Allies Revolt?

23 Mar

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The New York Times recently reported in “Hostility From U.S. as China Lures Allies to New Bank” that,


“ When Xi Jinping, then the newly minted Chinese leader, first broached the idea of a new Asian development bank in a public speech in 2013, few in Washington paid it much heed.

“But as Beijing systematically recruited longtime American allies to help fund and oversee the new bank, it became clear that the push was more than a public relations gesture to China’s Asian neighbors.  It was also a direct threat to the post-World War II financial institutions led primarily by the United States, and to President Obama’s pledges to make a “pivot” to Asia in American foreign policy.

“Now with Britain, France, Germany and Italy signing up to join the new bank, despite direct pleas from Washington to steer clear, the question is whether the Obama administration mishandled a significant challenge from China, and what it might have done differently.”


No, that’s not “the question”.

“The questions” are:

1) Does the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) signal that the end of the US fiat dollar is not only inevitable but near to hand?

2) By joining China’s new bank, do our European allies (Britain, Germany, France and Italy) signal that they believe the fiat dollar’s days are numbered?

3) By joining China’s new bank, do our European allies signal that they’re not merely responding to the mathematics that tell us that the fiat dollar is doomed, but are instead so sick and tired of Washington’s financial bullying (FATCA), military invasions and false-flag revolutions, that their decisions to join the AIIB demonstrate a real break in US-European relations?

4) Is it merely a coincidence that Britain, Germany, France and Italy have all almost simultaneously announced their decisions to join China’s new bank?  Or do those simultaneous announcements indicate a previous, underlying agreement (and even secret conspiracy) between those four nations (and Europe in general), to distance themselves from, and defy, the Obama administration?

5)  Given that major European powers have already joined China’s AIIB, how many more nations will follow suit and also join the AIIB—and how soon?


“The question” is not whether the Obama administration has mishandled the single issue of the AIIB, but whether President Obama and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have mishandled such a multitude of foreign policy issues for so many years that they’ve alienated former allies and much of the world.

If some of the world’s nations are joining the AIIB because they’re angry at US foreign policy, they’re certainly angry at Obama and probably angry at former Secretary of State Clinton.  If so, these foreign countries are unlikely to support Hilary’s election as our next President.  If US foreign policy abuses and failures under the Obama administration have alienated a number of US allies, will that alienation work against Hilary’s election as President to any significant degree?


•  Note that our European allies aren’t alone in openly defying Washington’s demands.  Israel is also growing increasingly and openly antagonistic to Barack Obama.

And look at Russia.  Certainly not one of America’s allies.  But, up until about 15 months ago, Russian-American relations seemed reasonably positive and amiable.

Then, while Russia was hosting the Winter Olympics, the US fomented the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Ukraine and precipitated the subsequent civil war that’s flared for most of a year.  Later, the US government imposed economic sanctions on Russia which damaged the Russian economy and pushed Russia further away from the US dollar and closer to China.  Is that Ukraine policy merely failed or was it downright stupid?

More, by imposing economic sanctions on Russia, we jeopardized the flow of natural gas from Russia to the European Union.  That had to make the EU mad.  Another failed policy?  More evidence of stupidity?

Don’t forget that China, itself, has demonstrated its antagonism to the Obama administration and the fiat dollar by simply creating this new bank.

Russia is attempting to create an alternative to the US-dominated SWIFT system for settling debts between the world’s banks.

In the widespread fallout from China’s creation of AIIB, we see reactions from other nations that indicate that the Obama administration has at least lost some previous political support from China, Russia, and Europe.  Worse, Obama may have so antagonized those nations or regions that they’ve chosen to distance themselves from, and even defy, the US government.


•  Whether the world flocks to the AIIB isn’t particularly important.  But whether the world has chosen to distance itself from the Obama administration, is.

It may be that Obama foreign policy and even personal arrogance have antagonized so many foreign countries and lost the support of so many foreign governments, that he’ll be forced to pull in his horns and start to “play nice” with the rest of the world.  Perhaps our government will be forced to stop invading, overthrowing, starting wars and “droning”for the remainder of Obama’s presidency.


•  Closing remarks from The New York Times article:


“No matter how the new Chinese bank shaped up, it was highly unlikely that the United States would be a member. . . . [T]here is a strain in Washington that if the U.S. is not in the lead, then the U.S. should not be part of it . . . .


That’s the kind of attitude, arrogance and narcissism that can make people mad and some some friends.

It’s beginning to look as if the “indispensable nation” (or at least the “indispensable administration”) is becoming “dispensable”.

The world not only doesn’t need the US to lead but, in some regards, it may not need the US at all.  The emperor is being seen for what he is: not only butt-nekkid, but also irrational and abusive.


P.S.  The New York Times article reports that Australia is expected to sign up for the AIIB in the next week, and South Korea is likely to follow.   Reuters reports that even Japan may join the AIIB.  Certainly, the number of countries joining the AIIB is growing.  To what extent are foreign nations running to the AIIB?  To an extent our foreign nations running away from the US?

