Catherine Austin Fitts on: Trump vs. Clinton; Economic Collapse?

12 May

Greg Hunter ( interview.

This is a fairly long interview, but it’s insightful and worth your time.

There’s a week’s worth of news in these 49 minutes.

video      00:49.20


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7 responses to “Catherine Austin Fitts on: Trump vs. Clinton; Economic Collapse?

  1. Ralph P. Torello

    May 12, 2016 at 3:48 PM

    Here’s how it all started. Before there was “Walmart” – the original 5 & 10 cent store was called “Woolworth.” Woolworth had a presence throughout North America up until the 1980’s – when many things started collapsing. I spent the morning collecting old photos of the construction of Manhattan (like I said) 1870 – 1940. Here are photos of how Manhattan’s skyline got it start.

    The Woolworth Building was finished in 1913 – and it was the tallest construction every created on earth. It stayed the tallest building ever until 1929. Here’s 10 pictures. I’m getting more right now from others, a good project for a few days. It was 60 stories tall – taller than most Dallas buildings right now.

    It’s really neat to look at these things! This was competed the year my Grandmother was born. She passed away in 2015.

    08 [Completed 1913]

    If “economic collapse” is so likely? What are all of these things doing in Dallas? Their shelves are filled to the brim with “stuff.” Economic collapse isn’t the real fear at all…,,,,, and of course (the usual) Tom Thumb, Kroger, Albertson’s…

    REMEMBER… Whenever you walk into a “Walmart” … The store is divided into two halves. On one side of the store is FOOD…. This is the “Made in USA” or “Made in North America” (whichever of the two expressions you prefer)… ON THE OTHER SIDE is “Made in China & Asia Pacific” – This is where all the durable goods, home electronics, textiles/clothing, and other hardware/dry-goods are…

    There is no economic collapse. There is slavery.

    Incidentally, here’s a few more (3) pictures regarding the “Fiat Federal Reserve Notes” and also the “Corrupt Central Bankers” theory… and why all of it is still around. Here is “investment bankers” prior to the wars.

  2. Ralph P. Torello

    May 12, 2016 at 5:09 PM

    From: Wikipedia

    Buildings under construction
    # Building name Official height No. of stories Year to be completed
    1 Torre Mitikah 267 m 62 2016
    2 Punto Chapultepec 237.6 m 59 2018
    3 Torre Paradox 234 m 60 ????
    4 Peninsula Tower 180 m 51 ????
    5 Torre Cuarzo 180 m 40 2016
    6 Siroco Elite Residences 171 m 43 2014
    7 Torre Punta Reforma 163.7 m 37 2014
    8 Torre Diana 158.3 m 33 2016
    9 Residencial Vidalta Torre Altaire 2 140 m 40 2015
    10 Torre Manacar 140 m 29 ????
    11 Centro Operativo BBVA Bancomer 137 m 32 2014
    12 Torre Virreyes 121 m 25 201
    13 Be Grand Alto Polanco I 120 m 36 ????

    This lists buildings that are approved or proposed for construction in Dallas and are planned to rise at least 86 meters (282 ft).

    Name Height*
    ft / m Floors Year(est.) Notes
    Cadiz & Canton Tower I — 80 — Proposed
    Cadiz & Canton Tower II — 80 — Proposed
    Cadiz & Canton Tower III — 60 — Proposed
    Cadiz & Canton Tower IV — 60 — Proposed
    Pacific Plaza Development tower I 200m+ 70 — Proposed
    Pacific Plaza Development tower II 200m+ 70 — Proposed
    Ross Perot tower 200m+ — — Proposed
    Hall Arts Center tower I — 50 — Approved
    Hall Arts Center tower II — 25 — Approved
    Trump Hotel Evergreen@St. Paul 560+ 42+ — Proposed
    Atelier Flora Lofts 400 / 121 39 — Proposed
    Greystar Apartments – Victory Park 368 / 112 20+ — Proposed
    400 Avenue Of The Arts 293 / 89 21 — Proposed

  3. Ralph P. Torello

    May 12, 2016 at 5:11 PM

    Ooppss… The above comment was for “Mexico City.” It was an accident… I was cut & pasting stuff from “Mexico City” in a different e-mail… Here is “Dallas”.


    This lists buildings that are under construction in Dallas and are planned to rise at least 76 meters (249 ft).

    Name Height*
    ft / m Floors Year(est.) Notes
    Bleu Ciel 375 / 114 33 2017
    Park District Residential tower 385 / 118 34 2017
    The Union Residential tower 355 31 2017
    Katy Station 310 30 2017
    Skyhouse 2 Victory Park 265+ 25 2017
    The Ascent 250 23/21 2017
    The Union Office tower 315 22 2017
    Park District Office tower 316 / 97 19 2017
    Crescent McKinney & Olive Tower 335 / 102 20 Topped Out
    Forest City Cityplace 290 23 2018
    One Uptown 250 / 76 20 2016

  4. Peg-powers

    May 12, 2016 at 8:55 PM

    Ralph: Are you on the Dallas City Council? If not, perhaps you should run for office. Of course, there is no collapse. It’s boom-time and digital currency on parade.

