“America Is Sick of Black Men”

20 Jul

The following video reminds me of a classic Chris Rock joke from the 1990s.  Talking about race relations in his neighborhood in New York city, Rock said something like,   “Whites are getting along with blacks; blacks are getting along with whites–but somebody gotta do somethin’ ’bout dese niggers!”  That joke was hilarious and shocking 15 or 20 years ago.  Today, it’s old news.

But that joke illustrates that there’s a schism in the “African-American community”:  There’s both good blacks and bad niggers.  Not all blacks hate whites.  Not all niggers are out to get “Whitey”.  More than a few good blacks are ashamed of their race.

The truth is that good blacks are more likely to be robbed, raped or killed by a worthless niggers than they are by white cops.  Good blacks have more to fear from niggas than whites.  And yet, the “good blacks” tend to keep their mouths shut in order to support blacks in relation to whites.

Result?  The good blacks are afraid to to speak out against the bad niggers.  Afraid to speak out in self-defense, the good blacks are also inhibited from acting in self-defense.  Unable or unwilling to speak out and defend themselves against the race-rioting mantras of bad niggers, the whole black community becomes increasingly despised, ignored and abandoned.

But, here’s a video of one black man who’s willing to speak out and run the risk of telling unpleasant truths about the “complete and utter dysfunction of the African-American Negro”.  This man is saying what many whites and some blacks are thinking but almost no black or white is willing to say in public.

So long as good blacks feel compelled to keep silent, pretend they don’t see the truth, and maintain their “politically correct” personas, sooner or later, we may see all of that pent-up truth suddenly erupt in an episode of violence unseen since the Civil War.  It’s time for some honest discussion about race.  Not just about whites, but about blacks too, and most of all, about niggers.

The heart of the discussion might go to “entitlements”.  I believe the idea that some of us enjoy special “entitlements” for which we have not personally worked for and earned is dangerous and self-destructive to individuals as well as nations.  Entitlements are based on the presumption that one group (as innocent victims of previous injustice) is “entitled” by that injustice to collect money from a second group who is “obligated” to pay for having committed that injustice.  Entitlements aren’t charity.  They are based on the idea that one group or another is involuntarily compelled by law to support another group.  In the case of blacks and whites we have entitlement programs that allow blacks (who’ve never personally been slaves) to make claims on whites (who’ve never personally owned slaves) for the crime of slavery that ended most of a century before most of us were born.

The fundamental idea behind affirmative action is that we will end racism against blacks by mandating racism against whites.  Whitey doesn’t say much about being subjected to racism for crimes he never committed, but he’s thinking about it–and he’ll get made about it if the economy collapses and people tend to lose their standard of living.

In fact, there isn’t one of us who is “entitled” to one dime that he/she hasn’t personally earned.  Entitlements for some are involuntary servitude for others who are forced to pay for those entitlements.  Entitlements for some is slavery for others.  Involuntary servitude is expressly prohibited by the 13th Amendment within the States of the Union (States of “The United States of America”).  It’s not prohibited within Washington DC and/or the territories or states of the “United States”.

The video below is sometimes repetitive and sprinkled with coarse language.  But the speaker is trying to tell some painful truth.   You can see that he’s not merely angry or hurt, he’s ashamed of much of his own race.  That’s a terrible personal burden.  He’s telling his own race that the problems in the black community are caused by blacks and/or Democrats rather than white racism.

video  00:27:13


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22 responses to ““America Is Sick of Black Men”

  1. Rick

    July 20, 2015 at 5:59 PM

    there is a difference between NIGERS and Negro watch your mouth. Are whites pointing out the KKK? If you understand the redemption and how the country git this way youll know people are BRAINWASHED and youll want to capitalize on this black man ranting on not fuly true info. There is something wrong with this site.

    • Adask

      July 20, 2015 at 6:10 PM

      “NIGERS” is a new one on me. I thought the word was spelled “niggers”.

      It may be that the black man in the video isn’t saying “fully true info”. But he is at least saying “substantially true info”–and that’s a big improvement over what we’ve been fed by the mainstream media for the past 50 years.

      Whether there’s something wrong with this site depends on who’s being “brainwashed”. If I’m the one who’s brainwashed, there may be something wrong with this site. If you’re the one who’s brainwashed, the site may be OK.

