Robot Wars

05 May

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

“The Terminator” was an A.D. 1984 film starring “Ah-nolt” Schwarzenegger as a robot sent back in time to kill a particular person.  I thought the movie was cool, and I liked at least one of the four “Terminator” films that were subsequently spun off from the original.  Even so, the idea that robots might come to challenge mankind’s earthly supremacy seemed so technologically far-fetched that I didn’t expect to a conflict with robots in my lifetime.

Silly me.

Here we are, 31-years later, and it appears robots are present and already challenging mankind for commercial supremacy. They’re competing with us for our jobs–and they’re winning.

What I didn’t think I’d live to see 31 years ago, is already happening.  Ohh, we’re not fighting with robots just yet.  But, as you’ll see, that’s coming a lot faster than I ever expected.  For now, robots are only taking our jobs.

For example, just yesterday, Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis published an article entitled “Robots About to Take Away 18 Million German Jobs, 59 Percent of Gernmany’s Work Force?”  According to that article,


“I have seen many grim predictions regarding robots taking away human jobs, but one of the most dire predictions comes from a study commissioned by ING-Diba.  The study claims that 59 percent of Germany’s work force could be replaced by machines and software in the coming decades. . . .  Almost two thirds of [Germany’s] workforce will be unemployed. Of the 30.9 million people currently in full or part-time employment in Germany, 18 million will be made redundant by improved technology, the report claims.”


“Redundant” means “unnecessary”.  What do you do with 18 million Germans who are “unnecessary”?

OK–that warning was somewhat premature; somewhat hyped.  German workers might not be replaced by robots for several decades.  But we’re not talking about robots replacing janitors or even pizza delivery boys.  German workers tend to be very hi-tech. If robots could ever replace two-thirds of Germany’s high-tech workforce, they’ll be able to replace 80% (maybe 90%) of the workforce of the remainder of the world.

Plus, there’s always a chance that the study that projected robots would take two-thirds of German jobs in “several decades” (like 30 to 50 years) may have overestimated to amount of time required for robots to dominate.  Maybe, the projected result (two-thirds of all jobs held by robots) could be achieved in less than 15 years.  Maybe less than ten.


•  The robot takeover is not just hype and fear mongering.  Here’s evidence of what’s happening now, and at least one startling implication.

About three weeks ago, the Japan Times reported in “Robots leave behind Chinese factory workers” that,


“According to the International Federation of Robotics . . .  China bought approximately 56,000 [about 25%] of the 227,000 industrial robots purchased worldwide in 2014—a 54 percent increase on 2013.

“ILate last month, the government of Guangdong Province, the heart of China’s manufacturing behemoth, announced a three-year program to subsidize the purchase of robots at nearly 2,000 of the province’s — and thus, the world’slargest manufacturers. Guangzhou, the provincial capital, aims to have 80 percent of its factories automated by 2020.”


That’s just five years from now.

80% of the world’s industrial jobs could be held by robots within five years.

That’s scary.  What kind of work will be left for those who are replaced by robots?  Will they all just live their lives on welfare?  Insofar as these unemployed people will be non-productive, will government search for ways to kill these “useless eaters”?

There’s another major implication that’s even scarier:  robots are cheaper than Chinese labor.

Think about that.  The article in the Japanese Times claims that China (not the US or Germany or some other developed nation) . . . China (which has been a source of dirt-cheap labor for 20 years) intends to replace 80% of its industrial workers with robots.

That means robots are cheaper than Chinese labor.

If robots are cheaper than Chinese labor, I guarantee that they are cheaper than American labor.

If so, whose American jobs are safe?

How will we ever reduce unemployment rates, if robots are more economical to own and operate than even Chinese employees?

Once robots take our jobs, how high can real unemployment rates go before we’re almost all on welfare, or we’re all placed in some kind of jeopardy that will shorten our lives since 80% of may have become “useless eaters”?

Government says unemployment rates are less than 6%.  John Williams at says real unemployment rates are closer to 23%.

I’m inclined to believe Williams is closer to the mark.

If robots are cheaper than American laborers, are there any imaginable circumstances wherein we could ever see real, U.S. unemployment rates fall below 15%?

Thanks to robots, can we expect real unemployment rates to keep rising to 25%?  30%?  Higher?

What’s going to happen to America if 30% of American adults are too costly to compete with robots and are therefore permanently unemployed and unemployable?

How can the world continue to feed itself if 30% of the world’s workers who are manual laborers are not only unemployed but no longer competitive, no longer productive and therefore unemployable and even unnecessary?

Here’s a video on real robots, real robot research on how to build better robotic weapons.  This research is going on right now.  How long can it before robots learn to fight against men and women?

The video is disturbing.  We might see a functioning “terminator” in as little as three years.

Video    00:10:41


More?  Here’s another video that’s not as obviously disturbing because the robots sometimes look more “human” and less mechanical.

video   00:09;54



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6 responses to “Robot Wars

  1. Roger

    May 5, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    > Insofar as these unemployed people will be non-productive, will government search for ways to kill these “useless eaters”?

    Everything depends on how much the “useless eaters” have their government under control.

    If the people heed the repeated warnings of Jefferson and Madison, and leverage their collective legal and numerical advantage to keep their hired help in government more or less in line, then widespread population reduction (by government, at least) is unlikely.

