Callin’ a Spade a Spade

01 Oct

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

On Sunday, September 28th, President Obama appeared on 60 Minutes. When asked why his administration had been so slow to act against the Middle East invader ISIS, President Obama explained that US intelligence had “underestimated” the strength of ISIS and “overestimated” the Iraqi military’s ability to resist the ISIS invasion. Obama implicitly blamed US intelligence for his slow reaction to ISIS.

Almost instantly, the US “intelligence community” reacted.

On Monday, September 29th, The Washington Times posted “U.S. intel disputes Obama claim on Islamic State”. According to that article,


“U.S. policy leaders, including President Obama, were repeatedly warned for more than a year by the U.S. intelligence community that the Islamic State terror group was gaining significant strength in Syria and was on the verge of seizing territory deep inside Iraq, where the military was struggling to respond.

“The private [and unidentified] assessments, which were confirmed to The Washington Times on Monday, conflict with Mr. Obama’s claim on national television over the weekend that America’s spies had underestimated the rise and capabilities of the Islamic State and had overestimated the Iraqi military’s ability and will to fight the group.


On Sunday, President Obama publicly claimed that the US intelligence community had underestimated the threat posed by ISIS and the ability of the Iraqi military to resist that threat.

On Monday, a number of unidentified sources in the US intelligence community denied President Obama’s claim and provided evidence that the intelligence community had repeatedly warned the President and/or other high officials of the threat posed by ISIS since June of A.D. 2013.

The fact that President Obama and/or other high officials had failed to heed the intelligence community’s repeated warnings is not the big story here.

The big story is that, 1) the unidentified sources who’ve expressly exposed President Obama’s failure to heed warnings about ISIS are identified by The Washington Times as members of the US “intelligence community” (probably from the CIA, NSA, Military intelligence or congressional intelligence oversight committees); 2) US intelligence is not merely refuting President Obama’s attempt to blame the intelligence community for his administration’s failure to deal with ISIS at an earlier date—the intelligence community implicitly calling President Obama a liar; and, worse, 3) did so in public.

Conflicts of the sort we’re seeing between the President and US intelligence community might be virulent behind closed doors—but normally, such conflicts would never be revealed to the public.

In this case, however, it appears that unnamed elements of the US intelligence community have gone public with implicit allegations that 1) the President’s initial response to warnings about ISIS was, at best, incompetent; and, 2) his recent attempts to blame the intelligence community for that incompetent response are lies.

Thus, the big story is the fact that the normally clandestine intelligence community which normally “sez nuthin’ ‘bout nuthin’ to nobody” is publicly calling the Commander in Chief a liar.


•  That public response isn’t likely to have been the result of the single instance Obama’s false claims on 60 Minutes.

Instead, the public response by the “intelligence community” implies that either:

1) There’s been a long-simmering antagonism between President Obama and the intelligence community and the President’s claims on 60 Minutes were the straws that broke the camel’s back; or

2) There are forces at work who, having gotten rid of former Attorney General Eric Holder, are now gearing up to impeach President Obama or otherwise force him to resign.

The intelligence community’s implied, public claims that President Obama is lying is evidence that Obama has not only lost the respect of much of the government, he’s lost their loyalty and also lost control over important elements of the government.

Obama isn’t merely a “lame duck”—he is increasingly a “dead duck”.


•  More, there appears to be a growing faction within the government who are as incensed by President Obama’s anti-American policies as I am and some of my readers may be. I.e., there may be some good men and women in government who actually care more about this country than their jobs and their pensions. There may be some good men and women in government who, increasingly, side with the ideas espoused by people like myself and many of my readers.

Obama is due to serve as President until January of A.D. 2017.

I’m beginning to think that he’s not going to hold his office that long.

I’m beginning to think that forces are at work who may cause Obama to emulate another pathological liar named “Richard Milhous Nixon” who, faced with the threat of impeachment, resigned in disgrace from the Presidency.


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32 responses to “Callin’ a Spade a Spade

  1. itsmymoney

    October 1, 2014 at 7:39 PM

    First off, I agree with you. This man is a traitor to the Constitution and lies publicly. However, he’s no different than others before him. I hope he is impeached or forced to resign, as you are hypothesizing might be his fate.

