Cars Run on Fumes?

22 Jul

I know that you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.  I know that YouTube videos can be faked.  I also know that I can be fooled by some of those fakes.

But here’s a video that, though it seems fantastic, looks like it might be true.  If it is true that cars can run on gas fumes, then the automobile industry has been selling us carburetors and fuel-injection systems for decades that are designed to waste gasoline, increase pollution and support the petroleum industry rather than cut your and my costs.

According to the man in this video, some people using this “fume” technology claim to be getting up to 200 miles per gallon.

video   00:03:42


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16 responses to “Cars Run on Fumes?

  1. tubebuzzer

    July 22, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    Vapor carburetors have been around for many years. When I lived in Australia, a man on a farm had removed the carburetor and instead used a homemade vapor carburetor. Easy technology that I duplicated on my lawn mower, and on a small generator. The generator would run for about 5hrs on a tank of gas using the traditional carb, with the vapor carb setup the genset would run about 13hrs. There are a few convenience issues, but there is no doubt that vapor carbs are a hidden technology!

    • interesting

      June 23, 2015 at 10:45 AM

      If it is hidden technology, why is it posted all over the internet? That is a very common attempt to give false information credibility

  2. Andy Anderson

    July 22, 2014 at 6:27 PM

    Hi Alfred, several years ago a man learned about this in Texas when he became mad at his lawn mower which would not start. He kicked it and broke off the carburetor. When he did that, the hose landed near the intake of the carburetor. He being mad jerked the cord again and it started right up. He worked on that principal and had some problems [if I understood correctly] him as the lines would freeze up . [I don’t understand that]. Anyway, he had a couple state troopers I was told come one rode with him, and the other flowered them to certify what sort of mileage he was getting. He got over 165 MPG, then wanted to sell his find to others. Someone, I was told came to buy him out for BIG bucks and he refused them. Well we heard later that he had had an accident or heart attack something like that and no one could find his invention. Does that sound right, or is it just another example of the big gas companies frauds? I also have witnessed another story, of which I personally witness. Maybe some time I will relate that to you.

    Hope all is well with you and it would be great to one day visit with you to shake a good mans hand. God bless, Andy Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 3:23 PM Subject: [New post] Cars Run on Fumes?

    Adask posted: “I know that you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I know that YouTube videos can be faked. I also know that I can be fooled by some of those fakes. But here’s a video that, though it seems fantastic, looks like it might be true. If i”

    • Adask

      July 22, 2014 at 9:56 PM

      If I recall correctly, you live up in Oregon, don’t you, Andy? I don’t know if you realize that I’m back on Texas for over a year. My tour of Oregon was short-lived. The two cabins I’d hoped to live in for the rest of my life burned to the ground on the morning of the day I was supposed to move in. I understood that fire to be an expression of the Good LORD’s will telling me that I’d better get back to Texas, and I was back in 8 days. My point is that, if you’re still up in Oregon (Washington?), we’re no longer neighbors and we may have to settle for shaking hands in the next life rather than this one. But thanks, anyway, for your email and compliment.

  3. Dejure

    July 22, 2014 at 8:09 PM

    This is ancient, but way cool news. There was a man on the beaches of the Pacific Northwet who had a truck he ran off the fumes of a tank in back. It was no hot rod, but got him around cheaply.

    Do a search on gassifiers:

  4. Dejure

    July 22, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    Years ago, I read an article talking about advances in the automotive industry. One of the thing pointed out was, there have been no real advancements in carburation technology in over seventy years. Fuel injection was as good as it gets.

  5. harrytapp

    July 22, 2014 at 8:50 PM

    I am an ASE certified mechanic as if that meant anything :-) Been dealing with electro/mechanical devices since the mid 70’s and love science/physics. There is truth to this, the internal combustion engine is a wasteful pig. We use numerous emission systems trying to clean up the post product. (exhaust) I once contemplated taking a diesel injection system with a mechanical injection pump and steel parts but run it on a gas engine with gasoline not diesel and run the pressure up to 1300 psi or what ever it takes so that 100% vaporization of the fuel is achieved when it enters into the combustion chamber. The requirement would be directly related to temperature and pressure differential of the fuel and it’s expansion properties as a liquid as it enters the combustion chamber converted into a vapor. This principal is used in refrigeration systems whereas refrigerant has a lower expansion pressure/temperature requirement. Water expands at around 14 psi @ 212 F Propane is low and is why it is used for combustion for it is petroleum based (flammable) and has higher refinement. You could breathe the exhaust of a propane engine and you would not be poisoned just asphyxiated, this is why it is used indoors for forklifts and floor buffers. There is technologies available to eliminate and or substantially reduce petroleum based dependencies of societies but patients are bought of you disappear if you don’t play ball. This guys system would have near zero efficiency and therefore is a hoax.

    • JD muller

      September 14, 2014 at 7:15 AM

      Patents may be bought but they NEVER disappear. They are there for everybody to see. Go online and search for any patent and its there for you to see and you can build and use it for personal use. Having said that why don’t scientists and researchers around the world replicate these “inventions”?
      Well, its because they don’t work.


        September 15, 2014 at 12:23 AM

        WHAT??? You answered the question and then proceed to obfuscate the issue by suggesting that the MANY invention did NOT work? The problem is, we can produce these inventions for personal use, but we can not mass produce them! Pattens are being sold over and over to prevent them from becoming publicly available! Your comment seems to be very dishonest to say the least!