    On the other hand, if the “useless eaters” prefer devoting 30 hours per week to watching television rather than the responsible pursuit of the duties of citizenship, it’s possible that the international Money Power, which invented the Malthusian junk science of “overpopulation”, might end up hijacking the people’s government.

    In the latter case, the Money Power would surely impose their usual “austerity measures” on the nation’s “useless eaters”, with prejudice.

  2. Henry

    May 5, 2015 at 1:56 PM


    the international Money Power, which invented the Malthusian junk science of “overpopulation”

    Indeed, research reveals Thomas Malthus and several other famous names of “classical” economics (favored by the Austrian School, etc.) to have been paid hacks of the money power, which at the time (late 1700s) was active as the British East India Company.

    Whereas today we have nation-busting austerity measures being imposed worldwide by current and former employees of Goldman Sachs, circa 1850 we had the genocide in Ireland falsely branded as a “potato famine”.

  3. MPK

    May 5, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    Robots or AI will never have dreams, nor will they ever have imagination, this man can never create in a robot or AI it can only mimic us, and man is its creator, flawed, and without guidance from what made him. The only way BS they think is have to transfer the conscience mind to the machine to give it true life, but in reality this will fail, because the mind of the human being is linked to the body of the person on a set coded frequency of the body that it controls it cant be transferred.

    No matter how much money they spend, and experimentation’s they do they will in the end come to this conclusion as to why they cant transfer the human conscience mind to a dead non living machine and not made the biological way.

    If that was the case why not transfer the mind from one person to another, YOU simply CANT with the technology that man operates by for now.

    But the BS research will fool anyone to get funding to try and do because the very powerful and rich want immortally and are foolish to believe in something and strong enough will part with their money and some are already doing it even Governments are trying and funding it while the UN wants population reduction of course the masses are not even thought of ever getting it.

    The secret for immortality is in the DNA code, where it has always been all along and it can only be manipulated before birth of a better human being can be made, and this entails test tube baby experimentations to which is more than likely already happening in top secret projects, because its the easiest way to do to find immortality mans trial and error way. If don’t succeed try try again.

    Yes robot will be able to think for themselves but they will never dream, and never imagine and only do what they are taught to do by man or by them selves learning a better method, but will never advance to our level of conscience simply because the mind does inhabit the brain, the body is a biological robot and the brain links electrically to the conscience of the person.

    Man has set biological limitations, but it take him a long time to admit it to himself after all the experimentation and a longer time to others in the end.

    If your not rich, and powerful forget it, your good as dead, unless your a No 1 biological or other scientist then you will get the benefits of immortality, If not just live your life. For its only for the few, and not for the many to have or to look forward to.

    In 1992 scientific discovers were found of the biological robots that service with the necessary chemicals within the blood cells with bio electric motors seen under the electron microscope and the bio factories that produce them, that’s how we know we are biological robots with a conscience that operates in the matter universe to which all matter comes from light energy, yet these discoveries were not wildly given to the public, because it has implication’s that would hinder the way man thinks of everything which is contrary to what people in power do not want you to know.

    Yes robots are to replace humans as they are more reliable, cheap to keep, and last forever to do the tasks that humans hate and allows a reduction in inferior humans and the human waste of resources necessary for the ruling future immortal’s.

    There is the future for the masses of mankind replaced by a machine to service the few who are superhuman who have achieved to become immortal’s like the GODS of mans fantasy.

    Sorry to say, man has run out of time, as nature and other forces has a way of changing and hindering man’s future fantasy destiny.

    Look at the world today and see the chaos, the wars, the famines, the disease, the natural disaster’s, the climate changing and all are increasing. Yet the few care more about themselves, and spend more on immortally than on the rest of humanity. Does man deserver to be a GOD, when he aloud others to die.

    The point is Robots are not the problem we all face, but the ones who will produce and pay them to replace us for there dream towards GODHOOD.

    Scum always floats on the top of the sea of the people.

  4. dog-move

    May 6, 2015 at 3:26 AM

    God created man straightforward, but man has created many devices. Ecc. 7:29

  5. Adask

    May 6, 2015 at 4:04 AM

    The only thing that God didn’t create are lies. Lies, legal fictions, corporations, probably trusts, were all created by man.

  6. dog-move

    May 6, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    Common stones—figured stones—4906—a showpiece, figure, imagination, carved image; the common stones of the Days of Solomon were the bricks and stone used to build the first tower Genesis Ch. 11:3—and the brick was to them for stone, and their mortar was bitumen (petrodollars?) 68—cornerstone, stonemasons, (banking derivatives), silver was as common as all the other derivative instruments and had little value then, as now. People consider silver and gold as just another debt instrument, brick, “SLV” & “GLD” common stones. Solomon went the way of Egypt (sorcery and spellcasting and trickstering ,fictions) as today we as a People have gone back to drink from the river Geon in Egypt and the waters of Assur, bitter poison water.
    Just an observation of “terms of art” from the Days of antiquity.
    What is that which has been? the very thing which shall be: and what is that which has been done: and there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 Septuagint
    I suspect all the “promises to pay” today are mortared with” bitumen as in days of antiquity.
    Genesis Ch. “11” 1 and all the earth was one lip, and there was one language to all.
    Petrodollar used to fit this description, used by all the world–A.D. 1971– that mechanism is crumbling. New mortar is coming soon!
    New devices! Maybe silver mortar?


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