Aussie’s Sing Out Against Muslims

23 Dec

Good song.  Bold talk.  Aussies are coming to grips with the Muslim invasion of Australia and intent to take over.

But, if push comes to shove, how will the Aussies fight the Muslims given that the Aussies gave up their guns to their government?

Does anyone suppose that the Muslims can be stopped with mere songs and without guns?

I’d bet the Muslims are laughing at the Australians’ songs.

video   00:02:42


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11 responses to “Aussie’s Sing Out Against Muslims

  1. original13th

    December 23, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    Do the Aussies suppose they’ll win by song? Dr Martin Luther King faced naysayers who said that a peaceful march wouldn’t be good enough, that if they were beaten or killed that they should retaliate, so Dr King called in more people to march.

    Violence only begets more violence.

    Muslim invasions? GREAT! That’s what this world needs, because even your Jesus Christ that you go on and on about said that there would be 1 last profit after him “and his name will be Muhammad”. Seems to me that youd have every one of the sheeple believe that the Muslims are acting for no reason other than “terrorists”, instead we should all be admitting that we are wicked, murderers, fornicators, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, liars and even our religions are Pagan. But its okay, the wicked should be allowed to roam the Earth and murder, rape and fornicate. So long as we are allowed to keep our Ipads and Smartphones, right?.

    I refer to Americans as the people who shit on the side of the road and blame it on the dog.

    • harrytapp

      December 23, 2015 at 10:48 AM

      I have found that debates with Muslims amount to nothing more than an exercise in futility. The truth will not be seen by those who do not want to see it.
      So here is the root of Islam…

      Islam started in the cave of Hira in 610AD by an angel of satan where Muhammad would go to meditate that physically assaulted him three times causing him fear and terror which ultimately led to suicide attempts. Waraqa (A Catholic) was the ONLY one to identify the angel as Gabriel. No reasonable person would think this was an angel of God. The last 1400 years up to this very day proves the point. (Bukhari: Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111 – Go to quranexplorer website and choose Hadith)
      See…Islam Watch, Islamic Terrorism – Is it a New Threat?

      Mohammed is the perfect example for Muslims to follow and his words are as if the came from allah. Mohammed was a terrorist converting the entire Arabian Peninsula to Islam by the sword after he went to Medina. His followers who understood Islam perfectly following his death in 632AD did the same spreading Islam by the sword against classical civilization with 548 battles over 400 years. The fact is the closer a Muslim moves toward the inner circle of violent/stealth jihad the more they become a good/true Muslim.
      Not one mortal has ever been harmed by someone following the teachings and examples of Jesus.
      Mohammed on the other hand…

      • 01slinky07

        December 23, 2015 at 11:38 PM

        So in every war that america had ever caused or started, or when troops have been deployed unlawfully, by the very rules they signed to, & those troops are ‘blessed’ by whatever godless criminal is charading as a priest for the warmongering sector of the political regime.. None of those killings are viewed as murder? Those doing the killing, dont think they have the right of God, on their side?? Pphht… have a look at the whole picture..

    • Adask

      December 23, 2015 at 11:11 AM

      There’s a difference between individuals who commit murder and cultures and even religions that advocate murder. The Jewish and Christian faiths expressly declare at Genesis 9:6 that you can’t kill ANY man with impunity if that man is “made in God’s image”. In the Judeo/Christian faiths it’s a sin to kill any man who’s made in God’s image. It doesn’t matter if that man is a Christian, Jew, Hindu, atheist, or even satanist.

      The Muslim faith, in contrast, says it’s not just OK to kill men who are made in God’s image, it’s required to kill them if they don’t embrace the Muslim faith. From that perspective, the Muslim faith absolutely contradicts Genesis 9:6 and encourages murder while the Jewish and Christian faiths prohibit murder. Insofar as the Muslim faith advocates the murder of people who aren’t Muslims, that faith is EVIL as compared to Judaism and Christianity.

