The Problem With Detroit Is . . . .

15 May

Pastor James Manning bears a terrible burden.  He’s trying to tell the truth to his own people and they refuse to hear.  I don’t envy the man, but I do admire him.

video      00:04:23

Here’s another video by an “angry black man”–except, contrary to what you might suspect, this black man is angry at niggers.

He talks about two “waves” of Negroes that came to Detroit.  The first wave was composed of the entrepreneurs, artisans, businessmen and, generally speaking, educated and intelligent Negroes from the South looking to work hard, earn a living and be prosperous.  The second wave of Negro immigrants entering Detroit was composed of the weak, unintelligent and violent who predated on the prosperous first wave of Negroes and eventually drove the first wave out of Detroit. Once the “good blacks” were driven out and the “niggers” took over, Detroit collapsed and started to look like a bombed out city from WWII.

The speaker counts himself as a member and/or descendant of that “first wave” and he’s angry that he’s been driven out of Detroit by the violent and murderous “niggers” of the second wave.

He illustrates the dichotomy that exists within the Negro community.  It’s politically incorrect to say so, but it’s still true that there’s a kind of war going on between the “Blacks” (a culture very similar to the White culture) and the “NIggers” (another culture that is vehemently opposed to the White and Black cultures).

I don’t agree with everything this black man says.  It’s apparent that he’s not fond of Whites or Christianity.  But it’s also apparent that he’s caught, frustrated and frightened by the “Niggers” of his own race.  He clearly does not know how to deal with a world whose problems can’t be blamed on “Whitey” but must be predominantly blamed on “Niggers”.  He wants to be a “brother,” but he’s too well-educated to be accepted by the “Niggers”.

It’s a long video (49 minutes).  You’ll probably become bored or offended by the video (the speaker is at least sympathetic to black Muslims) before you listen to the whole thing.  But if you listen to first 10 or 15 minutes you’ll hear the speaker trying to sound reasonable and rational.  If you then jump forward to the 30 minute mark (where the speaker has lost it and is angry and emotional), you’ll get a sense of terrible adversity that exists between Blacks and “Niggers”–but which almost no one talks about.

Lots of Whites are afraid of “Niggers”.  But the truth is that Blacks have far more to fear from “Niggers” than Whites. And yet, most Blacks are afraid to call a spade a spade or a “Nigger” a “Nigger for fear of diminishing “racial unity”.  As a result,members of the Black culture will continue to be predated upon and destroyed by members of the “NIgger” culture until the Blacks stand up and start to put the Niggers back under control.

If Blacks won’t control their Niggers, why should Whites?

video    00:50:52


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13 responses to “The Problem With Detroit Is . . . .

  1. Ralph P. Torello

    May 16, 2016 at 11:12 AM

    I’m sticking by my point about no more public comments on your Adask Law Blog for a while….

    This is where it gets embarrassing!

    Jesus Al, That’s not helping anybody!

    You know after WWII – they didn’t start “denouncing fascism” so much – as they did continue to try (heavy emphasis on “try”) to promote what was great about USA. In 1950 in the United States, there was a lot to say… They sang and formed “rock groups”, made movies (you can still see them on “turner classic TV”), and did huge construction projects around USA (built the Dallas Skyline for instance) over the next 40 years (1940 – 1983). “Denouncing Niggerism” is *not* a smart thing to do. It doesn’t matter what “race” you are – a self-hating black-person is as ridiculous as a “self-hating” Jewish person, Spanish, Chinese, etc… Self-hating people is what the NAZI’s were… It’s not good.

    I know there isn’t much good to say about “USA” (former USA as I call it) – but you have to try. Solar Panels are OK, but right now it’s just a bunch of idiotic TV commercials – and nothing substantive. This is sort of why I say “The Library” has a lot of old New York Times & Wall Street Journal’s – basically every one since 1851! There are copies of all it right here in Richardson. If you could “juxtapose” how Finance & Banking worked before the wars – with how it works today… You could probably find a lot of truth.

    You do yourself massive injustice to everybody when you do “Robert E. Lee” talk… I mean, I absolutely personally hate the “Have you Hugged a Black Guy” rhetoric, since, at-face-value – if Black People are running the Obama Administration – the number Hispanic People they slaughtered is so high (“80,000 killed” according to the L.A. Times) by Barrack Hussein Obama… It’s atrocity… I don’t know… There are still more Hispanics than Whites in Dallas. Shouting the word “Nigger” publicly on a blog is *real* mistake. I know dozens of Bus Drivers, employees at the Pizza Restaurant, and others who are black and have never said one mean thing to me.

