Hillary Communes with Eleanor

26 Dec

Hillary Clinton    Eleanor Roosevelt "Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . ." [courtesy Google Images]

Hillary Clinton                   Eleanor Roosevelt
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . .”
[courtesy Google Images]

This isn’t exactly news.  Apparently, it’s been known for a number of years that Hillary Clinton (a living candidate for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States) has, in the past, routinely “communicated” with Eleanor Roosevelt (the dead wife of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt).  Presumably, Hillary still communes with Eleanor.  (No word on whether their relationship is strictly platonic.)

But all of that is news to me.  In fact, it’s an astonishment to me.  It’s even scary to me because the mere idea that a woman who openly admits that she communes with the dead could even be considered as a candidate for President seems virtually incomprehensible.  To me, if we wind up with Hillary in the White House, it will another (after Obama, the Kenyan Muslim) judgement and curse by God on the United States.

I cannot explain Obama’s election except as a judgment and curse by God.  How th’ helk did America nominate and elect a man to the presidency who can’t even produce a birth certificate?  Is that even possible without God’s intervention?

Likewise, how th’ helk can enough Americans even consider voting for and electing a woman for President who openly communes with the dead?  I can’t see her candidacy having any success whatsoever except as a curse by God on the United States.

Obama’s election is not politics as usual.  Neither is Hillary’s candidacy.

•  Here’s a video of former President Bill Clinton speaking to a group of Eleanor Roosevelt admirers.  In this video, Bill admits on cameras in a public forum that, at Hillary’s behest, he wants folks to know that Hillary routinely communicates with the dead spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. This admission is incomprehensible to me, except as more evidence of the rising power of Satan which we can expect in the context of “End Times”.

I mean, assuming Hillary communed with the dead, why would she ask her husband to speak publicly on the subject?  Wouldn’t she want to hide her “dirty little secret” from the Great Unwashed so as to improve her chances of being elected?  And why would the “master politician” Bill Clinton agree to expose Hillary’s “secret” in public?  Why didn’t his highly-honed political instincts tell him to keep his mouth shut?

Worse, why haven’t the American people reacted with moral outrage against Hillary and the Democrat party for even considering her candidacy?   America’s spiritual indifference to Hillary’s “Dancing With the Dead” is frightening.

If Americans are dumb enough or so spiritually twisted as to elect Hillary, I doubt that this country can be saved.  Worse, I doubt that this country should be saved.  If the world wants Hillary that bad, maybe the world deserves Hillary and all the Hell she’s likely to bring.  If that’s what the people want, maybe we should give it to them–good and hard.

As for those of us who are trying to be Christians, I see Obama’s election and Hillary’s potential election as possible evidence of the tribulation that’s supposed to accompany End Times.  In these two candidacies, I see evidence of spiritual warfare being openly waged right here in the USA.  If I’m right, we Christians are heading for Big Trouble and much persecution.

On the one hand the prospect of persecution is scary.

On the other hand, the evidence of spiritual warfare is comforting because it’s proof that our Father YHWH ha Elohiym is real, that End Times are fast approaching and that after 3.5 years of “Hell on Earth” those who war against God will be damned, and those whose faith in God and the Messiah is real will be saved.

If we really are in End Times, Hillary and the forces she represents just might win the next election.  They’ll rule savagely for 3.5 years–and then they’ll be gone.


•  I’m reminded of some of the End Times prophecy that predicts the coming of two satanic entities–the False Prophet and the Beast.  There’s a lot of debate as to who or what will fill the roles of False Prophet and Beast.  According to,


“Two beasts are described in [Revelation] chapter 13 one from the sea (vs. 1) and one from the land (vs. 11). With the beast out of the sea, we come to that one who, regardless of his claims as the white horse rider or peace maker, comes as a great source of darkness into the world. He comes not to save the world, but to damn the world. In essence, what we have in this chapter in the rise of the beast and the false prophet is nothing short of the ‘trinity from hell’ in that both are the product of the machinations of that old serpent, the devil or Satan.”


President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after his election.  He was initially deemed to be a “peace maker” of sorts.  But, since his election, he has dragged the US and world ever deeper into endless wars in the Middle East, Ukraine, Libya and even pushed us closer to a possible WWIII.  It would be hard to point to another US President created less peace than Obama and/or created more war.

According to,


“Verse (3a). “And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain … and it was healed.” As explained previously, the seven heads of Revelation 17 refer to seven mountains or seven successive world governments extending back to the time of Egypt, but reaching forward to the revived Roman empire of the first half of the Tribulation and the ten nation confederation. Here John sees one of these heads, that is, one of these world powers with a fatal wound that was healed.”

