The World’s Most Valuable Cash Crops

06 May

The War on Drugs has been ongoing for over half of a century.   That War laid the foundation for the modern police state and the continuing growth of American despotism.

The following graphic is not only testimony to the War-On-Drug’s failure, but also to its deceit.  The top people responsible for waging that War don’t really want that War to be won.  If they did, how could the following graphic be true?

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


In all the world, the three cash crops that produce the most revenue per square kilometer of cultivated soil are cannabis (marijuana),cocoa (cocaine) and opium poppy (opium).  People who grow marijuana, for example, can expect to generate profits per square foot of cultivated soil that are 850 times greater than those of people who grow wheat.

Why are plants that produce drugs so lucrative?  Because they’re illegal.

If government declared corn to be illegal it would soon be every bit as lucrative as opium.

It’s the government’s prohibition on these crops that make them so incredibly profitable.  It’s the incredible profits associated with these drugs that guarantee their cultivation will continue to increase so long as that cultivation remains illegal.

I see five implications in this:

  1. Our primary addiction is not to to pot, coke or opium–it’s to currency. The plants that produce the most profits are the most addictive.
  2. If government really wanted to win the War On Drugs, it should legalize the cultivation of pot, coke and opium. Once legal, the profit-potential in those drugs would collapse and–while use of those drugs would never completely disappear–that use would be dramatically reduced.  Most drug users are addicted more to the profits associated with the drug than they are to the drugs themselves.  If “McGuff the Crime Dog” really wanted to take a “bite out of crime!” he should start by taking a bite out of the profits in illegal drugs.  Given that the drugs’ profitability is primarily due to their illegality, the legalization of drugs should be the single most effective step in reducing the use of currently-illegal drugs.
  3. If it’s true that criminalizing the cultivation of some crops makes them incredibly profitable, does it follow that subsidizing the cultivation of other plants (corn & wheat, for example) makes them incredibly un-profitable?   So long as government supposedly helps farmers by subsidizing their crops, does government guarantee that those crops will be only marginally profitable and the farmers are more susceptible to bankruptcy?  Does the same principle apply to poor people on welfare?  Could it be that the more financial assistance the unemployed receive from government, the less likely they are to ever again become employed, profitable and prosperous?
  4. If it’s true that criminalizing the use of some drugs makes them incredibly profitable, it should follow that regulating the use and availability of other drugs by means of FDA regulations and medical prescriptions, should also generate unreasonably high profits for doctors, hospitals and, especially, major pharmaceutical manufactures.  Does criminalization necessarily lead to more regulation, bigger government and more profits for special interests?
  5. It might be argued that the criminalization of drug-producing plants (marijuana, cocaine, and opium) was a vital prerequisite for regulating all drugs and thereby guaranteeing fantastic profits for pharmaceutical manufacturers.  I.e., once government criminalized the use and/or distribution for some drugs, it seemed “logical” and relatively easy for government to regulate the use of virtually all other drugs and “coincidentally” (?) guarantee fantastic profits for Big Pharma.

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10 responses to “The World’s Most Valuable Cash Crops

  1. Ralph P. Torello

    May 6, 2016 at 10:28 AM

    The war on drugs was largely a cover-up for genocide and extermination of the exploding Mexican Population in DFW. This last “cartel purge” – I suspect they killed Mexicans who were getting upset about how they were being treated by “National Security Umbrella Forces” during the George-Bush-Obama-Bin-Biden administration (2001-2008). The L.A. times reported 80,000 Mexicans were killed during the “drug war” of Obama-Bin-Biden’s “administration.”

    This is TRUE ATROCITY. The divide between white’s & Mexican’s has become a very large chasm. And since now/today white’s really are smaller in number than “the Indians” (Mexican’s) … racism starts to sound like a word that white people need to be shouting from time-to-time… If you get out into Dallas much – people like me who speak some Spanish / broken Spanish – I am always feeling “second in line” to the Indians / the Mexican’s….

