Government as a Special Interest Opposed to Spending Cuts

13 Jan

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2 responses to “Government as a Special Interest Opposed to Spending Cuts

  1. Jacques Jaikaran

    January 16, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    The government has been bankrupt since 1933 and the Congress do not work for the people of the Republic but rule over the citizens/subjects of the Democracy.

    Voting will solve nothing because only citizens and residents can vote, Citicens, persons, residents, individuals, and inhabitants do not have rights/freedom except to obey. They only have privileges from the people d/b/a the government. The government do not make laws for people, men, or women. They make laws only for legal fictions.

  2. Eddie Duncan

    January 28, 2016 at 3:58 AM

    Truth and Relevance are all Answers! The truth is; All Proud Americans-Are Living a Lie! Our Founding Fathers established a Republic! Which, is diametrically opposed to a Democracy! This transcription was originally drafted to be an opening statement to a jury-use it-if you need it!
    Today, you are going to learn of the Word of God, and the Law of the land, the Common Law! On October 4th, 1982 the 97th, Congress proclaimed Public Law 97-280 – 96 Stat. 1211 to be the Law of the land. And, I agree wholeheartedly, and I also advise this panel to heed the words of Proverbs 4: 1&2 Hear, ye children, the instructions of a father, and attend, that you may know understanding. 2. For I give you sound doctrine, forsake ye not my law.
    This declaration is dedicated to the group of men and women that desire to be, and are in fact “Peace Officers”! Those, whom are, the only true fiduciaries, of and for, we the People. Yet, for the others, among them, that are “Policing us”, I truly desire, that this statement will be a wake up call.
    Because, these two concepts of Law, concerning a sworn duty, to the People, are as incompatible as vampires and daylight. You may be wondering “what does he mean? I mean that, our “Public Servants” have sworn to, a fiduciary duty to guard; Quote; That the general, great and essential principal of liberty and free government may be recognized and established, we declare: They have NOT sworn to guard,“The Peace and Dignity of the State”! Which is; “a legal fiction”! A devout and sworn, Peace Officer knows, that his/her fiduciary duty, is to preserve the peace and to guard the rights, and liberty of We the People, which is; “the only legitimate power delegated to government” according to Thomas Jefferson.
    He/she have not sworn to Police the area, by invading privacy, without a warrant, nor has he sworn to enforce an unconstitutional “public policy”! They have a sworn duty to uphold and defend the Common Law Constitution of America! A devout Peace Officer knows, he is bound by the respective Constitutions and their oath of office. He must protect the People, from the misapplication of codes, ordinances or statutes that inevitably violate the People’s Rights. A devoted fiduciary officer, will understand when a policy, violates inherent Rights. A devoted Peace Officer will “secure our domestic tranquility”against every intrusion by the government. Whether, that intrusion is against a man, a woman, a group, or the People collectively. This is the delegated fiduciary duty of “our” elected Sheriff.
    A Peace Officer will only arrest, if an actual criminal act, has been committed, causing an actual “injury – in fact” , not in theory. Or, when there is injury or property damage, committed in his/her presence. He/she may also lawfully arrest, if a valid warrant has been issued, by a judge, authorized by an Article III constitutional Common Law jurisdiction.
    Therefore, there must be a “claim” by an “injured party in fact” also known as a victim! Therefore, I rise up, to demand to know; Why is it, that We the People, are charged with an alleged criminal act; “Against the Peace and Dignity of the State”? How, when, and where and could, I violate the “concept” of, the Peace and Dignity of a “legal fiction state”?
    The sworn, fiduciary duty of a Peace Officer is; “To secure the general, great and essential principal of liberty” as required by the Preamble of our Constitution. He was not sworn, to detect an alleged violation of the Peace and Dignity of a “legal fiction” concept, nor is he to control or judge. The guiding principal that a devout “Peace Officer” will follow, is found in Proverbs 3:30 where it advises; “Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm”.
    In direct contrast to the Peace Officer we have the “Policing Agent”. This agent believes that his/her only duty, or obligation, is not to the People, but only, to the single-minded enforcement of every commercial code, statute, and ordinance, that they can consider to imagine. What can I get him for? Is to often the only consideration, that motivates these agents! These men have been deceived, by the powers that be, and the rudiments of the world.
    In Colossians 2:8 it warns us; “Beware, lest any man spoil you, or you be taken captive through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of man, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ”.
    This Agent is a paradox of contradictions, especially in regard to the rights of We the People! To these agents; “We the People”, are not People, we are subjects! Whom are allegedly, subject to their will! One of the most ludicrous statements, that I have ever heard of, was from a “Police agent” whom, was under oath on the witness stand. This “police agent” actually stated; “I don’t have to read the law or know what it says, I only have to enforce it!”