      • Toland

        July 20, 2015 at 10:25 PM

        It is possible that Rick is referencing the Latin root of “nigger”, i.e. “niger”, to impart a scholarly tone to the comment areas of this blog, as a way of offsetting the ignorant, schizoid babbling tone of other comments.


        In the English language, nigger is an ethnic slur usually directed at black people. The word originated as a neutral term referring to people with black skin, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger (“black”). It was often used disparagingly, and by the mid-20th century, particularly in the United States, its usage became unambiguously pejorative, a racist insult. Accordingly, it began to disappear from popular culture, and its continued inclusion in classic works of literature has sparked controversy.

        In the contemporary United States, using the word is taboo, and it is often replaced with the euphemism “the N-word”. As “nigga“, it is sometimes used among African Americans as a neutral or affectionate term.

        Webster’s Dictionary…


        1. usually offensive : a black person

        2. usually offensive : a member of any dark-skinned race

        3. a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons (It’s time for somebody to lead all of America’s niggers … all the people who feel left out of the political process – Ron Dellums)

        Nigger in senses 1 and 2 can be found in the works of such writers of the past as Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens, but it now ranks as perhaps the most offensive and inflammatory racial slur in English. Its use by and among blacks is not always intended or taken as offensive, but, except in sense 3, it is otherwise a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry.

        Word origin

        from Spanish or Portuguese negro, meaning black, from Latin niger

        First Known Use: 1574

      • Henry

        July 23, 2015 at 9:20 PM

        > the ignorant, schizoid babbling tone of other comments

        Oh no. This can only mean that Bozo the Clown is still being allowed to comment here behind the guise of umpteen intentionally misleading usernames. That’s a pity, to those with hopes this blog would be an intelligent marketplace of ideas – not a pigsty for personalities.

        Wikipedia: “A lie is a statement that is known or intended by its source to be misleading, inaccurate, or false. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar. Lies may be employed to serve a variety of instrumental, interpersonal, or psychological functions for the individuals who use them.”

      • Roger

        July 23, 2015 at 11:12 PM

        @ Henry

        If you mean the transparent liar with a walnut-sized brain and a hot air balloon-sized ego, then yeah, “Bozo the Clown” – i.e. the tireless master debater Les Fuchs – continues to deceptively employ umpteen usernames at this blog, thus deterring potential participants by giving the false impression that Al’s readership is overrun with “cute” and “clever” imbeciles all using a queerly uniform writing style, which is a damn shame. So definitely keep using that browser tweak which blocks all of Bozo’s flakey nonsense.

      • Bart Shavitz

        August 2, 2015 at 10:49 PM

        @ “NIGERS” is a new one on me. I thought the word was spelled “niggers”.
        NIGER Acts 13:1
        NAS Exhaustive Concordance
        Word Origin
        of Latin origin (dark in color)
        Thayer’s Greek Lexicon
        STRONGS NT 3526: Νίγερ
        Νίγερ, ὁ (a Latin name (`black’)), Niger, surname of the prophet Symeon: Acts 13:1.

        People eventually saw the NIG in Niger, &, hence the prouniciation of, NIG-GUR. Some people pronounce Texas, Takesus. Some people pronounce Bird, Boid. :-) D

  2. Allen Curtis

    July 20, 2015 at 9:06 PM

    Sometimes it hurts to hear the truth & sometimes it makes ya laugh yo hindquarters off ! D
    Blacks sold Blacks in the Country of, Niger. This where the N word comes from but it was not regarded as the N word at one time.Today, People are still called, Texans, Tennesseans, Virginians, etc. There WERE Black “slave owners” in this US o A, too. Servant & Slave mean the same thing. A benevolent Master makes the difference in whether or not the slave is happy Thomas Jefferson’s “slaves” LOVED him. I wonder why? Well, not really, I know why.The Negroes aka Darkies were happy & “cheerful” in Kentucky.Today, however,99.99% of us, are all servants, aka slaves, owned as the property of “someone else”, especially in involuntary servitude, & subservient to or controlled by another: I’m not allowed to tell ya who the master is because it’s a deeeeeeeeep darrrrrrrrrk Ill-lume-E-knotty secret. :- ) D

  3. Allen Curtis

    July 20, 2015 at 10:56 PM

    WHO first came up with the Red, Yellow, White & Black words to identify the Race of any man? The truth is, there are not ANY Red, Yellow, Black or White People, IF we know what TRUE REAL COLORS ARE. Use a red, yellow, white & black crayon as a CLUE. Call me a hoan-kee, cracker, whitey, but don’t call me a Caucasian.