Is there (still) an ally in the house?! 

Is any nation’s government still willing to gladly follow the US lead?  Or has Obama (and Hilary) squandered whatever loyalty or allegiance we might have formerly expected from our “allies”?

In the AIIB specticle , are we seeing evidence of a growing tide of anti-US sentiment among the world’s governments, evidence that the dollar is on the way out, or both?

That’s the question.


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7 responses to “Allies Revolt?

  1. Roger

    March 23, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    Adask asked, “Does the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) signal that the end of the US fiat dollar is not only inevitable but near to hand?”

    By itself, no. Though it is one of the few necessary conditions for the perpetually just-around-the-corner US dollar doomsday.

    As the diligent scholar of economics will recall, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is mostly controlled by the US government and Wall Street, was instrumental in setting up the US dollar as world reserve currency in the post-WWII period.

    Well, now the IMF is openly cooperating in the launch of this AIIB. So if something bad happens to the US dollar as a result, it was an inside job.

    • Henry

      March 23, 2015 at 9:18 PM

      Just like the collapse of the Soviet Union was an inside job. They didn’t even try to disguise it.

      And what happened next? A dozen or so billionaire oligarchs, all with insider connections to the previous corrupt government, privatized the national legacy of the Russian people for pennies on the dollar.

      Next on the agenda was the actual dismantling of Russia into several ineffectual mini-states, each ruled warlord-style by a billionaire oligarch according to the “one dollar, one vote” principles of the “free market”.

      Fortunately, just in the nick of time, along came Vladimir Putin to champion the cause of the Russian people. He soon pulled their nation back from the brink and reversed the destructive gains of the Money Power.

      Now the same standard playbook used to almost destroy Russia for covetous cannibalization is being tried again here, including the endgame of breaking up the United States into regions each controlled by a “free market” billionaire.

      Beware the schemers, and their helpful cheerleaders, for the end of the US dollar. The dollar, like the US itself, has problems, no doubt. But notice how the Money Power is never about fixing these problems. Rather, their intent is to make things worse, while patiently nurturing a consensus of pessimism and hopelessness among the people.

  2. MPK

    March 23, 2015 at 7:05 PM

    Is there (still) an ally in the house?! The answer is NO.

    Is any nation’s government still willing to gladly follow the US lead? Or has Obama (and Hilary) squandered whatever loyalty or allegiance we might have formerly expected from the “allies”?

    In the AIIB specticle , are we seeing evidence of a growing tide of anti-US sentiment among the world’s governments, evidence that the dollar is on the way out, or both?

    That’s the question. But it has been a long time coming to the US baboons.

    Or is it true have we been the planet of aps all along, and just didn’t know it.

    Maybe Charlton Heston is right and his Gun will have to pulled from his dead cold monkey hand, after all to force a peace to be, or not one has to shoot a rampaging ape with a gun and not a banana in the hand.

    Or what’s that other saying a Banana in the hand or mouth is worth more than two in a foreign nation. It seems the US is greedy it wants it’s all even in other nations and they are willing to kill for it.

    By consent or by conquest. and it seems war is the only way, taught by the USA makers of War and Peace, a new book being written in the making called The Monkey Planet. or When Men go Ape they go Armed.

    We will all know the truth when all go to that other side that is waiting for us all, and I wonder what excuse will you have when we meet.

  3. Toland

    March 24, 2015 at 2:18 AM

    Wait, something ain’t right here. Germany and the United Kingdom are tight, long-term allies of the United States where financial matters are concerned. Really, the financial centers of these three countries are parts of a single business empire. Yet we have Germany and the United Kingdom as founding members of a bank which The New York Times calls adverse to the United States.

    Clearly there is more going on here than a superficial reading might suggest. The New York Times, which pretends to competence in this area, should give such a glaring anomaly the attention it deserves.

    Why the odd omission, NY Times? Do you not understand the material you’re publishing? Or are you pushing an agenda under the guise of journalism?

    • Henry

      March 24, 2015 at 3:27 AM

      Probably both. Anyway, the capital of this bank is only $50 billion. Small change. This isn’t big news yet and maybe never will be. Wait 15 years and see.

      Meanwhile, the newspaper pundits will make much ado about this for a while and then forget about it – unwittingly betraying their agendas in the process.

  4. Andrew Scharbarth

    March 27, 2015 at 3:27 PM

    The only problem with england, france, germany and italy sining up with the new chinese development bank is that there’s nothing backing the england, france, germany or italy’s markets. They’re simply going to transfer the nothingness, so we’re just going to be in for more of the same old shit. Just gonna be in a different pile.

    • Ted D. Roofer

      April 17, 2015 at 9:36 AM

      Andrew Scharbarth
      @ so we’re just going to be in for more of the same old shit. Just gonna be in a different pile.
      Maybe it will be PASTUREized. But, really, I don’t give a flat FIAT. OHhhhh wait. Enuff of it will get me a FIAT. Beats walkin.


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