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I Think it’s Probably “un-Christian” . . . .

to say, “God damn that lunch lady”.  I don’t really know enough facts about whatever actually happened, so I won’t say those words.   But I have to admit that that was my first reaction to this video.

video   00:02:09



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Drunk Cop Gives a Sobriety Test

I don’t know if this is real or a hoax, but I know it’s funny.

video    00:03:31


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MOOA and your Adversaries

MOOA:  A Jury of Your Peers? [courtesy Google Images]

MOOA: A Jury of Your Peers?
[courtesy Google Images]

If you’ve been on this blog before, you probably know that I am to some degree fixated on government laws that expressly define the American people to be “animals” and thereby deprive us of the God-given, unalienable Rights declared in our “Declaration of Independence”.

Over the past eight years, I’ve probably published 30 to 40 articles on this blog that deal with the “MOOA” (“man or other animals”) phenomenon.   You may know that I’ve used this insight and the grace of the Good LORD to stop a lawsuit by the Attorney General of Texas after he’d invested six years and nearly $500,000 in pre-trial investigations and hearings.

But in all of this, I only focused on presenting a freedom of religion argument that would prove that only I or other defendants were “men made in God’s image” and therefore couldn’t be “animals” or subjected to laws that presumed us to be “animals”.  Our status as “men made in God’s image” was protected by the 1st Amendment and our right to freedom of religion.

But I received an email today from “Jeff” that made me realize that the MOOA defense might significantly expanded to include others, even adversaries and jurors as “men made in God’s image” and therefore, not “animals”.

Here’s a copy of Jeff’s email and my reply:

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Tuesday Night Radio: GMO Apples? Attorney Licenses. Misc.

American Independence Hour hosted by Alfred Adask; 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Central time, Tuesday nights, on and also on the KU band, free-to-air satellite link at Galaxy 19.  There’ll be call-ins at 1-800-596-8191

American Independence Hour--Internet Radio [courtesy Google Images]

American Independence Hour–Internet Radio
[courtesy Google Images]

Tonight we’ll have two hours of miscellaneous subjects ranging from “God didn’t make GMO Apples, and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime,” to attorney licenses in only “this state”.  We’ll probably discuss some insights into the nature of money, and I’ll hope to receive several calls from listeners who want to discuss one topic or another.

Please tune in.

Please call in.


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Standing Firm

Peter's Martyrdom [courtesy Google Images]

Peter’s Martyrdom
[courtesy Google Images]

Two verses in the King James Version of Bible quote the Messiah and always resonate with me:

1)      Matthew 24:13—“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved,”  and,

2)       Mark 13:13—“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

A more contemporary translation of the central point of each verse is: “he who stands firm to the end shall be saved”.

In other words, he who “stands firm” in his faith in the Messiah until the “end” of his earthly life shall be saved.

The verses strike me as important because, if they are accurately translated, if they are true, and if they apply to all, then those who believe they’ve been “saved” at the age of 14, or 35 or 68, etc. may be mistaken—and that mistake might imperil their salvation.

Note that the verses declare that “those who stand firm to the end shall be saved.”

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“Complex Chain Reactions”

A Complex Chain Reaction [courtesy Google Images]

A Complex Chain Reaction
[courtesy Google Images]

Under the headline, “Obama:  No U.S. military action in Ukraine,” The Washington Examiner reported that, on Wednesday, President Obama told an NBC affiliate that,

“We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine.  What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international coalition that sends a clear message. Ukraine should decide their own destiny. Russia right now is violating international law and the sovereignty of another country. Might doesn’t make right.”


With just a couple more platitudes, Obama might’ve won the Guinness record for most platitudes in the least number of words.  Guinness might give him a plaque.  He could put it on the mantle next to his Nobel Prize for Peace.

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President Obama–Stop “Helping” Us!

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

A recent article in The New York Times (“Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay”) reports that,

 “President Obama this week will seek to force American businesses to pay more overtime to millions of workers, the latest move by his administration to confront corporations that have had soaring profits even as wages have stagnated.

“On Thursday, the president will direct the Labor Department to revamp its regulations to require overtime pay for several million additional fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as “executive or professional” employees to avoid paying them overtime, according to White House officials briefed on the announcement.”

The rationale for this increase is probably the belief that if people’s incomes rise, they spend more and theoretically stimulate the economy.

But, on the other hand, if corporate labor costs rise, either corporate profits fall and/or prices go up.  If prices rise, the economy tends to slow.

So what will happen?  By raising some employee’s incomes, will we stimulate or slow the economy?

Answer:  That’s the wrong question.

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