US Used Social Media to Foment Ukraine Revolution

30 Jan

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The following video records Oleg Tsarov–a Deputy in the Ukraine legislature–warning in A.D. 2013 that the US was using social media on the internet to foment the overthrow of the lawfully-elected Ukrainian government.  At that time, the Ukraine government was seeking closer relations with neighboring Russia.

After a series of violent demonstrations in the capitol of Kiev, in February A.D. 2014, a Ukrainian revolution ensured .  This revolution culminated with the flight and subsequent impeachment of the then-President of Ukraine, Vicktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych’s  impeachment was followed by a series of quick changes in Ukraine’s sociopolitical system, including the formation of a new interim government, the restoration of their previous constitution, and a call to hold impromptu presidential elections.  Most importantly, the new interim government began to distance itself from Russia and embrace the United States.

The US reportedly hoped to install Anti-Ballistic-Missile (ABM) missiles on Ukraine that could be used to shoot down Russian ICBMs when they were first launched from within Russia and moving slowly.   If the US could install ABMs on Ukrainian soil, it would diminish Russia’s ability to respond to a nuclear “first strike” by the US.

Russia refused to recognize Ukraine’s new interim government, calling it a “coup d’etat”.  The Crimea broke loose from Ukraine to join Russia.  People within Ukraine of Russian descent joined a counter-revolution whose goal was to cause eastern Ukraine to break free of Ukraine and join Russia.

So, here we are, nearly a year later, with an ongoing counter-revolution and/or civil war being fought in Ukraine that involves Ukraine, Russia, and the US.  There are reportedly US “advisers” (Special Forces and/or private mercenaries) in Ukraine helping to train, organize and motivate Ukrainian military to fight Russian people and Russian “advisers” who fighting against the Ukraine’s “interim government”.

I’m reminded of the Viet Nam War which, for the US, began after the first US Special Forces “adviser” was shot and killed in the jungles of Viet Nam.  Based on that first death, American public sentiment was whipped up to support further US intervention in Viet Nam, which ultimately led to President Nixon’s announcement of “peace with honor” (and with lies) in A.D. 1973.

I wonder how long it may be before some US “adviser” is shot and killed in Ukraine.  I wonder whether that inevitable death will be used as a pretext for more US involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

Some believe that the conflict in Ukraine could trigger World War III.

The pro-Russia, Ukrainian counter-revolution has precipitated “sanctions” from the US against Russia.  Why?  Because pro-Russian people in the Ukraine have dared to resist the overthrow of a lawfully-elected government of Ukraine by the almighty US government.

These sanctions have ultimately threatened the European Union’s access to Russian natural gas.  These sanctions have reportedly caused the price of crude oil to fall by more than half in a matter of eight months.  The falling price of crude has threatened the financial survival of a number of oil-producing companies and nations, destabilized the US and global economies and left the world to wonder what where we’ll go from here.

The US has worked mightily to blame Russia for the conflict in Ukraine.  It’s almost astonishing how well mainstream media has cooperated in that propaganda.

However, as the following video indicates, all of the current global threats and turmoil surrounding Ukraine have flowed from the US determination to overthrow a lawfully-elected Ukrainian government.  As you’ll see in the following video, that overthrow started with  the A.D. 2013 manipulation of “social media” on the Ukrainian internet.

The video is in Ukrainian with English subtitles.  A transcript of the speech is presented in English below the video.

video     00:03:45


Transcript –

Honourable Colleagues
Honourable Vladimir Vasiljevitch

In my role as a representative of the Ukrainian people…
…activists of the public organisation “Volya” turned to me…
…providing clear evidence…
…that within our territory…
…with support and direct participation
…of the US Embassy in Kiev…
…the “TechCamp” project is realised…
…under which preparations are being made for a civil war in Ukraine.

The “TechCamp” project prepares specialists for information warfare…
…and the discrediting of state institutions using modern media…
…potential revolutionaries…
…for organising protests…
… and the toppling of the State Order.

The project is currently overseen and under the responsibility…
…of the US ambassador to Ukraine…
…Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

After the conversation with the organisation “Volya“…
… I have learned…
…that they succeeded to access Facilities in the project “TechCamp“…
…disguising as a team of IT specialists.

To their surprise, briefings on peculiarities of modern media were held.

American instructors explained how social networks and Internet technologies…
…can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion…
…as well as to activate protest potential…
…to provoke violent unrest on the territory of Ukraine…
…Radicalisation of the population and triggering of infighting.

American instructors show examples of successful use of social networks…
…used to organise protests
…in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

“TechCamp” representatives currently hold conferences throughout Ukraine.

A total of five events have been held so far.

About 300 people were trained as operatives, which are now active throughout Ukraine.

The last conference “TechCamp” took place on 14 and 15 November 2013…
…in the Heart of Kiev on the territory of the US Embassy!

You tell me which country in the world would allow…
…a NGO to operate out of the ​ US Embassy?

This is disrespectful to the Ukrainian government, and against the Ukrainian People!

I appeal to the Constitutional Authorities of Ukraine with the following question:

Is it conceivable that representatives of the US Embassy…
…which organise the “TechCamp” Conferences…
…misuse their diplomatic mission?

–– Let him speak ––

Carry On

UN Resolution of 21 December 1965 regulates…
…inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of a state…
…to protect its independence and its sovereignty…
…in accordance with paragraphs one, two and five.

I ask you to consider this as an official beseech…
…to pursue an investigation of this case
Thank You!


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2 responses to “US Used Social Media to Foment Ukraine Revolution

  1. David Baugh

    January 30, 2015 at 11:24 AM

    And so the real truth gets out slowly showing who was and is behind the turmoil in the Ukraine while trying to put the blame on Russia. It is the same people who have and are fomenting wars where ever it benefits their agenda to gain political and economic control of all nations and then mold them into their so-called “new world order” which is just “mystery Babylon.” Interestingly, the son of puppet political prostitute Joe Biden holds a high ranking position in Ukraine industry. To identify these wicked and evil people who outwardly appear as good but inwardly are as ravenous wolves, read Revelation 2:9 & 3:9!

  2. Roger

    January 31, 2015 at 7:04 AM

    Social media is being used to foment revolution in many countries around the world, including the United States.

    The particular type of revolution being fomented in a given country depends on how the utopian goals of the anarchist Money Power differ from the established social or political order in that country.


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