      • Franklin Russell Grice

        November 18, 2014 at 10:14 PM

        Well mr JD muller I am Franklin Russell Grice, i invented a Fuel-Expander it Expand’s the Fuel so when it inter’s the Hot Cylenders it is Vapor you’ll get 5 to 16 more MPG more HP and cut emissions 95% or more on 4 cyls 82% on 6 cyls my x wife had a 1988 4 cyl Ford Festiva went from 31 mpg to 45 MPG,she got a newspaper route got 39 mpg on the paper route. My step-Dad’s 4 cyl Diesel was 44 mpg hwy i gave him one my Grice-Device Fuel-Expander’s he said his Toyota Pu 4 cyl Diesel got 60 mpg and stopped Smoking like a Diesel.A 99 Ford F-150 5.4 V8 4×4 with Huge Mud-Grip Wheel’s was 14.5 mpg with my Grice-Device went to 21 mpg. I had a 1981 280 ZX Datson in 1990 it was straight 6 cyl fuel-inj got 19 mpg with my Grice-Device it got 28 to 32 mpg i made a Vapor-System installed on it got 60 mpg with more HP. I am working on a Vapor-System i wont to get 100 MPG on a V8 on my 98 Cadillac Deville North Star V8 4.6 it was 16.5 mpg went to 24.8 with my Grice-Device I working on a Vapor-System kinda like Tom Ogel got 100 mpg on his 4000 lb Ford Galaxy in late 70s. I am look on scnow.comgricedevice i live in Marion SC home # 843-430-9847 I am 59 grew up mech with my dad on VWs Pulling engines buy myself at 14 yr old.

  6. Dennis Bartlett

    July 22, 2014 at 9:18 PM

    Harry , Then why are fumes used to start a car with starter fluid . Need not spray into the carb but on the lip of the air cleaner either diesel or gas rigs ? Some of what you say is correct especially when talking diesel injection pumps . It would work as you say but would need a much finer mist than what you are talking about .

    • harrytapp

      July 23, 2014 at 2:25 AM

      Raw gas wont burn in liquid form, it is vapors present with oxygen which allows burning when ignited. Starting fluid evaporates quickly but either way carbureted systems have a primer pump which introduces raw gas into the intake manifold. as you crank the engine air is drawn across the gas mixing vapors into the combustion chamber. Fuel injected systems run from 35-60 psi and they introduce a mist directly into the intake just before the intake valve. Diesels do the same thing but it is direct combustion chamber injection at a higher pressure and the friction created from the molecules compressing is what generates the heat to ignite the fuel and air mixture… still a mist because diesel is a light oil and has a much higher expansion temperature/pressure differential. The goal is to expand the liquid gasoline into a gaseous state either directly before or directly into the combustion chamber, you do not want it to have the opportunity to condense back into a liquid. This is way beyond just creating a mist which can not be completely burnt. It would take some experimentation to get it reliable and efficient. Maybe something like a high pressure injector/glow plug unit with temperature regulation so it itself does not ignite the fuel just causes 100% vaporization. Compression must remain low at or below 8-1 ratio or lower.
      Remember we want to turn the liquid into a gas and then introduce it into the combustion chamber to be ignited for efficient burn.

  7. Ritchard

    July 22, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    Tubebuzzer is correct this technology has been around since the twenties. Fordson tractors ran off of any oil vapors pre heating the fuel to vaporize it. the engine would start with gas and then switch to vapor. Pogue carburetors were patented in the thirties “”. No big oil suppression here, Nah not in a fling pigs eye,

  8. George

    July 22, 2014 at 11:27 PM

    I think the 6 cycle engine has a lot to offer, Not a new idea either…

    More info on six stroke motors….

    Natural gas has high octane of 130 , And would be an ideal fuel, would have low emissions
    the engine could have high compression, lots of power. Gasoline is not good fuel, F1 cars
    use about 80% Toluene ….I use Toluene as an octane booster for my motorcycle.

  9. palani

    July 23, 2014 at 9:47 AM

    I recall hearing this one when Caterpillar introduced the D11. They had it on a test stand. To kill diesel engines on test stands a solenoid releases a clapper that comes down and blocks off the air intake. So this D11 was running and the STOP button was pressed, the clapper came down but the engine kept running. The fuel shutoff valve was then closed but the engine kept running. Engineers were confused as there was no air and no fuel and the engine wouldn’t stop. An old tyme mechanic was watching the affair and laughing and the engineers went over and asked what he would do. He suggested draining the crankcase oil.

    If the truck in the video is used in this manner for any period of time the pistons and cylinder walls will be scorched as that is what happens when you run lean.

  10. Idle Only

    April 14, 2016 at 1:36 PM

    A car can idle on fumes for hours but haven’t you noticed in these videos that nobody is actually driving the cars… I’d just like to see these cars go uphill on a 40 degree incline for a quarter mile… For that matter, in the other videos, even the backup generators are just idling – not under load. Even that lawnmower engine – they don’t actually operate but let it idle. But you know, up in Alaska they let their cars run all night when it gets down to minus 40… Maybe somebody up in Ak is doing this for those bitter cold all nighters??


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