    However, your choice of the title of this post implies some racism. Does it have any relevance? I’d be more concerned that he’s a Muslim than black. Is George W Bush also a ‘spade’, for his despicable actions? I don’t get it.

    Before you think I’m ‘chastising’ you, please read the first paragraph. His political actions do not equate solely with him being black. See George W Bush reference.

  2. Henry

    October 1, 2014 at 8:19 PM

    itsmymoney and everyone,

    I wouldn’t read too much into the title of this article. Calling the President a “spade” is merely the rough equivalent of saying he’s a “nigger”, the latter term being in frequent use by Al as the First Amendment clearly allows.

    So let’s not cause this thread to degenerate into yet another low content Jerry Springer-style brawl about the rights and wrongs of racial name calling. That only heats us up and obscures in our minds the intelligent things we’ve learned from each other lately, and we’ve got nothing to hide.


    • itsmymoney

      October 1, 2014 at 8:47 PM

      So calling Obama a ‘nigger’ is really what you wanted to say. ‘Spade’ being what, the euphemism? After reviewing the definition from two sources (paraphrased from both), “a derisive and insulting term describing a negro; a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person”, perhaps it is an apt description.

      However, is it possible that he can just be referred to as an ‘asshole’, or a ‘traitor’, or, “other”? It’s just that your choice of word appears to come from an inherent hate for black people. I’m not without my own built-in prejudices; I have come to subvert these visceral feelings in most cases because I recognize that not ALL people of whatever race are ‘fill in the disparaging term’.

      And I agree that this post and thread should not get into a downward spiral of ‘race talk’. I just see a pattern with your prose in this regard. Regardless, you have every right to your feelings and observations and I defend your right to express them. And you are the author of this site and you can say whatever you want; and, I appreciate you giving me and others the forum to respond.

      All due respect.

      • Adask

        October 1, 2014 at 10:16 PM

        You’re right about the “pattern”. I’ve tried to pussyfoot around racial issues for 55 years. I’ve made an attempt to be unoffensive. I’ve tried to be reasonable. I’ve tried to “build bridges”. But all I’ve received in return was contempt from blacks. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of giving blacks some sort of break because they’re “oppressed”.

        They’re not “oppressed” any more than I’m “oppressed” for being a man in a divorce court.

        I’m sick of their endless whining and hustling to get something for nothing. I’m sick of listening to them play the race card whenever anyone disagrees with them, let alone criticizes them.

        I don’t give a damn if they’re black, their parent were black. I don’t give a damn if their ancestor were hauled out of their villages and sold as slaves.

        I’m curious to know when blacks will finally escape their “racial heritage” and start to support and take responsibility for themselves as a people. I’d really like to know (after 50 years of civil rights movement) when, if ever, blacks think they might be able to make it in this life without whitey’s support. Another 50 years? Another century? I much longer should whites be expected to excuse black failures as the result of “oppression” rather incompetence.

        How long shall whites who’ve never had slaves be held accountable to blacks who’ve never been slaves for the crime of slavery that ended almost 150 years ago?

        To me, blacks are the little boys who cried wolf, wolf!, wolf! wolf! and wolf!. There are few if any real wolves around but blacks keep sounding the alarm because 1) there’s money to made; and 2) blaming Whitey for “oppression” helps to protect blacks from facing the fact that 90% of their problems are self-induced.

        When will blacks take responsibility for their own lives? I’d really like to know.

      • Anthony Clifton

        October 2, 2014 at 2:01 AM

        please don’t overlook all the white niggers, and the “Jew” worshipping so-called
        “Christain- Zionists” or “Judeo-Christians” who enable the Synagogue of Satan “Jews”
        who have MASS MURDERED over 300 million…in just the last century

        and also print the currency & Own the Media and operate a KOSHER CRACK HOUSE
        called CONgress…

        the shame of all decent folk regardless of Race…

  3. moon

    October 2, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    WOW! It’s amazing to me that the conversation concerning this post has deteriorated into stupid irrelevancy. The main point in this post is VERY positive.