      From the Muslim perspective, the Jewish and Christian faiths are EVIL. What do you think are the chances that two faiths who regard each other as EVIL can live in harmony? I see no chance whatsoever. Yes, the Bible faiths and the Muslim faith may be able to get along for a while but sooner or later, one side or the other will see murdering members of the opposite faith as service to God.

      We were crazy to meddle in Muslim affairs in the Middle East. We tried to “mix” with the Muslims and that “mixture” failed. Now, still crazy after all these years, our government is helping to bring more and more Muslims into The USA. It won’t work. When it the attempt at integration finally fails, there’ll lots of dead bodies on both sides. Why? Because some treasonous whores want to destroy this country by Balkanizing it.

      The fundamental differences between Muslims and Jews/Christians is not secular. It’s religious to the point that both sides, at bottom, view the other as EVIL. There will be no lasting tolerance or compromise between two faiths that view each other as EVIL.

      • 01slinky07

        December 23, 2015 at 11:43 PM

        Priests love blessing the cannon fodder they send out to destroy their enemys..christendom is responsible for more deaths, torture, &injustice worldwide, than any other group in the history of mankind.. lets present the whole truth of the matter when it comes to the difference between what religions say they believe, & how the facts present

    • 01slinky07

      December 23, 2015 at 11:48 PM

      Well said… straight talkin sharpshooter. Good form!!

  2. 01slinky07

    December 23, 2015 at 11:25 PM

    Again, your forwarding a biased view, siding with the ‘proud’ aussies… that are seen in general as rednecks, & racists.. Sure this shyt is going on, but theres also a push for more understanding & tolerance from more altruistic goaled community groups..
    Nationalism, what Americans, & many aussies view as ‘national pride’, really is only half a step away from both racism, & the extremism exalted through hitlas regim.
    This is again an unbalanced one sided presentation of ‘white pride racist occers’.
    Your best work is definitely appreciated on grounds you’re more familiar with intellectually.

  3. Adask

    December 24, 2015 at 4:25 AM

    I don’t see “white” as a race. I see “Caucasian” as a race and “white” as a predominant culture that is usually–but not necessarily–associated with, or even confused with, that race. President Obama is a fairly decent illustration of the distinction between “race” and “culture”. Although he’s actually half-Caucasian and half-Negro, his “race” is perceived by most to be Negro. During his election, he was nevertheless perceived to be a member of the “white” culture. He was elected as a “white” man. The issue was not his race (“Negro”); it was his culture (“white”).

    We see the same phenomenon in the current Republican primary contest in Ben Carson who is perceived to be a member of the Negro race–and, even the Republicans don’t generally give a damn about his race–but is, as a well-spoken, highly-educated member of the “white” culture.

    Most Negroes understand exactly what I’m talking about. They refer to other members of the Negro race who “act white” as “Oreos”–people who are “black” (of the Negro race) on the outside, but “white” (of the white culture) on the inside.

    My point is that most of what people describe as “racism” in this country is actually “culturalism”–a matter of cultural VALUES rather than biological race. American Caucasians are generally not “racists”. They are willing to elect a member of the Negro race to the White House (Obama, Carson) provided that the candidate’s values/culture appear to be “white”.

    I see “black” as a culture (a system of values)–not a race. Same thing is true with Niggers, Nigga’s and Niggaz, etc.–those terms signify a culture that is strongly anti-white but not biological race. To call someone a Nigger is, to my mind, not an expression of racial distinctions, but instead, culture distinctions.

    White Americans (of any race) may elect any number of Negroes to the White House–but we will never elect a Nigger.

    Negroes who want to succeed in America don’t need to change their race, but they do need to change their culture from “black” and/or “Nigger” to “white”. If they don’t want to become “white,” they don’t have to. They are free to continue to embrace the cultures of “black” and “Nigger”. But they have to understand that by choosing to remain members of the “black” or “Nigger” culture, they oppress themselves. They all but guarantee that, generally, they will not prosper in a “white” culture.

    If you want to be elected President, stop acting like a Nigger. If you don’t want to stop acting like a Nigger, don’t bitch that the “racists” have prevented you from being elected. Primarily, Negroes aren’t being oppressed because of their race (which they can’t change). They’re being oppressed by their cultural values–which they can choose or reject, if they care to do so.