I’m skating on pretty thin ice here.  I think it’s generally agreed that whichever “head” suffered a “fatal would that was healed,” that “head” was a nation or a king.  Still, it’s interesting that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion to her head in December, of A.D. 2012.

According to CNN, “Dec 17, 2012 … U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sustained a concussion after becoming dehydrated and fainting, and will no longer testify Thursday …”  Some believe that Hillary faked that concussion to avoid testifying on Benghazi in Congress.

However, the Daily Caller reported that Hillary Clinton “required six months of very serious work to get over” a “terrible concussion” she suffered in December 2012, according to her husband, Bill Clinton.  At the time, doctors said the concussion caused a blood clot, which resulted in a multi-day stay for Hillary at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.”

Assuming the concussion allegations are true, Hillary suffered a “head wound” of sorts.  Given the description and results, it’s fair to argue that such “head wound” could’ve been fatal.   It’s also fair to say that the world may have “marveled” at Hillary’s recovery from a near-fatal head wound and subsequent campaign to be elected President.

I’m not saying that the “peace maker” Obama and the “head wounded” Hillary are the False Prophet and Beast.  I’m jus’ sayin’ that the parallels between Obama/Hillary and the False-Prophet/Beast are odd, surprising and a little unnerving.


•  Here’s the first video of Bill Clinton admitting that Hillary talks to dead Eleanor Roosevelt:

video    00:01:20


Incidentally, that first video was published on YouTube over three years ago and, so far, has only 7,027 hits.   How can it be that this video hasn’t gone viral or at least attracted a few hundred thousand hits in the past three years?


•  Here’s a second video on Hillary talking to the dead which alleges in part that Nancy Pelosi also claims to have had some sort of “spiritual experience” in the White House where she met the long-deceased Susan B. Anthony.

If the spirits of the dead have a habit of appearing in the White House, you can imagine why some of our alleged “leaders” (even in Congress and the Senate) routinely engage in treason.  Perhaps, they’re being intimidated or impressed by an influx of “spirits” in Washington DC.

This second video was also published on YouTube over 3 years ago and, so far, has only 5,322 hits.  You get more hits than that in one month for a video of a two-headed snake.  How can it be possible that the American people don’t care that a major candidate for the White House admits to communing with the spirits of the dead?  I’m amazed.  I’m appalled.  I’m unable to understand this anomaly except as evidence of on-going spiritual warfare.

video   00:08:45


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14 responses to “Hillary Communes with Eleanor

  1. timmy

    December 26, 2015 at 8:53 AM

    An evil and sad thing, yes. Not sure I would call it a curse by Him. More like He allows free choice, and this is where we are at as a nation. The you know who are in charge, and they are utterly evil. They control media, finance and education almost completely now, and they install their ugly puppets.

    This has been a long time coming- decades of slippage and I see it more as an inevitable result of many negative causes. We are right at that tipping point where fedgov crosses the line to being and outright evil and negative force overall…

    She is just one manifestation of what these people (I use the term loosely) are all about.

    The ‘externalization of the hierarchy’ is in full-on roll out mode now.
    The Luciferians are coming out of the closet left and right. Well, mostly left, lol.

    • Jim on Oregon

      December 26, 2015 at 12:20 PM

      Timmy, great reply!

      I marvel at the degree of “out of the closet” conduct we are exposed to almost every day. It is in our face and not publicly criticized. EVERY ABOMINATION and attack on our deeply-held beliefs is promoted by the media as being “normal” in the “new enlightenment”.

      So we identify the problem. We know the players. We know the game plan. Why do we sit around like sheep, content on our farm, being fed from the communal trough? And calling ourselves “Christians”?

      We have lost our Republic, and our moral compass. Maybe the only thing left is to seek our personal spiritual salvation in the name of Jesus Christ and hang on.

  2. Melva Vallery

    December 26, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    Well, I’d first have to ask how many spirits have you had contact with …? Have you ever seen a grandparent, a brother … no one in your family or circle of friends have never had any experience with someone who has passed on …? I kind of find that hard to believe. We live in a multi dimensional universe.

    I certainly don’t know if Hillary’s experiences are demonic and would not counter an argument in support … however, I do think that the more you attain success in your life’s agenda, the more ‘power’ you develop. Now whether it’s used for good or bad, that’s another factor.

    How is it in Christian beliefs, it can be excepted that God appeared, angels appeared, the Christ appeared and other entities … even those entities described in this article …?