    Does anyone recognize the likely possibility that the “boogey man” may not have all his ducks in a row as he would have you believe?

    All this talk, and action, about saving a country from utter destruction may be paying off. There may be some on the “inside”, as we’ve hoped, who may have gotten the message and are choosing to not be duped by the “boogey man”.

    When push comes to shove, the powers that shouldn’t be may not have the necessary support to finish executing the coup.

    Do you agree that’s VERY positive?

  4. Adask

    October 2, 2014 at 10:40 AM

    I think so. I wrote it as a positive possibility. Losing Obama does not strike me as a loss.

    • Tony

      October 4, 2014 at 4:58 PM

      Hi Al,

      This is meant as a reply to the following post of yours:

      October 1, 2014 at 10:16 PM

      I am very careful to discuss folks in terms of a demographic, meaning NOT assigning any characterizations to ANY individuals. Furthermore, what I am about to say is something I am sure applies to a very small percentage of the US black population.

      [VENT ON]
      I am talking about those involved in certain criminal activity and I believe the % of blacks so involved is significantly higher than the % of whites who do the same against blacks.

      I am sick and tired of black on white crime, including the extreme senselessness of much of that crime. I am sick and tired of blacks raping and murdering white women. I am sick and tired of “the knock out game” where blacks schedule meetings at various places just to beat the shit out of white people.

      I am also sick and tired of the extent to which the media 1)devotes so much coverage to white on black crime while also 2)devoting so little to black on white.

      The media coverage is not by accident.

      As an example, how much of us are aware of…

      (I caution the offer is blatantly racist, but I offer it for its mention of the crime.)

      he trial is underway right now for Mona Yevette Nelson. She is a black woman who allegedly kidnapped a white child and tortured him to death with a blowtorch in Houston. There has never been any serious media coverage of this case.

      The trial started this week, and it has only registered a tiny blip in the local news. Only one local media affiliate, KTRK Houston Channel 13, even appears to be covering the trial. Other Houston media outlets only published tiny blurbs that the trial has started, but none of them even mentioned how the boy died.

      If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest media event in the Western world. People in Finland would be hearing about the “racially motivated torture murder” in every gruesome detail. Scores of media vans would be lined up and down the street in front of the courthouse.

      If you follow this website, you know that hundreds of media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime. The media bosses no longer deny that they manipulate the news to promote a political agenda. They are desperate to keep this crime a secret. It has received about one millionth of one percent of the coverage that Trayvon Martin received. If you think America should know what happened to Jonathon Foster on Christmas Eve 2010, then you need to help us get the word out.


      Homicide investigators said a welding torch is the likely weapon used in 12-year-old Jonathan Foster’s death. “We’re talking crematorium-type of hot,” said one Houston Police Department Homicide Squad officer assigned to the investigation.
      foster’s mother and stepdad

      Police said they confiscated a badly burned section of carpet from the home of Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, who stands charged with capital murder.

      She had a welding background and police found welding equipment in her home on Allwood Street in the Fifth Ward area of Northeast Houston. Police said a section of carpet was badly burned and the smell of a human body filled the area around that carpet.

      One investigator assigned to the case said it now appears Foster was killed at that spot in Nelson’s home within hours of being kidnapped from his family’s home near Shepherd Drive and 43rd Street in Northwest Houston.

      One officer said on Friday that the autopsy has ruled out any trauma on the child’s body. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds, so officers said it now appears the child was killed with a welding torch that could be capable of 6,000-degree flames.

      “I’ve never seen burns like this,” said one officer who viewed the boy’s body after it was found in a ditch off the Hardy Toll Road on Tuesday.

      end of excerpt.

      How much coverage did Travon Martin get? And the national media did not even TOUCH this horrific story!
      [/VENT OFF]


      • Tony

        October 4, 2014 at 5:03 PM

        (I caution the offer is blatantly racist, but I offer it for its mention of the crime.)

        should be:
        (I caution the author of the web site is blatantly racist, but I offer it for its mention of the crime.)

        foster’s mother and stepdad

        was partial text under an image that I meant to completely omit.