    • Mark Twang

      July 26, 2015 at 3:03 AM

      It’s just fine & dandy for the “Redskin people” to call light skin people, Paleface, BUT, It’s RACIST to call red skin people Redskins.

  4. harrytapp

    July 21, 2015 at 2:08 AM

    Rick: Consider the KKK and it’s population and overall influence on society white or otherwise. Now consider the black man and His overall influence on society especially within the black communities, constantly blaming the white man for his troubles. Yes I know it sucks that black Muslims sold the black man to black men in in America who then capitalized upon the greed of the white man all the while setting aside their Christian heritage here in America. Then the white man generates a slang term for Negro hence the word “Nigger” is spawned to this day being a sensitive word yet the black man still uses it against one another without retribution. Many black people are beginning to see that the race card is played out and it is time to grow up and start taking responsibility for ones own actions. Sorry, as soon as I saw the picture of Jesus hanging upside down in the background I left the video…Maybe this guy speaks some truth???
    Black People Have Become too Ignorant for Me to Claim, I Need to Invent a New Race

    • Mark Twang

      July 23, 2015 at 1:19 AM

      A Colored Gentleman was arrested for indecent exposure. He was running down the street without his pants on. When the case got to court, fortunately for him, the Judge was a Negro. The Judge asked him, are you married, Defendant answered, Yes Sir your honor. How long have you been married the Judge asked. 3 years your honor. Do you have any children? Yes Sir, your honor, I have 9 children. Case dismissed the Judge said. Prosecutor objected, Your honor I object ! This man was caught red-handed running down the street without any pants on. Your objection is overruled, said the Judge. Didn’t you hear what the man said? He’s been married 3 years & has 9 children. He has not had time to put his pants on!!! HAHHAHhahahahahahaHAHHAHhahah D

  5. Allen Curtis

    July 21, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    @ Sorry, as soon as I saw the picture of Jesus hanging upside down in the background I left the video.
    Who told you this is a picture of “Jesus”? Rather odd isn’t it that the Scriptures say it is a shame for a “Man” to have long hair but long hair is a woman’s crowning glory? Man made pictures of Yahshua/Jesus are inspired of “helel”. How many other pictures of “Jesus” have you seen? All different, so how can it be the same “Man” when they look so different?
    @ Then the white man generates a slang term for Negro hence the word “Nigger”
    Originally they were called, Nigh/Nye-gurs because they were from Niger, pronounced Nye-gur. Later, People see the Nig, as in, dig, in Niger, hence, Nig-gur.

  6. Mark Twang

    July 21, 2015 at 7:28 PM

    These 2 Negroes are probably called Uncle Tom’s by The N words.