    Perhaps we are moving into a new realm of power … I just hope that just because it is uncommon, it won’t be treated as ‘the world is flat’ …

    And it is very interesting how much Hillary & Eleanore favor …

    I’m a bit surprised at the weakness of your argument on this one, Mr. Adask … your stuff is usually always so brilliant and on point.

  3. Adask

    December 26, 2015 at 4:21 PM

    I didn’t try to present an argument and said as much in the text. I only presented a couple of facts that seemed oddly coincidental.

    • Melva Vallery

      December 27, 2015 at 3:36 AM

      OK … got it … but what I feel concern about is there is no enlightening, or objective, or even sensible anti dialogue about ‘spirit’ type of ‘things’ yet it’s in movies, cartoons, and so many other places … exposed to kids … if something is going on we should know about it and the main thing we need to be doing is getting healthy (the one thing we ALL want) so we can better handle whatever may be going on …jmo

  4. Michael

    December 26, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    It only shows that all that aspire to be in politics are deluded within the mind with evil intention directed by known evil forces and to even try to communication with the dead that are dead and have no way to communicate means these people are connecting to some other than the dead who are always present to know who knows what and does as they watch everyone and their fore can say they are that person.

    This is based upon the information within the KJB 1611 bible, therefore shows anyone that does anything with the so called dead is anything but a true christen or even a good person what so ever or to be judged as a child of GOD any more.

    Upon this anyone found to do this abomination should be removed never to be allowed into politics, or even hold any position of power what so ever.

    So what does this say about Americans and America claiming to be a christen nation based upon christen values? Their no more christen than evil is to good and to lie about it the same as a Muslim who lies and says his GOD Allah is greater than the christen GOD which only shows he is doing what Satan wants and so the leaders of America are only Satan’s pawns after all and the evidence is of its acts upon the world in graft, corruption, murder, everywhere it gets it claws into and acting as Satan’s dragon.

    The dead are dead until resurrection time and can not speak, so its only the evil that people commune with. The farther does not leave his children deaf, dumb, and blind like the evil’s three blind monkeys are and not so wise after all.

    So are you God’s children, or Satan’s monkey pawns to be fooled so easily by these wolves in sheep clothing yet again.

    Not one is his in power today over the flocks, and not one is worthy to be a Shepard over his children.

    You killed GOD’s Son, and only those who stay faithful until the end have the only chance, the rest is to the lake of fire, so choose your side as their is no second chance.


  5. timmy

    December 27, 2015 at 7:37 PM

    The Scriptures clearly and repeatedly forbid communing with the dead. That’s because the people are dead, and what you are communing with are demonic entities. Who can know quite a bit about someone’s life, impersonate them, perform feats of astounding nature, etc. A demon is very different from an angel or the Holy Spirit. The way you know which is which is by seeing if what they say and do aligns with the Word, or contradicts it. Hilary’s ‘guide’ apparently believes it’s good to lie, be a lesbian, be a marxist and to abuse the people around you routinely (all well documented). So now you know which side she’s in contact with…

    If the dead aren’t dead, and are floating about somewhere, then why is there a Resurrection day yet to come? If the dead aren’t dead, then each one would already be in Heaven or Hell, so why would there be a future Judgment Day?? So that probably ain’t grandma at the foot of your bed at midnight… act accordingly.

  6. timmy

    December 27, 2015 at 7:43 PM

    In re prophecy, this might be helpful: In the Biblical symbology of Revelation, beasts are nations; the sea is europe; the earth is the new world/USA. Plug those in and see what you find…

    Yes, great persecution is coming. It’s a huge theme in Revelation. The deluded ‘believers’ who think they will be raptured out in advance are at great risk, since they will not be prepared for what is to come. Anyone preaching or teaching that type of escapist ‘rapture’ is either a fool or a deliberate deceiver. There’s only one “Rapture” and that’s on the Day he finally returns. And obviously that is only AFTER all of the final events have fully played out. Not before…

  7. gloria

    December 31, 2015 at 10:04 AM

    I find tis , and it just may show how thing are going to fold for us in the future .

  8. Jim on Oregon

    January 2, 2016 at 8:14 AM

    Hello everyone. A tornado recently struck near to the southern home of Alfred Adask. He may have suffered some damage or harm other than a power outage. In fact, he may need assistance. We need to hear from him and gain assurance at this time.

  9. timmy

    January 2, 2016 at 10:57 AM

    Al, let us know you’re okay and if you need anything.


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