      • Adask

        October 4, 2014 at 6:16 PM

        Tony, I think your thoughts may be silently shared by a lot of whites. Whitey has had just about enough of the racial bullshit that we’ve been expected to accept for the past 50 years. If so, we may be reaching a point where the accusation of “racist” will mean little or nothing. If that’s so, then the black community may soon find themselves increasingly required to support their poor rather than relying on whitey to support ’em and blaming whitey whenever they think they deserve more.

        The racist propaganda propagated and exploited by a lot of African-Americans–especially some of their “leaders”–is coming to an end.

        I’ve said it before. I’ve written it before. How much longer shall a people (modern Whites) who’ve never had slaves be held accountable to a people who’ve never been slaves (modern blacks) for the crime of slavery which ended over 140 years ago?

        And how are we going to end racism against blacks by condoning racism against whites under the guise of “affirmative action”?

        There’s lots of money and power to be gathered under the banner of “racism!”. Those who gather money and power under the banner of “racism!” don’t want racism to end. Ever.

        Modern racism doesn’t continue because it’s an offense. It continues because it’s a profit center.

        But individual whites are gettin’ tired of paying for a “crime” that they even didn’t commit simply because of the color of their skin.

        When Martin Luther King said “I have a dream that one day my children will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin,” he did also claim to dream that one day whites (instead of blacks) would be judged by and held liable according to the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. But that’s what affirmative action does–it judges both whites and blacks according to the colors of their skins and claims that it will thereby end racism.

        We’ve had affirmative action (institutionalized, government-approved racism) in this country for most of 50 years. Has it made a difference? Maybe. And if so, when will does anyone suppose that “racism” against blacks will be ended by racism against whites?

        Blacks have been hollering “wolf” all my life. They better pray to God that they’re hollering doesn’t finally make the “wolves” appear.

  5. Toland

    October 2, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    Al said: “2) There are forces at work who, having gotten rid of former Attorney General Eric Holder, are now gearing up to impeach President Obama or otherwise force him to resign.”

    These forces are know as the “neocon” faction in Washington DC. They, and their mouthpieces in academia and the media, have been angry about Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for their “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) plan to dominate the Middle East since day one of his presidency.

    Gen. Wesley Clark gave a telling talk about the influence of the PNAC faction in 2007. A search on his name plus “America’s foreign policy coup” should bring up the now famous 8-minute youtube video. It’s essential viewing for anyone looking to form an educated opinion on this topic.

    • Henry

      October 2, 2014 at 4:35 PM

      Here’s the video.

      Where US policy in the Middle East is concerned, no discussion that wants to pass as educated can ignore the PNAC faction in government. Talking about US policy in the Middle East while ignoring PNAC is like taking about Antarctica without mentioning ice and snow.

      Then again, calling a spade a spade, when has the truth ever been a big concern for the NWO’s deceivers in the mainstream and fake “alternative” media?

    • moon

      October 2, 2014 at 5:21 PM

      Toland and Henry, you both seem to be missing the point of the post…but, then it could be me missing the point as well considering that Al wrote it. You seem to be more hung up on name calling and promoting an agenda (or anti agenda) than getting to the meaningful point.

      Here’s the more important message, in my opinion (quoting the post):

      “More, there appears to be a growing faction within the government who are as incensed by President Obama’s anti-American policies as I am and some of my readers may be. I.e., there may be some good men and women in government who actually care more about this country than their jobs and their pensions. There may be some good men and women in government who, increasingly, side with the ideas espoused by people like myself and many of my readers.”

      Now, back to quoting me.

      The action that Al is pointing to on the inside may not be any more organized than it is on the outside. It’s that gradually people are waking wherever they are. If they’re not at some stage of waking, why would they risk their jobs and their pensions. These people aren’t betting on a horse race, they’re visualizing how the country needs to go to survive. Plus, they’re willing to say “no” to blatant and not so blatant lies.

      • Henry

        October 2, 2014 at 6:36 PM

        moon, I’m going to overlook how you implied I was commenting in bad faith, and address what substance appeared in your comment.