  7. colin-man yeates-clan

    July 22, 2015 at 6:29 PM

    Well Finally someone is telling it like it is. Let me add my personal experiences of years gone by. I wanted a different life for myself so I studied Real Estate and the first property that I could afford was in a very bad “all black” neighborhood. I ended up getting a 24% loan which just about killed me as I traveled from my work in Germantown to DC and worked till 3 or 4 am to renovate the building I was rebuilding. I Hired within the community. Most were drug dealers but they humbled themselves and worked for little pay for a white guy because they could see that I was about my business and did not hold back in sharing any and all skills, knowledge and everything they wanted to learn to do it themselves. We made a family and I still remember them fondly. Percentage wise more are alive now as a result, one went to school and last I knew was a purchaser for the Pentagon… there were times I would say “you guys work twice as hard trying to avoid work than to simply do it right from the get go”. Much sunk in and I am proud to say that I had a part in it but I give them credit for stepping outside of their “conditioned” comfort zone and DO! Every time we would finish a job I would take them all aside and stand out front and say “look at that… you did that.. No one can ever take that away from you!!” The change in their stature and self respect was visible!
    During this time I was continuously hassled and threatened by knives, guns, and sticks (invariably by more than one at a time). One time after telling a child to pick up their trash they dropped, a father came up hard on me with a gun and inquired why he should not “put a cap in your ass” to which I replied “if it was my child I would expect you to do the same, after all it takes a village of adults to rase a child”. He thought about it and walked away. Many such incidents over two years similar can be told.. The point of which is that each time They asked and received a critical question to which they listened, reasoned and altered their actions and then attitude. For the first time in their lives they saw “whittteee” in a different light and as a result were able to see how they “allow, create and promote” what is in their own life.
    At that time I also recall telling them that if they did not clean up their neighborhood someone else would come along like me, buy them up cheap and renovate, increase the cost out of your abilities and then you would be out. If you were smart you would use that drug money which you throw away every day and buy up the neighborhood and fix it up and reap the rewards.
    Fast forward ten years… the price of these same town homes is now up to half a million and so called “whitee’s” are everywhere. The young and wealthy are moving back into the city that the blacks had complete control and possession of for over thirty years, destroyed, ran down and devalued. Now if they would study the law and find out how to stop the theft of private non commercially used property from “ad valorem” taxes, they could keep what they have and find a nice home elsewhere if they like with a full yard and everything, off of the increase in value from the neighborhood. A few have held on, most are still in poverty and I truly want to find all the guys who worked with me and see how they are doing but I am in the fight of my life to study the law and enforce it on these criminals in office.
    Fast forward ten years again and I want to Baltimore where property could be bought for a song. So I set out to do the same as in DC. NOT!! No one wanted to work, no one was good to their word, no one wanted to learn, listen of DO. And the raciest attitude towards a so called “white man” was worse than in DC. They had been playing the game so long it was in their DNA. Generations of playing the system. I never was confronted like in DC but it was all done behind the scenes. Worst of all, the so called government now completely run by Blacks, was more fucking corrupt than a den full of thieves and they were fucking “their own people” over worse than any. One time I went to a council meeting (a completely made up unlawful not legislative group of people administering regulations not passed into law) and I had called them on it in writing so they dropped my charges but I went anyway. Before my “thing” was heard I witnesses atrocities and stupidity. When my time came I stood up they dismissed it and I requested to use my time to address them as a governing body to which they actually allowed. I told them that the 78 year old man they had just fined for having pealing paint on a window sill of his home was a complete waist of time, effort and money, that the cost of having an inspector go out to a house and find, write up, charge, bring the old man here fine him for not doing it an then reinspecting it etc etc. was a complete waist. I said it would be more effective to have the damn inspector buy at the cities cost, a pint of paint and to simply paint the damn thing himself. I was furious and appalled. I had the same frustration in the neighborhood in DC to which at the end of stepping in to rescue someone from a gang beating to which they turned on me, I yelled at the top of my lungs, “I can understand Fucking the white man over, not that it is right but I can understand it, but you Fuck each other over worse than the white man ever has, your all a disgrace to the race, I would never want to be called one of my people because of the way you treat your people.”
    I was saying the same thing here. There they were, people of color, blacks, African Americans in positions of authority acting like hoodlums and playing bull shit games with peoples lives worse than whitee ever has. It seems that corruption of the souls is color blind!
    BTW for your information, My parents were immigrants and my father was Irish and the Irish have been the worst treated of all nationalities. One of the best quotes that layes it out comes from the movie “Gangs of New York” in which the head of one neighborhood says the following “those fucking Irish they will do the work that the niggers will not do and for have the price of the chinks”. It is a fact that more Irish died building the railroads, Panama canal and other engineering marvels than any other nationality/race and we have never been considered for reparations. Slave cost a lot and one does not go and buy a ten thousand dollar riding mower and then beat it up so that it can not be used any more. All that shit was few and far between and like anything there is perversion to be found. In most cases it was a slave owner who had hundreds of slaves and not enough money for slave drives to watch over so they would use one as an example to put fear into the rest. It was in their minds a simple business decision that was more cost effective.
    Remember too that it was Africans that were the only ones who were allowed to raid villages and captures slaves and sell them to the Spaniard who shipped them over seas to be sold. The life span of a slave in Africa was about two years. If they survived the trip their life expectancy was greatly improved and there are many stories of women and children going home to break into their piggy banks to buy the mate or family member in order to keep them together.. In other word, even in the times where life was not very valuable compassion still prevailed many times. In fact in law one can find that a slave who had been part of the family was entitled to receive portions of an estate when the owner died intestate and it was common for the will to include freedom and land to slaves of families. But that would go against the main stream of the Party line which programs blacks today to believe they are victims and always have been and no money could be made from the special programs, crimes, etc.
