A.D. 2010: Zibniew Brzezinski “It is infinitely easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”

22 May

Even though this video clip is four years old, it offers much insight into global and national interests, politics, and loss of governmental control over the media and therefore over the minds of the people.

There’s far more in this brief video than his comment that “it’s now easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”  That comment is certainly sensational, but I believe he was making an observation rather than a recommendation.  I don’t think he’s using that comment to advocate mass murder.  I think he’s using that comment to illustrate how, thanks to the internet, governments around the world have lost their ability to “control” the opinions held by their citizens.

Don’t be fooled by Brzezinski’s evil appearance.  I’m not here to argue that he is or isn’t “evil”.  But I am here to say that he’s an almost astonishingly brilliant man whose ability to write and communicate are remarkable.  Almost every phrase in Brzezinski’s brief speech offers significant insight.  Brzezinski distilled more information and implication into the following 7 minute video than most people can communicate in an hour.

Don’t be blinded by his most sensational comments.  Some of his less sensational comments may be more profound.

Brzezinski’s essential point is that governments everywhere are losing control.

video   00:07:50


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2 responses to “A.D. 2010: Zibniew Brzezinski “It is infinitely easier to kill 1 million people than it is to control them.”

  1. henry

    May 22, 2014 at 2:12 PM

    It is difficult to talk objectively about “evil”. As a stepping stone let’s talk about good and bad.

    Every decision that you make is made to maximize what you what you perceive to be pleasurable or minimize what you perceived to be painful. You use the complex conceptual structure in your brain that is based on your direct experiences, information that you have accepted as truth from others, and new ideas that you created. In this goal seeking function, anything that gets you closer to your goal is good and anything that gets you further from your goals is bad.

    Your thoughts of good and bad maybe different than your neighbors. You may like coffee while your neighbor does not. For you, coffee is good but for your neighbor it is bad.

    Your goals may be in conflict: I want to eat the dessert but it will make me fat. The decision that you make will be based on the sum of your expectations of the outcome, as it relates to each goal, multiplied by the weight of each goal.

    How far you can actualize yourself into the future will determine the weight of your goals. A homeless person or drug addict can only see a few days into the future. If they received new money then they would need to spend it quickly or it will be wasted. If you can’t see yourself 10 years down the road then you will not give much weight to long term goals.

    Longer term goals are that you want to live a long healthy and happy life and ensure that your offspring will do the same. Still longer term goals are that you wish to do well in the after life. If you don’t believe in a punishment or reward for deeds performed while you were alive then you will behave accordingly.

    Whether you give your money to help build an orphanage or to a prostitute for services rendered the mechanism is the same. You weigh the expected pain/pleasure of your action and then you decide. The pleasure that you receive for building an orphanage is not altruistic. You have realized that living in a civilized group will help you achieve your other goals.

    The civilization principle is that you do not commit aggression against members of your own group. You could go to war with members of another group but not your own. If all of the members of your group sees all members of another group as bad then you can call them evil. You could also call members of your own group that violate the civilization principle as evil.

    Brzezinski is not in your group. He works for the oligarchs. He sees you and me as animals that are to be domesticated. Does the farmer see himself as evil for controlling the cows, milking, them, and slaughtering them? No. Do the cows see the farmer as evil? No, not until they realize that they are about to be killed.

    I am not an animal. I can make long term decisions. I realize that people like Brzezinski are evil. He wants to milk me and sheer me and when I am unable to produce for him, he wants to kill me.

  2. Anthony Clifton

    May 23, 2014 at 7:36 AM

    could it be that the actual Children of Israel –
    the True Israelites of the Bible
    have another option available, ….
    given their Heritage and several covenants
    with their “God”…Yahweh ?
    is it even remotely possible ?
    one might wonder…or study….to be approved,
    rightly dividing the word of truth

    One by One…


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