    To most “policing agents”, this reasoning is absolutely credible and sound. Why? Because, they have been deceived! And, it is not entirely their fault, they were trained, by a traitorous, socialist “Democracy” to view the People as subjects, that must be controlled. And, that we are all really “bad people”, just waiting for an opportunity to act upon our “wicked” nature. This mindset is promulgated within the law enforcement community. Most agents perceive each of us, as a potential threat to their lives and safety, and so, they fear us. And, through that fear, they act within the methodology of unwarranted force and total control, in a self-serving policy, guarding self-preservation.
    Do what I say, and do it now! Which effectively translates into “I am afraid that you might do something, that will harm me, or cause me to harm you.
    Therefore, I choose, to avert that possibility, by making you do everything I say, immediately, as ordered, NOW, so that doesn’t happen. Even if it means the use of arbitrary and unnecessary force. Your rights are not relevant to me, as is, the potential harm that might occur to one or both of us, if I fail to force you to obey me! This is the truculent mindset of a majority of Policing Agents! This type of reasoning however, completely ignores the fact that most people – 96% – are actually law-abiding, and would never even consider harming a peace officer. Unlike, those people on the force!
    There is also the high probability that the particular Police Agent that has “arrested” you, is one of many, over zealous personalities that became a policing agent, only, for the “power of control” over subjects. He/she now gets to display a gun, a badge, a radio, and they get to wear clothing, that symbolizes an appearance of “unquestionable authority” that otherwise, he/she could not project.
    This agent is often truculently controlling and perhaps the most dangerous, of all types, you may encounter. This type of policing agent has a reputation, and a zealous ego to protect, and nothing you do, is going to be allowed, to cause that self-aggrandizing persona to fail! Even if it means, you have to be physically attacked, injured or killed. This is why I recommend that no one ever attempt to evade, or to argue with, any policing agent, while on the road, no matter how obstinate or incorrect he/she may be.
    Argue your case in the courtroom, where there is usually a record being transcribed, and a lot less likelihood of actual confrontation with that agent. Public servants should be allowed some level of discretion within the lawful decisions they must make, yet that discretion should never be allowed to be an excuse, for the violation of any God given right.
    Benjamin Franklin tendered a long prevailing maxim of Law. It is better that a 100 guilty go free, than one innocent should suffer.
    The obvious danger that “policing agents” present, in their zeal to apply an unwarranted and typically misapplied “commercial code”, is that they are obviously willing, to deceive, threaten, and employ physical and/or deadly force to do so.
    In closing, I’d like to cite my grounds for my disdain of unwarranted and/or misapplied commercial transportation codes. In Leviticus 18: 3-5 it reads; (3) After the doings of the land of Egypt, wherein ye dwelt, shall ye not do, and after the doings of the land of Canaan, whither I bring you, shall ye not do: neither shall ye walk in their ordinances. (4) Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein; I am the Lord your God (5) Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am the Lord. [what if a man does not do His judgments?]
    Note also, that the dreadful repercussions of “their” man-made ordinances, is exhibited by the uninhibited, willful, and arbitrary violence used against me, by Agent Jay Smith. This arbitrary use of force and false imprisonment, unquestionably causes irreparable harm to the victim. The trauma and injustice, of such arbitrary violence, is evident in the June 28th, 2015 video. Remember also that, such an assault, revealing such dreadful treatment, often suffered by our fellowman, was sanctioned by “their” man-made ordinances.
    It is these types of policies and practices that cause, the People, to question this alleged system of justice, and “ITS” unabated use of “LEGAL FICTIONS”, in connection with living souls. We must question; Can a “LEGAL FICTION” judiciary, ever secure the prosperous future, that our original Common-Law principals of Law, would guarantee? No it can NOT!!
    When the People fear the government, we have tyranny! When the government fears the People, we have liberty! None are more enslaved, than those whom “unknowingly” believe they are free!
    And, if you think that you are ever going to be free, in a “Democrcay” then you don’t understand, what a Democracy is! -[ A Majority Dictatorship].
    In a classroom of thirty students, if twenty agree to take the lunch money of the other ten, what do you think will happen? Ten kids are going hungry!
    So, its’ time for a reality check! We live in a Republic! Our Constitution, guarantees us a Common-Law Republic-which is diametrically opposed to the principals of a Democracy! Therefore,- it is time for a “real” change!
    Truth and Relevance are all answers, and the truth is; “We’ve been deceived”!
    All God Given Rights Reserved Inviolate
    Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 and 1-103.6
    In Propria Persona, Sui Juris


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