    It is all just a game for the moneychangers. They do not give a rats ass about anything but money, power and superiority and everyone walks right into it. Remember it was his “own people” that killed Malcolm X because he was spreading equality and understanding and kindness after his awakening in Mecca. They shot him because they could not make money off of the strife if people started getting along and working together for a common goal like we are all supposed to be doing.. All brothers and sisters of one principle “WE hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness— That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among men,…”
    I must also put another observation in here. While living in these social environments in DC and Balt. I notice something far more pronounced than in white society. The mothers once knowing the sex of the child would literally carry the baby differently and as they were growing up they treated the boys with yelling, harsh tones, meanness, never giving love and attention, but the girls were a different story. Knowing what I know about humans is that men are actually the emotional creatures and need love and attention more than girls but our dysfunctional society does just the opposite. For anyone giving a damn about the origins of the problems this can make a huge difference from the get go. The abused boys look for acceptance and appreciation and join gangs which invariably have an agenda of less than productive ventures and are expression their pain and rejection by lashing out at others. Just as 80% of sex offenders were molested themselves.. Simple solution, give a shit enough about your children not to let them get molested and they will not turn into rapists. Give them love an kindness, attention and instill a sense of sufficiency and they will not need to act out and feel justified by doing so. By breaking the cycle from the get go it will collapse.
    Naturally it only goes to say Stop blaming others for the problems created within your own community and families!!!!!!! I’ve lived among you and know better. Oh and for your information, though I may have a light skin tone I was raised on a sailboat in the Caribbean from 6 to 12 and I did not know I was not “black”. I was accepted (after much rubbing of the skin to get the white powder off) completely and I was socialized and believed we are brothers and sisters. It was not until many many bad situations by what I call Black Americant’s that I learned racism, prejudice etc. and having been a landlord and rented to many many people the statistical truth is that 80% of blacks will lie, cheat, create ‘poor is me’ stories to take advantage of me and end up destroying the very space and person they have relied upon for kindness, 40% of whites (although in Baltimore it is 60%) and only 12% of Latinos… I think because they value home.
    Baltimore is a completely different animal. They do not care to listen, to improve and when I sought to find out why I went through the history. Baltimore was one of the most valuable, productive sea ports of all times, but when the big businesses and sea trade and ship yards left so did the workers. The ones that wanted to continue to work for a living and do better, followed the jobs out of the city. What stayed behind was all the slackers who were living like leaches off the hard work of others, and the elderly who had no other place to go and a few hang onners who chose to stick it out. The old died out the hanger oners were disappointed and became bitter and the low life slugs who had been sponging, raping, trifling and conning their way to survival with no desire to do better, simply multiplied like rabbits and passed their disease on to the next generation and the next until it became an accepted way of life. Eventually they even got into virtually every office and corrupted them as well, the courts, and the whole damn system.
    If the so called “Black” African American (by the way I have looked and goggled and done everything I can to find a place called “Africa America” and I can not find it so how the hell is there so many people calling themselves “African American” as if there is such a country??Either you’re a Fucking American equal to all others or your not!), anyway, if “they” would get together and work together and DO, they could renovate the city and reap the rewards as I shared in DC and happened. But they would rather destroy it and pillage it more and blame it on another group of people who have nothing to do with them or the City!! I lost so much there due to no fault of my own and the City has stolen or destroyed my properties and the people have simply worn me down so that I had to walk away and go where what I had to offer was wanted and desired.
    By the Way, this is not completely unique to black people, I bought property in Oklahoma in a small town and I find many of the same social scenarios found in Balt and for the same reasons, big business leaves the worker do too and the low lifes stick around and multiply and corrupt generation after generation… to their own demise.
    The question is what life do you want to live? Who do you want to socialize with? What activities do you want to participate in? Injustice is all around and it is going to take all of us studying the law and implementing it to get this government of ours back in line!! Property taxes is a lie, income taxes is a lie and most all fines, fees, licences are a lie to keep the people ..all of us enslaved, when we are actually the creators and masters of this and every government if we would start governing the government (meant to be governed). Murder is murder no matter what color and one can find remedy in the law if one learns how to use it. An attorney works for the corporate state and has no power in comparison to the people. These murders need to be taken to Federal courts with a 42 USC 1983 Depravation of Rights suit. The States will not go against itself just like they will not let one win on the unlawful property taxes, drives license, etc. which are all for commerce, NOT THE AVERAGE EVERY DAY MAN ENGAGED IN HIS/HER PRIVATE BUSINESS.!!!! It is a huge scam and the people are conditioned to fight among themselves so much, especially racism, and distracted as in Rome, with sports and TV that they are vulnerable to misdeeds, slight of hand tricks and out right murder with no knowledge of how to do something about it.
    The first thing we need to institute is a policy that all public servants must pass a six months periodic test of the knowledge, understanding and accurate use of the Constitutions, laws of the State and especially the Principles expressed in the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, in order to maintain their position of public trust. At least they will know the actual laws and not the ones they have been fed. Then we will have better accountability. I use this and win with it so not an armchair worrier!! The three questions are very powerful and should be used as often as possible.
    1. Is it true that you are obligated and duty bound to obey any lawful order? Yes
    2. Is it not also true that you are obligated and duty bound to disobey any unlawful order? “err yes”
    3. Then how are you to know if you are obeying a lawful order or engaging in a crime if you do not know what the actual law states.” (Not what you’ve been told it says but what is written)

