show less

  12. hogorina1

    December 17, 2015 at 8:16 PM

    The late President, Harry Truman, couldn’t shoot straight and the alley was wide open. He actually thought that there were only pin-heads on both isles of the house. Harry was completely stupefied and stumped, at becoming an unelected President. He was in ebb tide with no paddles. Out of no wheres, Harry ( the hop ) ,
    Hopkins, Roosevelt addressed his Boy as such, Harry lured Mr. Hop from retirement. Harry had been bowling with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill through WW11. Harry was saved by divine grace for
    he knew nothing about foreign affairs and his State Department. Evidently, fate stepped in and allied two men as peas in a pot, in sending our Republic down the Red-Ridden path to universal socialism.
    Strange as it was, congress, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin through balls down individualized lanes, that never fitted into the one hundred eighty degree path in picking off opposite pin heads. But these three political bowlers knew when to throw curves. Definitely, a post mortum on Franklin Roosevelt was that he hated anyone with a pair of legs. His pal, Winston, hated anyone of whom didn’t stay drunk. Now Stalin was a fox and only boozed up when all three met at Yalta in 1945.
    Getting back to Truman we discover that Harry Hopkins played all three bowlers on his own lane that ran through his handlers, in making sure that eastern Europe with the aid of Truman would be handed over to Stalin’s gang of Red Russia. But Harry, ( Truman ), began to ally with unseen but invisible insiders, that pumped Harry with the idea that there should be a United Nation’s Orgnization. Harry dropped to his knees in prayer in 1945 and thanked God that he would push for this totally Red run machine, of which spitefully attempts to drag our Republic into a universal socialist ONE WORLD government’
    Yes, indeed, congress has lost all of its pins. The State Department its brains, and momentarily, we must give blessings to pro-Red Hopkins, liberal Roosevelt, and pro-commie Churchill, parliamentarian sycophant, for betraying Western civilization…
    Indeed, multiple political, social, racial and hardships are brought upon America, as an upshot , because of many in high seats of national government, as previously noted, was in the tangled politically devised bowling allies from Woodrow Wilson unto this present era. as men in power have politically sold their souls, being entangled with a strip of eastern world property since the day that Ambassador Balfour of London’s ruling hierarchy danced to the tune of the Bank of England and its subsidiaries did the Devil’s work in causing hate between several continents of this globe. God willing, this can be worked out !


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