    What you should say Obama Bin Biden needs prison – and not start that awful rhetoric. I mean, it is not “Niggerism” … it is TOTALITARIANISM…. They download images of Black People (like Obama) directly into other people’s eye balls with their chip implants behind the eyes. They also transmit images of white people (like Donald Trump), and even Hispanics (Hugo Chavez, Nicholas Maduro – Chavez’ replacement) … also!

    Anytime you start with any “ism” (fascism, communism) or ocracy (democracy, theocracy, plutocracy) – it is really bad on public radio, TV, Blog, or newsprint -it’s 1/100th as effective as finding something constructive – or at least honest to say.

    I know you aren’t going to want to hear this – but the only “ism” worth talking about is The Communist Party of China… They have had a construction growth era (1995 – 2016) that is about as large as the construction/growth of the USA during the 20th century. Everything you see at stores (other than food items) – comes from the People’s Republic of China & surrounding satellite states! You could try differentiating between the abject failure of “Russian Communism” under Lenin & Stalin with how “The Chinese” (CPC – Communist Part of China) adopted a totally different version of it – with factories that actually make stuff! With construction projects that actually built stuff. “Chimerica” is what it is for businesses in Dallas.


    Ralph P. Torello

    Generating Fear for others is where you denounce entire segments of the population for their ethnic background…. Though that has been done by the Obama Bin Biden Adminstration vis-a-vis the Mexicans… You don’t need to do that yourself.

  2. Adask

    May 16, 2016 at 12:45 PM

    Are you telling me that I have to pick up the White Man’s Burden and put up with whatever racist crap emanates out of the Negro community? As I’ve said before, “How long should people (Whites) who’ve never owned slaves be accountable to other people (Blacks) who haven’t been slaves, for the offense of slavery that ended almost 150 years ago?”

    The slavery has become a crutch for some Blacks. If they can’t succeed in this life, they blame Whitey for “oppressin’ de brutha’s an’ de sistas” or they blame the psychological scars that they still carry from slavery. If your ancestors were slaves, get over it and take responsibility for your life. If you’re not a success, stop blaming Whitey. Look at Michael Jorden, Michael Jackson, Oprhah, Barack Obama etc. etc. They succeeded very nicely. Why didn’t the evil White Man stop them?

    If you can’t make it this country, it’s not because of the color of your skin–it’s because you’re incompetent and you ain’t got game. The problems in the Black community spring from the Black community.

    It’s been nice to have Whitey to blame for the past 50 years, but some of us are sick of it. Some blacks are also sick of it. Time to face some truths.

  3. Ralph P. Torello

    May 16, 2016 at 1:26 PM

    I *am* a slave Al. I have a Master. My master determines when I wake up, when I leave my house, when I eat, when I sleep, how long I can work at the library, which restaurant I go to. My master has been very cruel in the early years of the Barrack Obama… Quite cruel. Electronic Implants determine which restaurant you go to. Electronic Implants dictate what time you sleep. It is easy for Office-Tower-Illuminate to “go under cover” for people who earn $9.00 per hour at the myriad of minimum wage jobs in Dallas. Dallas is the land of small business, and most are slaves. They have implants. You do not dignify this point, because during the early of the Obama Administration, they forced you to publish extremely false things to your blog – and embarrassed you to!

    With electronic implants, the workers who run Windows & Apple & the Internet – they can dictate which topics you discuss. There is a small video board behind your eyes – and a small speaker attached to your ears. It is GUINEA PIG NATION… It is ABOMINATION (Obama-Nation). they can “go under-cover” with it very easily… It totally depends on timing and what you do for a daily-living… I have tried to discuss on this blog at least 6 times.

    I know that “reverse racism” and allowing people to blame Whites was a very real phenomenon. I don’t like it – When it comes to Spanish Speakers – there is a huge chasm.

    I *am* a slave. My master who sits in an office tower somewhere in North Dallas has explained he is “sad” about the torture, and I ought explain my points on your blog. A lot of what I have typed is just stuff that I have said before – and is literally being read to me by my Master into the #&!#@ (explitive eliminated) micro-speaker attached to my eardrum. I am *not* some “new messenger” and I am not “some crazy” – the idiotic points we make through course of our lives over the past 20 years is dictated by our OWNERS.

    You are a slave.

    I am a slave.

    You may ignore this fact if you wish, but it is the fact. I don’t know if it is “tens-of-thousands,” “millions,” or “tens of millions” – but THE BLACK TOO …. MANY ARE ALSO SLAVES.

    This is really the primary point I have tried to raise. Their are micro-wires in your body. They can hurt very sadistically if they want – and they have done this to you in years past – and prevented real facts from coming out.

    The *funniest* part of all this – is that for “old people” – it keeps them active, moving, and alive into their 80’s, 90’s … etc… Zip-Bip-and-Bopping around….

