Does Debt-based Currency Necessitate Open Immigration?

02 Jan

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Someone writing under the pseudonym “dog-move” posted the following comment on my blog (


“Richard Kelly Hoskins stated in his book War Cycles Peace Cycles that open immigration has always been a practical economic necessity in a debt-based usury system.  That the immigrant became more valuable than the indigenous population of a nation because the immigrant was better able to borrow needed money/debt into existence.  I have not heard anything on this particular reason in any current report of the escalation of mass immigration happening now, worldwide.”


I am also previously unfamiliar with Mr. Hoskins’ hypothesis.  Nevertheless, his argument sounds fascinating.

“Dog-move’s” brief description implies that once a nation embraces a debt-based monetary system, that nation will be mathematically compelled to bring in more immigrants to support the debt-based monetary system. Left unchecked, that influx of immigrants may destroy the nation.  Apparently, the people in power think that national destruction is a small price to pay–or may even be a desirable outcome.

So, assuming Mr. Hoskins’ hypothesis is correct, I’m left to wonder whether our leaders subjected us to a debt-based monetary system because:


1) they were bankrupt and desperate;

2) they were greedy and stupid; or,

3) they’ve intended for decades to destroy America?

If Richard Kelly Hoskins’ contention that debt-based monetary system demands more immigrants is correct, that could explain why our past several presidents have not only refused to stop illegal aliens from entering this country, but also encouraged those illegals to enter.

If Mr. Hoskins’ contention is correct, then it follows that the use of gold or silver asset-based monetary system is not merely necessary for economic reasons–it’s necessary to preserve the nation.

If so, demanding a gold and/or silver based monetary system is an act of patriotism and national preservation.  Gold isn’t merely about buying a new Cadillac; it’s also about Liberty and national survival.


•  Suppose Mr. Hoskins is correct in contending that a debt-based monetary system compels the need for immigrants.  Suppose his book contains sufficient research and evidence to prove his contention.  Suppose that evidence can be accumulated to prove that rampant immigration will lead to the ultimate destruction of The United States of America.

If so, there’d be sufficient basis to charge any member of government or the Federal Reserve that helped sustain the fiat, debt-based dollar—and/or officers or employees of Wall Street banks that helped artificially suppress the prices of gold and silver to support the apparent value of the debt-based dollar—with treason.

If Richard Kelly Hoskins is right, our debt-based monetary system is helping to destroy this nation.    That which helps destroy our nation is treasonous.


•  In fact, for the past 44 years, since we adopted a pure fiat currency, America has been playing the same game that Greece has been playing for the past six years. Unable to pay its debts and unwilling to file for bankruptcy, Greece has suffered six years of “austerity” that have nearly destroyed the Greek nation.

The U.S. government has been technically bankrupt since it stopped redeeming its foreign-held dollars with gold in A.D. 1971.  Like Greece, we couldn’t pay our bills and we didn’t want to declare bankruptcy.  We wanted to have our cake and eat it, too.

Result?  Our economy has been stagnant for most of 40 years.  Our average standard of living hasn’t increased since the 1970s.  And, sooner or later, we’re going to face a national, political and economic catastrophe that could cause national destruction.

And why?  Because We the People have been dumb enough to accept the unconstitutional, debt-based monetary system that’s been imposed upon us by our treasonous Democrat and Republican leaders.

So long as we remain more afraid of national bankruptcy than national destruction, we guarantee that national destruction is our national destiny.


•  All of this implies that if we want to preserve The United States of America, the first order of business is to compel the U.S. government to file for bankruptcy, invalidate all of the U.S. government’s debt and start fresh with no debt and with an asset-based monetary system. That course of action would result in so much economic pain for several years that trying to gain sufficient political support to make it happen is virtually impossible.