    These are very powerful because they know they can be indited, loose their job and even go to jail… As managers of the Government we have a duty to know the law in order to enforce it. So read it, learn it, see how it works, its intent and how it is being misused by these “white collar criminals” that are not always “whitee”.
    Blessings all….
    PS “niggardly” meant to be “miserly” or cheep, a master who begrudgingly would make payment.
    Isn’t that funny the original was a “master” who was being cheep or begrudging what was due. In my opinion and experience the word derived from that is accurate. As a contractor, landlord that provided good service I found that a certain race of people were more “niggardly” than others.. does that earnestly make them “niggers”. And if in public and one person call another “jack ass” and another and another and the person constituently responds is not one accepting that they are to be called “jack ass”??
    And one other tid bit. Obummer is not nor ever can be eligible for president of the United States! simply because his father is not nor ever has been an American citizen as is required of the “commander in chief of the military” It makes sense and it is the only office with that requirement for obvious reasons and anyone becoming an citizen must first relinquish all allegiances to any other powers, states, governments etc before becoming an American. The President is the commander in chef of the military and must not have any possible influence by any immediate family member who has allegiances to any other than this country. What one needs to ask is why was Obummer not challenged by the elite whites in power?… because he is easily controllable and was groomed as a banker boy!!!! Dumb asses. And it is a statistical impossibility that 97 fucking percent of any ethnic group of people to vote for one candidate unless there is racism alive and well… in short you niggers got played yet again and the first thing your so called “brother” did was double the national debt and pay trillions to the banksters!!!!!!! Nutttin for you dumb asses racist idiots so full of hate and blame you’re blinded and so easily mislead. Even the college educated idiots are so full of vim and vigor and have no clue as to truth because they are so superior thinking with their stupid piece of paper that says they are educated (indoctrinated along party lines) and even reject their own as a result. Fuck color, fuck racism, fuck stupidity, grow a pair like this guy and think for yourself and act like a sovereign not a sovereign!! Be an American not an American’t and especially not an Americunt like so many whiteees… Just my opinion based on years of study and research and observation and now after actually wining several cases after studying the law as it is written. It takes perseverance.. two years and 10k just in costs of filing etc but I won against a superior judge! You can fight and win and put city hall in its place and the law knows no color!!!! religion or creed or what JOB, profession or Pursuit of Happiness you are endeavoring in. So let’s get busy with telling it like it is and teach our children by example no to let these criminals get away with this social manipulation and theft of our very lives, happiness and security for which the positions were created to provide in the first place and teach your children your community the truth after the public fool system has indoctrinated them with false hoods and myths. That is what being a parent and an American means. Else go back to what ever country you think is better and make a difference there!!!

