This Should Make the Fur Fly

04 Jan

Donald Trump is a tough act to follow.  All he does is stay what everyone is thinking but are still strangely unwilling to say.  Why didn’t I say what Trump says in this video?  Why didn’t you?  We were already thinking about it, but we were a little too politically correct to say what we thought.

Get this:

video    00:00:23


Here’s a second video (below) with Hillary’s initial reply.  Note that Hillary doesn’t name Trump and doesn’t directly deny Trump’s allegations but only tries to laugh them off.

I guarantee that if Trump accused me of helping to create ISIS, I’d be frothing at the mouth as I denied that accusation.  Hillary has been accused of helping to create ISIS and her first response has been shug off the accusation with humor.  I read her strained attempt at humor is evidence that she knows Trump is right–or that she at least knows that Trump is close enough to the truth that she can’t expressly deny without exposing herself to more humiliation.  She’s going to try to laugh it off so the issue blows over.

I don’t think her attempt at humor is going to work.  Look at her face.  She may be telling a joke, but her face looks like she’s ready to commit murder.  Trump got her this time.  It’s almost a mortal blow.  So far, there’s nothing she can do in response but try to snicker.

Can you even imagine any other candidate for the Presidency in A.D. 2016 who’d have the balls to say what Trump said in these videos?   I don’t think anyone else would dare.

Trump reminds me of General Patton in WWII, leaping ahead of his adversaries, gaining miles of ground rather than acres, outrunning his logistical supply lines and charging, charging, charging ahead.  The word “magnificent” comes to mind–at least in regard to Patton.  I can’t quite use the word “magnificent” to describe Trump just yet.  But I’m thinking about it.  He’s like an unbridled force of nature.  What’ll he do next?  Offer to demolish the UN building in NYC?

Trump is, in some regards, as childishly innocent as the little boy who observed that the emperor was nude.  He just says it.  He just blurts it out as if there’s no way anyone could be angry at him for speaking out.  It’s obvious.  Everyone can see it.  So what’s all the fuss about somebody saying it?  But somehow Trump manages to be the little kid who merely says the obvious but shocks the world by doing so.

I’m 70.  I’ve never previously seen a candidate like Trump.  I’ve never seen a presidential election that looked anything like this one is shaping up to be.  When have we previously had an election that was exciting a full year before the election was due to happen?

I’ll bet these videos boost Trump’s poll numbers by another 5%.  I’ll bet they cost Hillary 3%.

video    00:02:01



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4 responses to “This Should Make the Fur Fly

  1. BMan

    January 4, 2016 at 6:50 AM

    Trump is an entertainer. I’d rather not be entertained.

    • wholy1

      January 5, 2016 at 7:47 AM

      Trump is the ultimate “GAMER”?

  2. Jethro!

    January 4, 2016 at 11:24 AM

    “W” should also be included in helping create ISIS. If Saddam were still around, there would be no ISIS.

  3. wholy1

    January 5, 2016 at 7:52 AM

    RE: ” . . . what everyone is thinking . . .”
    Uh, I respectfully propose that [most] “everyone” is too dumbed-down and distracted to focus on more more than their smartphone screen and hustling the next days bowl of GMO gruel.


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