    Do not put stock in Hilary or Trump. One has never said anything important (Hillary) and the other was a game-show-host on TV for at least a decade! See what is in front of you. DON’T BECOME THE CLOWNS! Do not become what they are! WE DO NOT LIVE IN NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA… We are VERY far away from the demographics of the North-East (where Washington D.C. is…)

    The drugs that are administered to people really aren’t “street drugs” at all anymore. Pot & Smack are kind of a thing of the past. Chemicals manufactured by Eli-Lilly-Smith-Kline-Beachem-Glaxo-Welcome-Army-Navy-Air-Force-Marines outnumber “Smack” and “Pot” 1,000 to 1.

  2. dog-move

    May 7, 2016 at 9:57 AM

    Where does the cash crop fit in on revenues pertaining to the Colorado Tax Revenue Scheme. Record setting revenues for the state— 70 million last year, nearly double the 42 million collected from alcohol taxes. The legalization/taxation for recreational use of marijuana has been a huge success and is largely growing the tax base for the state. Many other states in need of tax revenue growth may be seriously considering changing the rules regarding this cash crop.
    The territorial states may want a piece of the action out of the federal monopoly controlling cannabis commerce, be it legal or not.
    The boom in revenues the state generates due to large increases of tourist choosing Colorado as a destination are off the charts!
    As Colorado goes so goes the rest of the cash strapped bankrupt states, maybe.
    Are the stats on the graph from legal or illegal sources?

    • Adask

      May 7, 2016 at 11:39 AM

      We might argue that marijuana has been legalized for “taxational” (rather than “recreational”) purposes.

      I know no more about the source(s) of the data on the graphic that is supplied on the graphic and by the graphic’s author.

  3. Ralph P. Torello

    May 7, 2016 at 11:35 AM

    Another of an endless series of “Broken Record” points that *have* to be raised.

    In as much as “The Discount Rate” and “The Federal Reserve Bank” really are a way for office-space-employees (Al uses the word “Illuminati”) to cover the the total and complete financial monster of Computerized Payrolls and total computerization of “cash” – such that accounting companies are mostly just useless leper colonies…

    … “Pot” & “Smack” & “Legalize It” have become code-words for covering up the total and complete drug empire of the regime of Old America. People receive drugs – they do not get or purchase “pot” or “smack” anymore – The population of DFW receives probably a dozen different narcotics which are mass-produced by Eli-Lillly-Smith-Kline-Beachem-Glaxo-Welcome… If you (dog-move) or the writer of Adask’s Law think you are “completely immune” from these drugs – for whatever reason, including “I only drink bottled water – never from the tap or faucet” … You really don’t get what the regime does to the population of Dallas. Uppers, Downers, Opiates have street names … but THEY ALSO POSSESS LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NAMES including blood-pressure, codeine, Valium, morphine, Xanax, and they put them into things you eat, drink, & breathe every single day of the week.

    None of us avoid these circumstances. NONE of us… including Al Adask, Ralph P. Torello, “Dog-Move,” “Timmy,” and all the employees at Wal-Mart & McDonald’s who just seem perfectly happy to waste their lives away working for $9 an hour….

    Tax Revenue from “Pot”??? … Just listen to yourself talk!!!

  4. Peg-powers

    May 7, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Oregon happily collected 3.5 million tax on the 14 million dollars worth of recreational merry-wanna sold in the month of January ALONE! In our rural county the people are lined up for blocks to lay their money down—-even though most of them are on welfare subsidy. (And the governor is happy. She is our demo-rat/communist governor who publicly states she is “uncertain and confused” about her “sexual orientation”, even though she has a husband (male) and children. How politically correct and anti-child/anti-family is that?)

    Woe to the rulers and hypocrites who trample on our heritage of Godly Law and instruction, and continue flooding the population with sin and evil practices which are anti-family and anti-Christ!

  5. Ralph P. Torello

    May 7, 2016 at 12:54 PM

    You know… “The origin of the species” behind all of this repression started in the 1980’s. I’ll be honest and say for many years of the Bush-Cheney-Osama Administration (2001-2008), I would regularly go to A.A. Meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous) just to spite the government. I’m going to tell just a little story here – and prove that what has happened can be understood, possibly.