  8. Mark Twang

    July 22, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    colin-man yeates-clan
    @ “The first thing we need to institute is a policy that all public servants must pass a six months periodic test of the knowledge, understanding and accurate use of the Constitutions, laws of the State and especially the Principles expressed in the Unanimous Declaration of Independence,…”

    I think this has already been tried.
    I believe You say a lot of true things in your “essay” but overall, all I see is more of, the same ol same ol, i.e., treating the effect & not eliminating the “cause” of our woes. I gave you a thumbs up anyway. There seems to be a humongous shortage of people like you, but there ain’t no shortage of the N word, & Comedian Richard Pryor says why. The first thing they learn to say is a half a word, Mutha.

  9. colin-man yeates-clan

    July 22, 2015 at 7:58 PM

    Well I wish I had watched the second video before writing.. says it all.. but perhaps my perspective will be helpful. I have one disagreement on the jail thing. I was recently unlawfully thrown in jail and while there I discovered that three out of five people were actually victims not criminals!! My case? My sailboat was stolen several times. One time I called because I could not find it. DNR finally got there five hours later and instead of being helpful and making a report yelled and screamed at me saying he was giving me a lawful order to which I replied “I do not work for you nor the state and I called you for help” (BTW he was “black” and trying to impose his will upon me) he ended up writing two tickets for not having a life vest or a whistle while on a flotation device in 16 inches of water five feet from the shore… (these are rules like most designed for “vessels” engaged or licensed to engage in commerce. Transportation = transportation of animal, product or persons for profit) Just like when you are “driving” which is a commercial term not “traveling” which is your unalienable right secure by the Constitution and laws of the United States.) Any who, so my boat got stolen yet again and this time they claim they could not find me when it beached itself. So what did they do ? Wrote up criminal charges for “Abandoning a Vessel” one year and $3k in fines. and “Dumping over 500lbs” five years and $30k in fines. … scarry shit!!! And put out a warrant. Two years later I was arrested due to these which I had no clue or and BTW I had been in court on various civil matters (I help people and also my own properties to stop fraudclosures and unlawful tax sales) so it is not like they could not with “due diligence” find me.
    So while in jail on these two trumped up charges to which I am the victim having my property stolen I found one man was there under charges of counterfeiting , passing and theft when actually he gave some acting poor soul change for a 100 on the bus and then used it to buy a lock at home depot for a job he was doing. I shared with him what to do to fight it but he felt it was not worth it and would plead out like they wanted. (this is their crime syndicate, bring lots of charges to scare the shit out of people to get them to plead out, make money keep them enslaved living in fear) all he ad to do is get a certified copy of the “belongings” logged in when he was brought in as evidence that he did not have any of the things accused of. etc etc,
    The second guy had actually saved another’s life by holding him with his body so the others beating him badly would not hit him any more. I interviewed him a few times over a 6 hr period and Im pretty good at picking up on BS when it comes to legal stuff and crimes… the little things and I got a good close look at his hands which had no indication of any marks common to use in a fight or punching. His shirt had blood on it consistent with holding the bloody head to protect it from continued blows of the assailants.. the real ones.. he was charged with the beating.
    They were “black” and I am so called “white” so these criminals acting under color of law are equal opportunists when it comes to false charges but I can also say statistically “blacks” are targeted more because they are less educated and less willing to fight because they have a racist perspective and believe they can not get justice. So they are “easy prey”.
    This is he shit we need to stop!!! and the only way to stop it is to get educated!! and use the law and to act like real bro’s and sista’s and support each other in our law enforcement as witnesses, lawful witnesses and helpers or “friends” to administer the law as it is written.
    In my case after freaking out for a few weeks and getting help from my mentor and filing two one page documents (with three statements “I have no knowledge of any dumping 2 I have no knowledge of any Abandoned Vessel” 3 This case must be dismissed in the interests of justice due to the lack of any witness, evidence substantiating the claims herein and must be stricken as a sham pleading.. close to that… along with standing my grounds and putting together a Motion to Strike the complaint and then ready with a summary judgment motion to force their hand. All before a trial even though the Public defender was convinced that it had to go to trial (he is actually a good guy and not a flunky who could not make it anywhere else but had been so mislead in his training that he could not read the law the way it is written like I did and was ready to file the motion, which he said I could not. I told him I would fire him as I had the other guy for being incompetent. (Yes it is on file I fired the first Public Defender for being incompetent).
    It took two months for the Prosecutors office to realize what I had done and file a nole prosecute order on their own. However all this time I was doing things to make record of “depravation of rights” for a 42 USC 1983 case so to sue them for a few million in federal court. This is how we must spank these out of control teen agers with power that are completely out of control. The people let them get away with it so they keep doing it. Most will be happy to get a plea bargain and get back to their lives. almost all would be delighted to get a no prosecute order and get on with their lives but for real men… and women who are true Americans we sue them because the fact is that they acted negligently and in so doing caused injury, oppression, intimidation, and threatened and in so doing deprived me of my right to be secure in my Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, to be secure in my persons, houses, papers and effects, and my favorite “in the free exercises or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” (18 USC 241…. read it! ..”shall be fined or imprisoned not more than ten years or both”.. Yes they are engaged in crimes!!! and the only ones who will bring them to justice is we the people.. so get busy people!!.. and make a few million while your at it and you won’t need to worry about welfare any more or trifling bullshitting, selling drugs to your bros and sistas children etc etc…
    In other words you just might have some dignity as an Ameri-can.
    The other two innocent ones? Plead out, sold themselves into slavery yet again… and I gave them my number to call for help at no charge….. since then I have won over four cases for others of all nationalities.. go figure.. because facts are facts and the law is the law and once you know how to box them in and force them to abide by it.. you win, and so does the rest of America of all races, creeds and religions….BTW I can forgive them as they serve time but I can not forgive letting criminals do to others what was done to me because I am too lazy, scared or whatever to hold them accountable so no hiding behind Christ on this one either. Jesus turned the tables of the moneychangers over and beat them with a whip… we should follow his example!!
    Speaking of which the knucklehead talking about the upside down pictures.. some good points but to throw out the baby with the bath water only shows you are quick to judge and lack fortitude to discover another’s perspective. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was like the flag upside down which indicates distress or under siege. I agree with the concept that religion and the Principles expressed by the so called “Christian religion” is under siege… and it is the Churches that are doing it (Churches are 501 (c)(3) State corporations thus they are subjects of and subject to the State!!! not to God!! so they have sold it too… to prevent taxes? when religion is non taxable in the first place just like the people .. but ignorance is an easy target….. “Dumb asses” of course they will blame it on the government and the banksters who run the government instead of their own laziness and ignorance… “Thou shalt not have any gods before me.”
    To my real brothers -Americans- in these two videos… good on ya for speaking out and using the other brain cell!!! :-} Blessings..