        The point is there’s nothing new about a faction in government and the media being angry at Obama for his unwillingness to pursue their aggressive Middle East policy. That faction is known to everyone as the neocons, and they’ve been beating the war drum to realize their PNAC blueprint for the Middle East since 9/11.

        While there could be a new group of people angry at the “spade” in the White House for not doing exactly what, by coincidence, the neocon agenda happens to demand, I haven’t seen any evidence of it. So far this looks like just more of the same.

      • moon

        October 2, 2014 at 8:02 PM

        Maybe we can clear this up: Henry, you’re commenting in bad faith because you won’t let go of a silly agenda that’s irrelevant here. My perception of Al’s post has nothing to do with the middle east. You and Toland have grabbed that to further your own agenda.

        Take your holier than thou attitude and stick it up your ass!

      • Toland

        October 2, 2014 at 10:29 PM

        Henry, I see you’ve had a run in with the house troll, specifically of the incoherent “aggressive clown” subspecies.

        If moon, a.k.a. skybluehigh, can’t grasp the rudimentary logic of your comment – or, more likely, is pretending to be unable to grasp it – then why waste your time and endure the insults?

        For the sake of the blog and its readers, I suggest the best course with such losers is to “don’t feed the troll”. A well-fed troll is an energetic troll, and nobody wants that.

        Yes, I understand how restraining oneself from feeding a troll can be difficult sometimes. Therefore the best policy is to not even read the troll’s posts in the first place. When you see a comment by the troll, simply scroll on by without reading it. I test-drove this policy myself, on and off, with comments by moon, a.k.a. skybluehigh, and it definitely improves the blog reading experience. I shall make this a permanent practice from now on, perhaps you’ll do the same? Try it, you’ll like it!

        Besides, dealing with bozos is really up to Alfred who has, as part of the WordPress package of gimmicks, ways of telling that “moon” and “skybluehigh” are really one and the same bozo.

      • moon

        October 3, 2014 at 7:52 AM

        Again, you have nowhere to go but to call people names. When your silly comments are exposed as B.S., then you start with the name calling.


      • Henry

        October 3, 2014 at 12:38 PM

        Lol, I guess you’re right, Toland. I tried to play nice with moon/skybluehigh, and got bitten.

        I’m considering what I would miss by no longer reading comments by moon/skybluehigh… the crude haughtiness, the incomprehensible babbling, the sophomoric religious “skepticism”, the personal insults… I’d miss plenty, for sure.

        So yeah, I will also adopt your “do not read, scroll on by” policy for all moon/skybluehigh comments, henceforth. I feel better already, lol.

  6. Joe

    October 2, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    Al, perhaps instead of pondering when or whether blacks will take responsibility for their own lives, you could instead choose to dwell on what Jesus Christ has done for you. Because while we were yet sinners, unable to ever fix our own sin problem and obtain right standing with our Creator, Jesus Christ died for us and took care of our problem. No amount of “taking responsibility for our own sin” would have ever reconciled us to our Creator. I am white, and presently live in a predominantly black neighborhood. And I have to say, I am having a pretty good time down there, because the Lord has enabled me to be a blessing to a lot of these people, and I am rejoicing in my spirit every time I have the opportunity to reflect the love of Jesus toward them.

    • skybluehigh

      October 2, 2014 at 3:12 PM

      Who made up this idea that “we” were/are in sin? Who exactly is “we”?

  7. harrytapp

    October 2, 2014 at 11:47 PM

    Quite a dissertation of postings. When I saw the posting header the natural thought was to tell it like it is. Not until I read a post did it even dawn on me a connection with a spade being black and Obummer.
    Adask’s post that began with…”You’re right about the “pattern”.” is calling a spade a spade, really no pun intended. What ever happened to the Caucasian scholarship fund? No amount of reparations could ever make up for what the white man did.

    Black People Have Become too Ignorant for Me to Claim, I Need to Invent a New Race

  8. moon

    October 4, 2014 at 8:02 AM

    Al, thank you so much for this post. Your message and subsequent comments have exponentially propelled my learning into more positive heights. It’s now clear to me that:

    1) there is definitely an echo in here,

    2) Callin’ a Spade a Spade or a Liar a Liar has no relevance to skin color or geographical location,

    3) fiction is alive, well, and heavily promoted, and

    4) you’ve exchanged green for gold.

