The Revolutionary War–in 18 Minutes

09 May

Minute Man [courtesy Google Images]

Minute Man
[courtesy Google Images]

According to the following video, at one point in the Revolutionary War, casualties and desertions reduced George Washington’s 19,000-man army to just 2,000 men.

Think of it.  Against overwhelming odds, just 2,000 men stayed to fight.  If those men had also deserted (and who would’ve blamed them if they had), Americans would still be singing “God Save The Queen!”.

Think of it.  Just 2,000 men determined the fate of this nation and much of the world for the next two centuries.  It’s a story to rival that of Gideon overcoming the Midianites with just 300 men and God’s blessing.  It’s a lesson in how few men it can take to change the world–and it can’t help but make you believe God’s hand was in that Revolution.


video    00:18:00


The Revolutionary War–Animated Map




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4 responses to “The Revolutionary War–in 18 Minutes

  1. wholy1

    May 9, 2016 at 9:19 AM

    Very apropos and salient at this point. There’s the CONstitution, conveniently ratified with sigs to LIMIT those INHERENT, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS in the DOI, ratified in blood, sacrifice, suffering and death under almost insurmountable odds.

  2. Peg-powers

    May 10, 2016 at 12:08 PM

    Tried five times but this video will not play but a few seconds. Strange how big things happen on or about April 19th…….sinking of the Titanic, Okla.City bombing/detonation, Waco massacre of women and children.

  3. Adask

    May 10, 2016 at 12:29 PM

    I just watched the first 4 minutes without incident.

  4. landscape108

    February 4, 2018 at 6:04 PM

    Perhaps you have too many thoughts, hogarina.
    It might be true that “PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS NO CONTROL OVER ?
    CONGRESS.” It certainly looks as if the depraved Republicans who
    wish to destroy the immeasurably less privileged, the disadvantaged,
    the disenfranchised even more than they already have in the service
    of their masters, Greed and its Siamese twin, Power, have the control
    of Congress. Therefore….?

    It is completely comprehensive how the various ?pseudo religious
    Republican functionaries nationwide, with the unlimited cooperation
    and endowment of the hogs of cash, also Republican, have too long
    over the years used handsome fortunes to exercise coercive force to
    subjugate the mass of ignorant, therefore unsuspecting humans to
    sustain their collective and personal need to preserve that relationship.
    Greed and Power is unequivocally the how. Were it not for the
    socialistic practices and safeguards furiously won on behalf of the
    masses by those of incredible humanitarian insight, bravery, and
    magnanimity, untold millions of humans would have prematurely died
    and those who did not die, suffered. Yes it is the supercilious likes of
    you who sit comfortably at your computer spewing unending idiocies,
    also pseudo-religious, that would exploit those who are less privileged
    than you and your beastly vulturous brethren that eat naïve humans’
    flesh and cannibalize hogs of other stripes.

    It is often thought that Buddhism teaches that nothing exists. If
    nothing exists, what is it that imagines nothing exists? Buddhism
    does not teach that nothing exists. Quite the contrary. Everything
    exists. It is attachment, unbridled attachment that causes blindness in
    the world. Attachment to worldly material and contrivances, and cause
    and make the helpless suffer. But the Gaddafi minded, the Kim Jong-
    Ils, the Robert Mugabes and Omar Al-Bashirs, and Sayyid Ali
    Khameneis, the tyrants, the despicable despots who are the real
    sufferers because have lost their human impulses. And you, hogarina,
    have lost your senses too. You imagine you are some avenging
    creature come to save the world. A savior, a Christ.

    The historical Buddha is known to have been a human being who it is
    said realized enlightenment through his own efforts. Buddhism is non-
    theistic, Gautama is not thought to have been a god. The Buddha did
    not specifically teach there were no gods, just that believing in gods
    was not useful to realizing enlightenment. Because of the mysticism
    involved in achieving Nirvana, or enlightenment, those who needed the
    structure of a belief system, created an entire religion around a mystery
    of what is thought to be an experience of enlightenment. The entire
    belief system can be explained as a psychological heightened
    awareness. Committed Buddhists would argue against this elucidation.
    Regardless, of how it is thought, it does have a psychological calming
    effect. Let us save ourselves, hogarina.

    Give yourself the gift of silence, stop your babbling, hogarina. Take the
    lotus position, resting them on your lap enfold your hands and touch
    thumbs together to create a circle, lower your eyelids but don’t close
    them altogether, then empty your mind of all thoughts. You will do
    yourself a great service and the entire world as well.


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