When the Herd Turns

30 Jun

The following video is an advertisement.  I’m not associated with the company advertised.  I don’t recommend it or recommend against it.

However, the ad does make some interesting assertions, including:

“In economics we rely on experts who don’t know what they’re taking about.”

“The key to survival is to study history and ignore the herd.”

video   00:07:55


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5 responses to “When the Herd Turns

  1. Henry

    June 30, 2014 at 4:32 PM

    “In economics we rely on experts who don’t know what they’re taking about.”

    And sometimes we rely on dilettantes with an undisclosed conflict of interest.

    • Adask

      June 30, 2014 at 6:54 PM

      The problem is not that we rely on “experts who don’t know what they’re talking about” or on “dilettantes with undisclosed conflict[s] of interest”. The problem is that we rely on anyone other than the Good LORD and eyes to see and ears to hear that He gave each of us.

      Reliance (trust) is a nice idea and sometimes it works well. But mostly, those who trust-in/rely-on others will be betrayed.

      That’s why the video says don’t follow (trust) the herd but instead study history and trust in your ability to perceive the truth. You’ll be mistaken a lot–at least at first. But over time, your powers of discernment (distrust) will sharpen and you’ll begin to “see”.

  2. MPK

    June 30, 2014 at 8:31 PM

    The People’ the Herd’ the Multitude’ the Rabbits’ the Sea’ and on goes the many names given to the stupid, ignorant, uneducated and so called educated, but are not and are trained as good little robots that have no time nor spare to give any time to learn, research of the past, and its history, in the Politian’s eyes pray that Satan forbid that the Multitude, should learn the truth. A poor man, a man burden down has no time to learn the truth, nor the resources to do so, nor the given the spark to do so, as his education has been limited in bring forth the needed intelligence to disseminate the truth from the lies the half truths that is fed to the Herd each day and written as misleading wisdom to the future generations. To which unfortunately will no longer be of this last corrupted generation that is and written to shall be. There is not enough good in the world to stop, or to turn this world away from the past generations of payed corruption in power. Man has condemned himself and most all others to death, and onwards to the ultimate Judgments.

    Warning to all.
    Only a remnant exists, that even Satan can not find yet, until the mark of the beast is given to all to except, and for the remnant the children of God to reject and at that time Michael shall stand and there shall be a time of trouble for all others who have excepted the mark under Satan’s command to bring forth upon all nations.

    Fools of a feather do flock together, like the such as they do to day.

  3. henry

    July 3, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    “The Wisdom of Crowds” is an interesting book that describes why we get some things right and others wrong. A statistician visits a county fair more than 100 years ago. There was a contest that people could buy a chance to win a cow. They had to pay for the ticket and they would write their name and a guess as to how much the cow weighs. The closest guess would win the cow. After the contest was over, the statistician was given all of the tickets. He found that the average guess was closer than the best guess. This seemed unlikely to be valid so he did the same experiment for the following few years. Each time the crowd guessed better than any individual.

    How is it that crowds often get it so wrong? In the contest, each person was independently evaluating the weight of the cow. They also had to put up their own money to enter the contest. The crowd today does not think independently. There are people who are put up as experts who speak more knowledgeably on finance and economics so the average person relies on the experts opinion. Most of the experts are also looking to experts smarter than themselves to make a guess. So the number of independent guesses is much smaller than the number of investors.

    The very rich have a very strong influence on politicians. They use this influence to enact polices that will push the price of stocks, bonds, commodities up or down. They can then profit from the price movement before the herd is told what to do. In short, the markets are rigged. Many of the financial commentators are paid by the insiders. It is difficult to determine who is right or wrong and who is lying and who is just stupid.

    I speak to smart people who are in the financial business and they have no clue has to what is going on. They condescendingly chuckle at my ideas that the house of cards is vulnerable for a collapse. They can’t believe that an outsider can think independently when they cannot.

    • Adask

      July 3, 2014 at 6:21 PM

      To be “independent” means that you habitually rely on yourself and tend to do your own thinking. I suspect that the more you think, the more perceptive and discerning your thinking becomes.

      To be “dependent” means you let someone else do much of your thinking for you. If may be that the less thinking you do, the less discerning your thoughts become.

      I believe thinking is seldom brought on by pleasure; it’s usually brought on by discomfort or pain. Happy people make lousy philosophers. If so, America should produce some real geniuses over the next five or ten years.


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