    • Bart Shavitz

      July 31, 2015 at 4:08 PM

      colin-man yeates-clan
      To my real brothers -Americans- in these two videos… good on ya for speaking out and using the other brain cell!!! :-}

      :-} :-} :-} colin-man yeates-clan :-} Are ya still here? :-} “WE” :-} do not see an answer to this statement & question asked from one of “US”. :-} > “you say you have won over four cases. Were these Title 42 section 1983 cases?
      colin-man yeates-clan :-} Please answer. About 50 “Inquiring minds of the same mindset” :-} want to know. :-} D
      Thanks, colin-man yeates-clan.

  10. Mark Twang

    July 23, 2015 at 12:10 AM

    colin-man yeates-clan
    I hear you Brother !! When it comes to being arrested & really for the probable cause of, willful failure to kiss ass, & even LESS than that, I do indeed HEAR YOU. Also, I am acutely aware of their torture chambers, & their BROWBEATING Tactics!! Been there & THROUGH that SEVERAL TIMES. I KNOW HOW THEY ARE! BEEN ON THE RECEIVING END OF THEIR RUTHLESSNESS.

    @ I agree with the concept that religion and the Principles expressed by the so called “Christian religion” is under siege… and it is the Churches that are doing it (Churches are 501 (c)(3) State corporations thus they are subjects of and subject to the State!!! not to God!!

    I hear you there too, HOWEVER, Your Title 42 “lawsuits” are traced back to the 14th Amendment, appropriate legislation power clause, & applies to, U.S Citizens, who are also SUBJECTS to/of the Federal Government, & some of us do not qualify. It’s a long story. ANYWAY, you say you have won a over four cases. Were these Title 42 section 1983 cases?

  11. Mark Twang

    July 26, 2015 at 12:32 AM

    @ So definitely keep using that browser tweak which blocks all of Bozo’s flakey nonsense.

    Roger & Henry.There must be something criminal, to some degree, about using your ideas like this, as you suggest, on the Internet. I’ll check into it. Hopefully what you are doing is above board This blog cannot exist without you & Henry, & Toland. I need something that attracts me & keeps me hooked. This blog does that very well. BUT, without you 2, or, 3, it’s a lost cause. :-) D

  12. Ray O. Lite

    July 27, 2015 at 5:41 AM

    You say to your Comrade, Henry, > So definitely keep using that browser tweak which blocks all of Bozo’s flakey nonsense.

  13. Ray O. Lite

    July 27, 2015 at 8:06 AM

    @ the ignorant, schizoid babbling tone of other comments
    Oh no.
    OHHhhhhhhhhhhh YES!!

  14. Les Moore

    August 4, 2015 at 7:40 PM

    @ So definitely keep using that browser tweak which blocks all of Bozo’s flakey nonsense.


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