    I grew up in Richardson, Texas. In 1987 I started school at a local RISD Junior High School in the 7th Grade. Violence ruled Dallas. It was the only thing really going on. Kids had no behavior skills at all. There were days in “officials” would show up to the school with giant jars of “medicine” to shut us up. In the later half of 7th grad (spring ’88), I was handed a foot-tall-jar filled with Codeine, and I took at home. By age 13 I was totally addicted to it. HOWEVER, for me, it was just a year – and in the spring of ’89 our entire 8th grade class went on a “trip” or “vacation” to Washington, District of Columbia. The week before the trip I went to a school funded A.A. meeting – and I gave up all forms of drugs that year. And I studied so hard, so hard, so hard – that by 1993 I was admitted to Harvard, M.I.T. etc… and went to Boston for college (and stayed up North until 2006)

    I have dozens of photos of all my child-hood friends still on film-negatives in my mom’s closet. Do you know what everyone forgets? Most of those children are dead… They died…. Most of the kids I played soccer with, went to Chuck-E-Cheese with … played at Greenwood Hills Country Club with – are DEAD! The US Marines once brought an *actual* howitzer and fired it at the Junior High School on Floyd Road – which is filled with teachers, parents, and kids. This was the face of 1989. Some of who have lived in Dallas all their lives might remember a GIANT HOLE in the side of RNJH. They also brought an *actual* bazooka to the football field and fired it at the rear of the school – this was the face of 1987 & 1988.

    In the past two years – Junior High & High School year books seem to have finally been removed from the Richardson Public Library (I checked two weeks ago). More than 50% of the children photographed in those books died here in the years 1983/84 up until 1994. I remember one incident – Marshall Lawrence – who literally had “Liquid Nitrogen” poured all over him in the middle of class in some idiotic (drug induced) “cryo-genic freeze experiment.” It was random government officials high on smack where large numbers of people just died. By the time I moved to Boston – half of the homes in Richardson were just empty. The reason Spanish is so common – and everybody wonders what happens to the “Americans” – the 80’s & early 90’s were so violent – that there weren’t that many of us left.

    The government has dealt with these problems in very despicable & underhanded ways since 1995. We are implanted with electrical devices that can make us get hungry, go to the bathroom, wake up in the middle of the night – and … yes … hear their gibberish in our ear-drum and see their BS in our eye-balls. It’s just a tiny PCB Board screen that was implanted behind millions of American’s eyes & and ears that produce Audio & Video in your skull. Quite sick as it spiraled out of control…

    I witnessed a teacher hang himself. I witnessed a child sodomized and killed – and I was next in line. More than 60% of the teachers I had were killed, even raped in drugged. Sometimes right in front of us. This was the face of ’83 up until ’94. A kid I know named “Jeff Lawhon” shot himself with a shotgun in front of me. I had mopped up blood off the floor at least 6 times before I was 18 years old.

    September the 11th really was a day of “very light causalities” compared to the Reagan Administration. While Reagan himself wasn’t particularly a bad guy – he was a puppet – an “actor” his whole life! Claiming to be “governor of California” in 1970 – when the country (especially California) was in anarchy – is silly. Do you know that “they” (random drug addicts and military-heads) had actually crashed airplanes into buildings many, many years before 9/11 – even a small one onto my home street growing up! Many of the neighbors I knew died…

    During George Bush (2001-2008) I went to A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) – for no other reason than because it seemed like the most important “religious principle” to be facing – and yet… even during the middle of the meetings … I would say some of them … they would drug us through food, coffee, HVAC units while we were talking about staying off drugs!!! It was ridiculous.

    By the way – the recent “wave” of school shootings – I really believe – didn’t necessarily actually occur in 2012, 2011, 2010 – much of what was reported on CNN & Yahoo News was by the (former) government of the United States trying to “throw up” and explain how awful things were 25 years ago – and justify why this new “Mind Control Internet” thing started….. and why …

    Do you know that my dad used to have a copy of a “Dallas Times Herald” printed in 1985 or 86 that just read “Texas Secedes.” That was 1985 – and they called it “Granada” Within a month – the army *literally* parachuted marines into suburban Richardson (right over Mimosa Park) – and I think probably 15% of Richardson died in one single day… They were total drug addicts, very crazy, and they shot hundreds – or thousands – of civilians that year.