  5. Ralph P. Torello

    May 13, 2016 at 11:21 AM

    You know what the “real” future of territory “South of the Mason Dixon Line” is … Since the Spanish is becoming the dominant form of communication for people who “do work” (trabajar in Spanish) … I really believe that this IS the new “conspiracy theory.” I took 5 years in classrooms. My dad was an “ex-patriot” on business in Mexico City (1979-1982) – so I went to Kindergarten & First Grade there. (Started 2nd grade at RISD in 1982, Richardson). I have a good accent! I don’t know that much vocabulary. It’s all verb-conjugation and OF COURSE – the mental blocks placed into our lives by BRAIN CONTROL. This is why many many more “American’s” (for lack of any other term) don’t also speak English & Spanish like the Indians…

    What good could I (or Al Adask … or anybody) ever do at City Hall if all the builders & construction engineers – and even many many of the municipal services employees are all talking like “Speedy Gonzalez” all day??? This *is* the economy.

    现在我要回去做『百度新闻翻译』。–> I’m going back to translating my Baidu Chinese News Articles now… (hopefully)… Kind of tired of arguing in English about “Government.”

    你們有沒想到美國政府最可笑的方面是什麼嗎?。。。亞洲進步了幾百倍。。。美國人去亞洲好可笑!! —> Do you realize what the funniest/saddest aspect of “American Government really is? Asia Pacific has “leaped forward” 100-times-over… “An American” in China would probably get laughed at..


    Present Preterite Imperfect Conditional Future
    yo conduzco conduje conducía conduciría conduciré
    tú conduces condujiste conducías conducirías conducirás
    él/ella/Ud. conduce condujo conducía conduciría conducirá
    nosotros conducimos condujimos conducíamos conduciríamos conduciremos
    vosotros conducís condujisteis conducíais conduciríais conduciréis
    ellos/ellas/Uds. conducen condujeron conducían conducirían conducirán

    Present Imperfect Imperfect 2 Future
    yo conduzca condujera condujese condujere
    tú conduzcas condujeras condujeses condujeres
    él/ella/Ud. conduzca condujera condujese condujere
    nosotros conduzcamos condujéramos condujésemos condujéremos
    vosotros conduzcáis condujerais condujeseis condujereis
    ellos/ellas/Uds. conduzcan condujeran condujesen condujeren

    yo –
    tú conduce
    él/ella/Ud. conduzca
    nosotros conduzcamos
    vosotros conducid
    ellos/ellas/Uds. conduzcan

    Present Preterite Past Conditional Future
    yo he conducido hube conducido había conducido habría conducido habré conducido
    tú has conducido hubiste conducido habías conducido habrías conducido habrás conducido
    él/ella/Ud. ha conducido hubo conducido había conducido habría conducido habrá conducido
    nosotros hemos conducido hubimos conducido habíamos conducido habríamos conducido habremos conducido
    vosotros habéis conducido hubisteis conducido habíais conducido habríais conducido habréis conducido
    ellos/ellas/Uds. han conducido hubieron conducido habían conducido habrían conducido habrán conducido

    Perfect Subjunctive
    Present Past Future
    yo haya conducido hubiera conducido hubiere conducido
    tú hayas conducido hubieras conducido hubieres conducido
    él/ella/Ud. haya conducido hubiera conducido hubiere conducido
    nosotros hayamos conducido hubiéramos conducido hubiéremos conducido
    vosotros hayáis conducido hubierais conducido hubiereis conducido
    ellos/ellas/Uds. hayan conducido hubieran conducido hubieren conducido

  6. Peg-powers

    May 13, 2016 at 2:53 PM

    I don’t know why Catherine doesn’t tell us the truth. She seems to want to spill the beans.

    If you want to know the true basis of what’s happening in “your world” take 5 minutes and read this info. Everything went emphatically into high gear in 1999, 80 years after the founding of the CPUSA on the soil of your nation.

    Especially note that since 2000, Israel is included in the WEOG (Western European & Other Groups group). Mexico and Canada are included in this group, ie. there are NO boundaries. Also, the USA is “in” this group, but does NOT (is not) have to be a member, but is an “observer”. (Lead Bully/Controller ? over the rest)

    Regional government, regional councils are not elected, but they are NOW ruling over you. You had better get accustomed to the big black boot smashing into your face again and again.

  7. gloria

    May 18, 2016 at 12:07 PM


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