But on the bright side, the recent economic pain for Iceland ended just two years after Iceland filed for bankruptcy.  Similarly, the economic pain that haunted the City of Detroit for at least a decade, ended or at least diminished dramatically just one year after Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

There’s no guarantee, but there’s a high probability that if the U.S. government filed for bankruptcy, repudiated virtually all of its debts, and started up again debt-free (and with an asset-based monetary system), that we might suffer through two to five bad years, but then begin to regain our prosperity.

Our National Debt is too big to be repaid.

Why try to maintain the illusion that we will, somehow, someway, someday, repay the National Debt.

Our attempts (or at least promises) to do the impossible (pay the National Debt) are lies that can’t be true.  I believe those lies, and all the economic and financial gyrations that are required to support those lies, are killing this country.

Why waste time, energy and wealth trying to achieve the impossible?

Practical reality suggests that we shall probably continue to hope that, somehow, we will escape our debt predicament without any of the pain of bankruptcy.  We shall probably persist with our debt-based monetary system in order to avoid the pain of bankruptcy

But, if we continue on the present course designed to avoid the temporary pain of filing for national bankruptcy, we will risk exposing ourselves to the more permanent pain national destruction.

Bankruptcy.  It’s not a perfect solution.  It’s not a good solution.  It’s guaranteed to be a temporarily excrutiating solution.

But national bankruptcy is infinitely better than the alternative:  national disintegration.


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9 responses to “Does Debt-based Currency Necessitate Open Immigration?

  1. Oliver Medaris

    January 2, 2016 at 11:20 AM

    Gov-co gotta love them Mexicans!!! And ISIS.

  2. wholy1

    January 2, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    Is the DTC real?
    Have/are [original] birth certs being held by Dept of Commerce and bonds generated on said certs held by said DTC?
    Do ya think that all the “illegal” “migrants” entering might become “bonded” with an “AUTHORizing” sig upon green card issuance?
    It’s being reported that the DHS is getting ready to issue 11.7 MILLION green cards.
    As with any loan through the Fed “Reserve” (sic) system, new debt based/interest-encumbered CURRENCY – NOT MONEY – is issued into the financial system on the AUTHORizing SIG OF THE BORROWER!
    Do the math and apply the elemental operator: CUI BONO .
    For simplicity let’s just say 10 million green card AUTHORizations for bond amts of $100k each = $10 TRILLION.
    PRESTO !
    United Snakes Corp now has an additional $10 trillion bond tender to the Fed Reserve.
    Now you know why the CONgress of legisTRAITORS – both DemoRATS AND RepubliCONS will AGAIN not oppose “Barry’s” financial puppeteers just like the recent Omnibus rip-off.

  3. palani

    January 2, 2016 at 1:13 PM

    The federal debt is $346,681,016. The national debt is of course much much higher.

    The federal debt is based upon a plurality (the several States). The national debt is based upon a singularity .. one single national government.

    Professors in college always told me to avoid singularities. I always thought they meant the moon, the sun, planets and singularities of this nature. I have now come to the conclusion that avoidance of ANY singularity is a must for survival…. and that includes one incorporated under the 14th amendment Ponzi scheme.

  4. Stanlee

    January 4, 2016 at 8:37 AM

    So is Donald Trump treasonous? His wealth is based on the use of fiat dollars. He uses a debt based system to gain his wealth. Will he continue this practice leading this country? Maybe we should follow the yellow brick road to find the answer…?

