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Worth a Thousand Words? Ten Thousand? More?

In the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we’ve been beset by black rage, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (“a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”), violence, threats, fires and even political suicide (Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon failed to send the National Guard into Ferguson immediately after the Grand jury verdict was announced; he’ll never be President).

In the midst of the resulting chaos, threats and hyperbole, almost all of us have been picking sides and promoting national polarization.

And then a photo turns up in the news of a 12-year-old black kid hugging a cop at a Portland, Oregon, demonstration about Micheal Brown’s death.  The boy is carrying a sign that says he’s giving out free hugs; the cop asked for one.  Somebody caught the moment with their camera.  The photo goes viral.

You see the photo and, almost without any words at all, you realize how stupid, unnecessary and self-destructive polarization can be.  Most of our conflicts and wars are based on our denial of our adversary’s humanity, and on our adversary’s denial of ours.

This photo shows the humanity of both sides.   Here’s a white cop and a black kid caught up in, and trying to escape, the tides of polarization.

The photo’s effect is astonishing.  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I think this one’s worth a lot more.  How much rage has been dampened, how many lives might be saved, how many fires prevented by simply showing this photograph?

Who still wants to shoot?  Who still wants to burn?

Here’s an edited excerpt from the original photo:


(Incidentally, this is the 1,600 article I’ve published on my blog.)


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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on Natural Law

video   00:22:22


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Spiritual Warfare Rising

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

I understand the video below because, like it, I’m also disturbed by the rising, almost incomprehensible tide of forces that are arrayed against God, goodness, traditional values, unalienable Rights, and hope for a return to something like a decent America.

If I only saw or sensed the rising tide of godlessness, criminality and treason emanating from Obama and the White House, I wouldn’t be particularly disturbed. I’d continue to assume that, inevitably, all of the “good” Americans would soon rise up to stop Obama’s wickedness.

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ZIRP is Deflationary

Digital Dollars [courtesy Google Images]

Digital Dollars
[courtesy Google Images]

Most economists agree that lower interest rate will encourage American to borrow and spend and thereby stimulate the economy.  Therefore the lowest interest rate of all (Zero) would pack the most stimulating punch for the economy.

Result?  During our post-2008 economy stagnation, the Federal Reserve established a Zero Interest Rate Policy–commonly known as ZIRP.

That policy would certainly be reasonable if we still had a physical money (gold and silver) that would be effectively “trapped” in the US by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  So long as the US dollar had physical substance, creditors’ dollars could not easily leave the US economy.  Therefore, creditor had little choice but to accept whatever interest rate was established by the gov-co.

But, today we live in the age of digital fiat currencies which have no physical substance or reality and can therefore cross oceans at the speed of light on the internet.

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“Unbelievable Trust” II

A New Fiat Currency for You? [courtesy Google Images]

A New Fiat Currency for You?
[courtesy Google Images]

Last week, I wrote an article based on former Congressman Ron Paul’s comments on the world’s “unbelievable trust” in fiat dollars.  Essentially, Mr. Paul argued that trust is crucial to maintain a fiat dollar’s perceived value.  More, the world’s current trust in fiat dollars was not merely surprisingly strong but “unbelievable” given the dollar’s fundamental disabilities and future prospects.

This week, I’ll gild that lily with a few more comments on that “unbelievable trust” in the fiat dollar.


I can remember that back in the 1950s and ‘60s, the paper dollar was described as being “good as gold” because foreign-held dollars could still be redeemed with gold.  People trusted the paper dollar because it was “good as gold”.  They’d become habituated to trusting in paper dollars because they were still backed by gold (at least, internationally).  However, it’s important to recall that although people seemingly “trusted” in paper dollars, they really trusted in the gold that backed paper dollars.

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“Unbelievable Trust”

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Former congressman Ron Paul recently posted an interesting article on GoldSilverWords entitled, “Watch Out When People Start to Distrust our Money”.  Paul offered several important insights, but, his central argument was that because the fiat dollar has no intrinsic value, whatever value it appears to have is based entirely on the people’s trust.  So long as people continue to trust in the dollar, it will have value.  If people lose that trust, the dollar’s value will diminish or even disappear.

According to Mr. Paul:


“Now we have that strange phenomenon of this unbelievable trust in the US Dollar. This could only happen because our country is (still) wealthy, but a lot of the wealth is superficial because it’s based on debt. So, the people are going to be really shocked when the hit finally comes because this system has existed for so long and longer than any paper currency before it.”

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Tuesday Night Radio: 26 USC 6331 (levy), 6332 (surrender of property), 6334 (exemptions); Muslim Curse

American Independence Hour hosted by Alfred Adask; 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Central time, Tuesday nights, on and also on the KU band, free-to-air satellite link at Galaxy 19.  There’ll be call-ins at 1-800-596-8191.


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