Hillary is becoming an Object of Ridicule

04 Jan

Donald Trump accused Hillary (and Obama) of creating ISIS.  Hillary responded with nothing more than a strained attempt at humor.

Now, the NRA has released a political ad that doesn’t merely subject Hillary to criticism, it subjects her to ridicule.  I don’t think this NRA video is particularly well-done, but it still strikes me as significant since its basic message is one of ridicule.

No matter how good or bad Hillary may be, she can be elected President so long as she commands respect.  But once she starts to inspire ridicule on a regular basis, she can kiss her campaign goodbye.

video    00:01:45


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3 responses to “Hillary is becoming an Object of Ridicule

  1. wholy1

    January 5, 2016 at 5:10 AM

    Even after the email debacle, Benghazi, the “Foundation” (sic) revelations, in addition to the wake of sexual predator panderings and dead bodies of decades, what is the primary impetus for “Hiltlery/Hellary’s” continued unfettered, unabated, inexorable momentum BACK into the Dark House at 1600 Transylvania Av? Could it possibly be the [D]elites not only wholesale ownership, but knowledge that “It” is the most cunning and ruthless instrument to complete a corporate technocratic brutal takeover during the coming GreatER Depression? A truly sleazy, despicable, reprobate being promoted to a pathetically debt-ridden, dumb-downed, debilitated, demoralized, distracted populace. Really sad! And I haven’t bugged out yet?

  2. MG

    January 6, 2016 at 5:27 PM

    In regards to the Clintons…I still remember Mena Airport, Iran Contra, Inslaw, BCCI and Vince Foster…oh yea, Monica Lewinski too. Do we really want the Clintons back?

  3. peg-powers

    January 14, 2016 at 4:47 PM

    Don’t forget the murder of Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown, and 34 Americans on the plane with him in Croatia, April 3, 1996. The crash was not an accident. Ron Brown was a crook and was going to prison and Bill Clinton’s presidency was going down with him—–and that the President would not allow. Like Vincent Foster before him, Ron knew too much about the payoffs, bribes, scams, hush money, and side deals.

    There are 54 other Clinton “dead bodies” lining the path of the Billy and Hilly career. How shameful that our country considers either of them a candidate for any office whatsoever.


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