Bernie’s Bye-Bye

06 Dec

The Long Goodbye [courtesy Google Images]

The Long Goodbye
[courtesy Google Images]

The leftist e-magazine .Mic published “Twitter Reacts to Bernie Sanders’ Claims that Climate Change Caused Rise in Terrorism”:


“In wake of a series of terrorist attacks that struck Paris on Friday night [Nov. 13th], the first question posed to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the following Saturday night’s Democratic debate was whether he still believes climate change is the No. 1 national security threat to the United States—and Twitter users had a lot to say about his answer.

“‘Absolutely,’ he said. ‘In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.’ Sanders added that climate change will cause farmers in countries ‘all over the world’ to struggle with a scarcity of water and land to grow crops, which Sanders said studies have shown leads to international conflict.

Some Twitter users mocked Sanders’ response, saying he should tell the French people that but wouldn’t say that if he were face to face with a member of the Islamic State group.”

I’d never support any collectivist for public office.  It’s a spiritual thing with me.  I believe collectivism is inherently ungodly and inherently evil.

Therefore, I’ve never supported Bernie Sanders’ run for the White House.  Even so, just last month, I had high expectations for Bernie.  I thought he might’ve captured the substantial youth/socialist vote of those concerned with income disparity, unemployment, and the general discontent of Americans trapped in a stagnant economy.  A few polls showed Bernie’s popularity to be rivaling or even surpassing that of Hillary.

However, as it’s turned out, Bernie made some foolish statements that made him sound old and disconnected.  “Global warming causes terrorism”?  There may be some point to that argument, but it’s not likely to be politically cool.  Hillary’s poll numbers are currently two to three times greater than Bernie’s.  Perhaps, it’s time to dust off that rocking chair up in the attic.

Plus, a growing socialist political movement dominated and empowered by youth is unlikely to accept leadership from a 74-year-old senior citizen.  Bernie is simply too old to represent the kids.  Sean Penn is too old to represent the kids.  Justin Bieber might be cool if they could just amend the Constitution to let anyone over 20 run for President.

Apparently, Bernie hit his high-water mark last month, failed to hang onto it, and has therefore lost his ability to effectively challenge Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.  Of course, if the Department of Justice ever issues an indictment against Hillary, she might be removed from the race and the Democrat nomination for President would be up for grabs. If Hillary were gone, Bernie might win the nomination.

But, so long as Hillary is still in the race—and assuming that no more Democrats enter the race for president before the end of this year—it appears that Hillary’s nomination as Democrat candidate for President is increasingly “inevitable”.

Gives me chills.

If the Republicans nominate some clown who can’t even beat Hillary next year, the Republican Party should be dissolved in A.D. 2017.

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