    If you think my perception has missed anything, please let me know.

  9. henry

    October 4, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    1) The title may be clever if it was on a post that had something to do with race. On this post it was distracting.

    2) Holder is not the former Attorney General yet.

    3) Obama is not the Commander in Chief until Congress declares war on somebody.

    4) Sibel Edmonds conversation on the Corbett report has reinforced my analysis that ISIS is a creation of the NWO. They created it, finance it, control it, and fight it. The United States cannot indiscriminately kill women and children or behead people but the proxy force can. The CIA/White House along with the Saudi family, Israelis, and Qataris run ISIS. The controversy between the intelligence community and Obama is an attempt to distract attention away from that fact. If the people are focused on who is more to blame (Obama or his direct reports) on fighting ISIS they won’t realize that they created and funded ISIS. The NWO is keeping their options open: Keep Obama, have him impeached and removed to allow “Slow Joe” in, or put Boehner in. The US financial house of cards is shaky and someone will need to be blamed for the coming collapse. If the Republicans take the Senate and Obama continues to operate outside the Constitution, there will be a real debate over removing him. If the Republicans don’t take the Senate, Impeachment will not occur because the Democrat Senate will not remove him.

    • Adask

      October 4, 2014 at 1:20 PM

      Actually, the Democrat Senate might welcome an opportunity to dump Obama since he will almost certainly be a liability in the A.D. 2016 election. If they could dump Obama and put Biden in for a year or two before the A.D. 2016 election, the Democrats might have a better chance of winning the presidency–and perhaps some other Senate and House seats– in the A.D. 2016 election.

      On the other hand, if Obama is really a liability for the A.D. 2016 election, it could be the REPUBLICANS who protect him from impeachment in order to keep him (and the liability he creates) in the White House.

    • Toland

      October 4, 2014 at 2:36 PM


      You made some useful observations. The situation is really not complicated. It’s actually easy to understand, which is why the media constantly lies to obfuscate things.

      Just as al-Qaeda was a manufactured boogieman to justify bombing the Middle East for the PNAC plan of the neocons, so ISIS.

      The first boogieman got the neocons as far as the first attack on Syria before the al-Queda formula started wearing thin and was canceled. But this attack was thwarted by the Russians. Now that Russia conveniently has its hands full with Ukraine, sanctions by the EU and US governments, etc., the neocons are trying again for Syria (and a few of its troublesome neighbors).

      For this purpose, ISIS was manufactured as a spin-off of al-Queda like Laverne & Shirley was a spin-off of Happy Days. Fast forward several months and a few made-for-TV fake beheadings later, and here we are bombing the grain silos, oil refineries, and power stations of Syria. Neat trick!

      Never mind that the “spade” in the White House put up some resistance to this plan for a while. A few ominous threats and demonstrations of his vulnerability were enough to send him the message that he’d better get back in line and be a good boy.

      • Henry

        October 4, 2014 at 11:12 PM

        The spade in the White House is by no means alone in his lack of enthusiasm for the neocon agenda. Democrats in general (with many exceptions) tend to be lukewarm at best about it.

        The neocons and their (openly published) PNAC doctrine of reshaping the Middle East are mostly based in the Republican party, for example nutty John McCain. It was George Bush Jr., after all, who brought the neocons into government shortly before 9/11.

        This is why I suspect we’ll see a Republican as the next president, to put the neocon plan of conquest for the Middle East back on track after 8 years of neglect by the spade.

        Meanwhile, how do we explain the paradoxical silence regarding the notorious neocons by certain parties who’ve made a career out of nurturing hate for the US government?

  10. timmy

    October 5, 2014 at 11:03 PM

    Quick test: make a list of cities in the US that you would want to live in; make a list of cities in the world same. Now make the two lists, but all places you would never want to live in. Then perform thumbnail demographic analysis by dominant race of each. Does this say anything at all about any given individual? No. But the group pattern is absolutely and consistently clear…


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