Wealth Inequality in America

04 Jun

I believe the primary cause for wealth inequality is political campaign contribution laws.  These laws allow Congressmen to take bribes (political campaign contributions) from rich people to pass laws to allow the super-rich to “legally” exploit the middle- and lower-economic classes and legally “extort” their productivity.

Over 90% of the American people are “sensitive” to the idea of wealth inequality and agree that the inequality is wrong.  This implies that wealth inequality is going to be a huge political issue in the near future.  The political impact probably won’t be felt in this year’s election.  But if there’s no real economic “recovery” in the next two years, come A.D. 2016, this issue could be decisive and even explosive.  Although both political parties are guilty of taking bribes to enrich the super-rich, wealth inequality is an issue that could damage and even cripple the Republican Party in A.D. 2016.

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4 responses to “Wealth Inequality in America

  1. David

    June 4, 2014 at 3:36 PM

    The primary cause of wealth inequality is our debased currency. Since 1913 cumulative inflation aka devaluation of the dollar is 2500% while average worker wages have increased only 600%. So increase of cost of living has outpaced wages more than 4 to 1.

    The wealthy are largely insulated from the effects of inflation with their ownership of capital, and things of intrinsic value, e.g. real estate, fine art. The owners of business always increase prices when wages are increased, to maintain their profits. However the worker has only his paycheck to live on, and as more of that paycheck is needed to pay for essentials, his ability to accumulate wealth is decimated.

    The second biggest cause of wealth inequality is the income tax being misapplied to compensation for labor by private sector employers. As the wealthy live inordinately off of passive income and capital gains (taxed at only 15%), their tax bite is much lower than for the working stiff trying to accumulate savings, with a progressive tax rate that takes more of a bite out of him the more he earns.

    Wealth inequality is inevitable (and its expansion is inevitable) in this dishonest “money” system, and with the totalitarian tool of progressive income tax laid more heavily on the working class than on the ownership class. The cure is for working people to wake up–and begin using a non-elastic currency to do business, and to realize that the income tax does not and cannot apply to their rightful compensation for labor in an occupation of common right. Expecting the politicians to fix this is merely making oneself part of the problem by default.

  2. henry

    June 4, 2014 at 10:06 PM

    If the rich people control the political system in America and the rich people don’t like the income tax then how did the income tax get instituted? Clearly there is a conflict here. Either the rich people don’t control the the political system or the rich people don’t mind the income tax. Since there is a great deal of evidence that the rich control the political system it would indicate that the rich like the income tax. But, how can this be?

    The really rich people don’t like people who can challenge their hegemony. The goal is to prevent a successful small business owner from becoming a competitor on the global stage. Rockefeller, Gates, and others put their assets into trusts and foundations that are not taxed. It sounds like they are doing good deeds but it is all a tax dodge and a public relations program.

    The millionaires are following the rules that the billionaires (and trillionaires) put in place.

    If the common man on the street looks up at a tall building, and they see people looking down from the 10th, 15th, and 20th floors, it is easy to see them all the same. But, from the 15th floor, it is easy to see that they are not the same.

    The apex predators own the central banks, global corporations, the UN, the medical institutions, the intelligence agencies, all of the newspapers and TV and radio stations. Their paid spokesmen validate the puppets of the super rich and denigrate everyone else. But, somehow, the money spent in this endeavor is not considered as a contribution to a political campaign. If one manages to overcome the control mechanism and gets elected, they are ineffective in making any changes since the rest of the puppets still have the strings attached. Anyone who becomes a threat dies.

    The predators are farming you. They milk you and shear you and consume you when you cannot produce for them.

  3. Toland

    June 4, 2014 at 11:11 PM

    Denmark, Norway and Sweden all have very low inequalities of wealth.

    I wonder what these countries have in common to account for this.

  4. henry

    June 5, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    The solution is to eliminate the income tax and corporate taxes. A new voluntary fee on contracts should be imposed. The fee is proportional to the value of the goods/labor in the contract. If one party does not volunteer to pay the fee, they have no access to the courts. The other party can go to court and have its way. If no party pays the fee, the contract is unenforceable. If one party is outside America, then the fee is doubled and is not voluntary.

    Rich people have many contracts while poor people have few contracts. Currently, the wealthy are having their contracts enforced while underpaying the cost of the enforcement. Foreign wars do not benefit the poor. The more contracts that you have, the more you should pay for the defense of the country. Rich old people should risk their fortunes while poor young people risk their lives in war. Perhaps the rich would pay for lobbyist to prevent wars if they were the people going to pay for them. Having a mandatory fee for foreign contracts should move manufacturing back to America because the rich man will arrange his businesses to reduce his taxes.

    To make this “fair”, the money used to implement the American plantation (transfer payments to non-workers) should be reduced every year.

    There are many details with this plan that need to be developed. This is just a first stab at a solution.


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