  5. dog-move

    January 4, 2016 at 10:43 AM

    I’m sure the real party of interest is not Donald Trump, but DONALD TRUMP inc.
    It has taken me many years to grasp the concept of dead fictions. The Crown Corp. U.S. inc. and
    Society as a whole are essentially dead.
    As much as the sheeple want to hope in DONALD TRUMP inc. it’s just more of the “Low State” of false hope, which will not produce anything posative.
    How many times in the past 5oo years has this trick been pulled off?
    I assure you the establishment will install the next puppet, it’s not goona be who you want.
    If voting ever changed anything it would have been outlawed already.
    In trend analysis of the current immigration situation one may presume that; we are early in the trend, that this may buy time for the deteriorating debt based monetary system, that we should find our answers in the book of the Law—Leviticus and Deuteronomy, the prophet Jeremiah 50 and 51–and New Testament books Matthew 24 and Revelation 18.
    When the Children of Israel sinned Yahweh allowed their enemies to prevail over them. The enemy doesn’t have to fire a shot, just cause the children to transgress the Law and Deuteronomy 28 goes into effect. the curses. Here we are now.
    It seems since the “King of Babylon” paid his visit here lately things have picked up markedly.
    The increasing/exponential racheting up the flow of immigration may actually be a leading indicator the fraility of the global economy, as this policy is global in nature.
    The endgame moves are all about us, but can the sophisicated see? NO they cannot. For those that see and take advantage of the open field of opportunity, the collapsing system offers some of best opportunities I have ever seen.

    Alfred, I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to teach people about the “man or other animals” concept and when encountering those individuals again they won’t even speak to me.
    The ” man or other animals” concept is, in my opinion the most profound discovery of our present age. It dovetails into so many different directions.I have used it and wow, it is powerful.
    The truth is the most undervalued asset now and nobody wants it.
    So many things tie together now, truth and reality and economics.
    Truth, interest rates are on a tear ( 3 month treasury/3 month LIBOR) up, up,up——the markets today reflect this today as they are down, down, down.
    Nice move in Japanese Yen……… Yen up — Markets down…. silver and gold will join Yen to the upside. Dollar down.
    thanks, for clarification of the Titantic immigration topic.

    • Adask

      January 4, 2016 at 11:08 AM

      I agree with you about “man or other animals”. The government of the United States has been committing genocide against the people of The United States of America for over a century. I think it’s the biggest story in America since WWII.

      And, I’m not staying that as an expression of ego since I’m the one who reported the “MOOA” phenomenon. I’d say the same thing if someone else implemented that “discovery”.

      And yet, it appears that for every 1,000 people who are exposed to the story, only a half-dozen really “get it”. I could be all wrong about this, but to me, it’s almost as if the Good LORD won’t allow most people to understand. Whatever the reason, I’ve been singularly unsuccessful at causing others to understand. The failure of most people to understand the story and its significance amazes me.

      So, I understand about your inability to communicate the concept to others. But I certainly appreciate your attempt to do so.


  6. palani

    January 4, 2016 at 8:35 PM

    Few people understand the concept of ‘person’. According to Hobbes a person is an action, a word or representation. Now in grammar an action is a verb yet that action through some magic transforms itself into a noun. You will be told that a conjugated verb is a noun so I suspect the magic is performed through conjugation. Bet you didn’t realize how grammar controlled your existence.

    As to the process of selecting leaders even more telling is the process of abandoning leaders. Take King Louis XVI for instance. Before he lost his head he had to be transformed to Citizen Louis Capet. Get that? It wasn’t King Louis XVI who lost his head but some lowly Citizen.

  7. dog-move

    January 6, 2016 at 8:17 AM

    There is a concept known as “regicide”, this is a necessary ingredient of a functioning usury system, then and now. Regicide is a central pillar in the contract of usury.. The new revolutionary government that had borrowed from the international bankers were “servants” to them. Despite this condition, no large loans could be made to this revolutionary government. As long as Louis XVI was living he could possibly nullify them at some point in the future. When he and his queen were executed, the loans to the new revolutionary government were safe.
    The same regicide was exacted against Charles II, and Nicholas II. The New York Bankers made loans to the new communist government, the entire family was shot to secure these loans.
    Kennedy was disposed of for this same reason and made an example for future leaders in the modern era.

  8. palani

    January 6, 2016 at 9:41 PM

    Sec IV of the XIV Amendment … But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

    Note that the federal government created the XIV Amendment ‘National’ government while stipulating that it would not be responsible for its’ debts. The same wording is used by a husband whose wife has sought the bed and board of another. Most presume that the wording intends to apply to the just settled (un)civil war while most lawyers would recognize that notice of this type only takes place AFTER the date of notice and not before.


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