    I had THOUSANDS of PHOTOGRAPHS from this stuff growing up. ALL OF THEM were ROUNDED UP AND SEIZED in 1995, 1996, 1997. FURTHERMORE – our bodies *really* *were* implanted by what they used to call “Department of Homeland Security” – and we have been drugged into docile submission – and don’t even remember what the REAL ATROCITY actually was – long before 9/11 – long before … “The Muslims” (the biggest BS of all!).


    The best philosophy is:

    Be nice, Be Honest, but speak up. We don’t need implants, drugs, & slavery to control the population of USA…. The problems were the “civilians” or the citizenry of Dallas at all. The problems were the drugs and the WMD… The most deadly combination in human history…

    WMD … for instance “Howitzers” … Nukes … B52-Carpet Bombers .. 5,000 to 10,000 F-15’s instead – when a good defense of our nation would probably only require 100 or 200 F-15’s. If you are unaware of what an F-15 is … It is a Supersonic Jet that costs millions – and a force 10 to 15 of them could “eliminate” any incoming foreign-military-threat of “navy transports” or “air transports” The Pentagon probably still has at least 5,000 to 10,000 … Getting to excited about “Charles Lindbergh” and “The Wright Brothers” I guess…

    Drugs behind dropped into EVERY NOOK & CRANNY of DFW in the 1980’s & early 1990’s were OF COURSE the deepest problem of all…. They HAVE NOT GONE AWAY…

    Many Many Many of the kids I knew growing up are just dead. The parents are dead. The teachers are dead…. and we are brainwashed (with implants & illegal drug-distribution-systems) into thinking “everything has been fine”.

    Don’t blame the “Hispanic” the Indians came here – millions from Mexico – because the homes in DFW were just empty. The business closed, and the malls largely unused. The shelves at Target were just empty .. always…. I remember once eating saw-dust…

    Don’t blame “The Communists in China” – if they hadn’t made all those washer-dryers, refrigerator-freezers, ranges, microwaves, blenders, couches, furniture, lawn & garden equipment, shirts, shoes, text-tiles of all forms – we just would have to wash our clothes with Washboards and keep our food cold with Ice, or just not buy so much meat & dairy…

    Good Luck… I hope I can stop typing now… It get’s annoying. A lot of the problems really are because what happened THIRTY to THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO I am 40 years old now. I still get terrorized by letters that I wrote while at J.J. Pearce, M.I.T., – and even Taiwan/China … 25 years ago. I wrote a lot when I felt I would have an audience with “the powers in Washington” to see how destructive “The Reagan Administration” had been.

    Do you remember the movies alone???? Between the “Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “Halloween” sagas – probably 30 movies released to the public – we witness dozens of “slasher” films that involved kids!!! Do you remember when “Anthrax,” “Slayer,” “Megadeath,” “Sepultra,” “Iron Maiden,” and weren’t CNN News Stories – they were popularly promoted “Death Metal Bands” that sold their garbage to kids at Sound Warehouse?

    You can “blame Washiington” now… They really could put Obama into prison for the “Automobile” “Torture” administration…. I don’t see why they don’t… The drugs are destroying our minds and our lives…

  6. Peg-powers

    May 8, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    A living example, a simple display of DESIGNER DEATH.
    The individual reaps what he sows. This law cannot be sidestepped.

    The present educational system is the result of “METRO 1313”, Chicago, Il., the birthplace and long-time center of the Communist Party U.S.A. Look it up.

  7. gloria

    May 10, 2016 at 2:37 PM

  8. cathy baldwin

    May 17, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    To the question regarding legalized drugs? Ever been in Amsterdam? I have, several times entrancing Europe. I would not want scenes of Amsterdam to be here, in USA, legalized. God will bring everything into judgement whether it was good or evil. Just count on it. This is all easily distilled into two groups, good and evil. Anything that brings a soul to the condition of opening itself to the spiritual powers of darkness should be avoided at all costs. I also agree with Peg Powers. Thank you for bringing these super important issues to light Mr. Adask.

    • Adask

      May 18, 2016 at 4:13 AM

      Thanks for reading and considering my articles.


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