    Who are the biggest oppressors of the Negro race? It’s the members of the black and Nigga cultures that demand that Negros stop “acting white”. We see stories on a fairly regular basis of Negro kids who are “Niggers” beating the crap out of Negro kids who doing well in math or English and thereby “acting too white”. Imagine being beaten up by other Negroes for trying to increase your education and thereby acting “too white”. The idea is almost horrific.

    But, contrary to most common stereotypes, it’s the Niggers who won’t let other Negroes be “white” who are oppressing the Negroes who would succeed by embracing the white culture. Racism is strong part of the Nigger culture. Racism is present in the white culture, but as the Obama and Carson candidacies show, it’s not predominant. If you are “white enough” you can be elected to any office in American politics–regardless of your race.

    Anyone–regardless of race–who chooses to do so, can be “white”. Those who think they can succeed in this world by retaining a non-white culture are fooling themselves. A few can pull it off, but they are rare.

    The “national pride” that you reject as “racism” is less about “race” than it is about “culture”. Insofar as Aussies reject Muslims, is that really about race? What race is predominant in the Middle East? I’d guess that race is predominantly Caucasian. The primary difference between the Muslims and the Aussies is not racial–it’s cultural.

    The Muslim culture generally leads to poverty and violence. The white culture generally leads to prosperity. If you embrace a culture (system of values) that tends to provide a more prosperous life than some other cultures do, is it unreasonable that you take “pride” in your culture? That culture is feeding you. It’s providing you with a house and car. It would be irrational for people to treat all cultures as equal in value. Some cultures will allow you live into your 80s. Other cultures will tend to shorten your life-expectancy to 50. Is it unreasonable to take “pride” in being a member of culture that will keep you and your children alive until you’re 80 years old while disdaining other cultures that will provide you family with 50 years of life.

    The issue is confused, and confusing. But what passes for “racism” today is actually “culturalism”–a completely different basis for discrimination.

  4. Philip Tobin

    January 3, 2016 at 3:47 PM

    Dear Adask ………..

    Many assessment sources consider “Texting While Driving” the number #1 traffic problem in the country, and, in addition to our Ghost-Writing endeavors, one of the things we do here at Head Harbor Publishing in beautiful Downeast Maine is write jingles: musically-scored public-service announcements (PSAs).

    We have written jingles on Highway Safety, Boating Safety, Bicycle Safety, Snowmobile Safety, ATV Safety, Forest Conservation, Wildlife Preservation, and Environmental Protection, mostly for state and provincial agencies.

    We have been on-air in 26 states and four provinces with our jingles. The 3M company used one of our jingles, When You Walk Down The Road, It Pays To Be Bold, I Am Told back in the ‘70s to successfully promote its line of reflective clothing. In the very same vein, one of our jingles that urged hunters to wear florescent orange in the woods because “Florescent Orange Brightens Your Future” was instrumental in the passage of mandatory legislation requiring the same effect in our state and many others and is a tag-line we hold the copyright on to this day!

    So, we are comfortable working in the medium and think we know what we’re doing because our jingles always address an important safety/conservation issue in a cogent, highly melodic and memorable attention-getting way. With that in mind, since to date no one has written an effective PSA on the subject of “Texting While Driving,” we have once again summoned our muse.

    You be the judge: CROSSING THE LINE©

    If you haven’t noticed lately
    Highways have lines for safety
    So please don’t forget
    To your regret
    That texting and talking while driving
    Is Crossing the Line, no denying.

    Sincerely, Phil Tobin Head Harbor Publishing 34 Main St., Ste.3 Ellsworth, Maine 04605 (207) 610-1731


    • Adask

      January 3, 2016 at 5:03 PM

      I think your “To your regret” line is too short and doesn’t support the rhythm of your jingle.

      I think that line might be improved by writing “To your LATER regret” or perhaps “To your SERIOUS regret.”

      Whatcha think?

  5. peg-powers

    January 5, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    Doesn’t the word “caucasian” mean white-asian?


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