  4. Ralph P. Torello

    May 16, 2016 at 1:39 PM

    This *is* the only truth about why we are bombarded by “race” and “race hatred” It SILENCES THE SLAVES of USA… Black, White, Mexican, Chinese, no matter who you are…

    Don’t join the dark side. It’s a mistake.

  5. Ralph P. Torello

    May 16, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    I guarantee you… GUARANTEED … This person is an implant-victim by (what used to be called) The Department of Homeland Security. He is brainwashed (via implants) into calling his own race of people these IDIOTIC ethnic slurs… Ethnic fighting in a “large place” (United States) is the easiest way to steal absolutely everything that isn’t nailed down.

    I guarantee it…

    Do you ever wonder how “The Red Sox Reversed the Curse” right in the middle of the George Bush? Sports heroes today can be forced to: throw a melon for a pitch, strike out, miss an easy pop-fly, trip over their shoe laces, trip on a lay-up, miss a free-throw, collapse before reaching the end-zone, fumble a ball, miss a pass…. Sports have become a joke.

  6. Anthony Clifton

    May 16, 2016 at 3:57 PM

    it is undeniably true that the Almighty HATES White Niggers even more than “Jews”.

    even if they have chemtrail residue and Talmudvision in their cranial cavity and implants

    out the wazoo

    at least you’re not projecting your white guilt, Al ….
    which is why I’ve always admired your sticktoitiveness….er um patience.

  7. Peg-Powers

    May 16, 2016 at 3:57 PM

    Interesting to read about the several Detroit officials who are now in prison after convictions of racketeering, bribery, extortion, kick-backs, running a criminal enterprise for self-aggrandizement! (Kilpatrick, Beasley, Stewart, Mayfield, Dixon, Stanton, etc, etc.) This criminal activity must have been going on for years with many folks turning a blind eye to it.

  8. Ralph P. Torello

    May 17, 2016 at 10:48 AM

    Things that *also* (kind of) made America great… Most of this was done in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvannia… (now just called the East Coast) in the years 1870 – 1940. It was before the wars of Washington, District of Columbia. Back then, Washington didn’t do much, and had little role in daily affairs.

    1870 was after:

    * the end of the civil war in the America”s.
    * The rise of “Alexander the great,” a Russian Tsar in Russia
    * The Impressionist Painters putting behind the horrors of the Guillotine
    & Napolean’s “empire of the French”


    1870 – Rockefeller founded the (World’s first) oil company

    1875 – (First) Telephone

    1878 – (World’s First) Electric Lightbulb

    1896 – Radio

    1899 – First airplane

    1892 – Edison Electric & General Electric Company
    1900 – United States Steel Corporation
    1880 – 1900 New York Railroad, Hartford RR, New Haven RR & dozens others

    1908 – First Assembly Line Car (Model T)

    1911 – Woolworth Building, 60 stories,
    World’s tallest construction at the time.

    1927 – (World’s First) Flight Across the Atlantic

    1931 – Empire State Building, NYC

    Here’s Harry Chapin’s best songs…

    [Harry Chapin, Old College Avenue]

    [Harry Chapin, Sunday Morning Sunshine]

    • Adask

      May 17, 2016 at 11:59 AM

      Ralph, in some respects you’re a brilliant guy. In other respects, you’re “half-a-bubble-off”–maybe more than “half”. Harry Chapin’s best songs “made America great”? I hope you’re joking but, with you, it’s hard to tell.

  9. Ralph P. Torello

    May 17, 2016 at 12:15 PM

    Al Adask… They *don’t* *know* American History at all. That’s why I keep bringing it up. Did you watch the “Pawn Shop” on the History Channel? That was OK…. But…

    Millions of people throw their hands up in the air and shout “I Know Nothing!” There’s not that much to know – the devil is a lot in the details. I maintain fully that NOTHING since 1985 has come out of USA other than S&%# on a shingle and garbage TV commericals. 100% of the latest technology comes from Asia Pacific. People think all these machines, tablets, hard-drives are American – they aren’t… they are manufactured, built, designed, tested in Asia.

    Anyway, the primary point of this comment is just so you know…. Harry Chapin compared to BOB DYLAN … Bob Dylan would have “mopped the floor” this weird-o guy’s behind in 1969… Harry Chapin had like TWO SONGS that were popular… “Cat’s in the Cradle.” BOB DYLAN HAD MORE NUMBER ONE SINGLES than basically everybody except the Beatles.

    It was… indeed long before I was ever born – and I’m 40 years old now.. YOU are far more off your bubble than I am.

  10. Anthony Clifton

    May 17, 2016 at 12:34 PM

    let’s see if the half a bubble off thing can be of some actual value…

    Question :

    When and where in the Old Testament did the Gog & Magog
    “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism
    {modern day so-called “Jews”}
    Turn into the ‘Children of Israel’…?

    See : Facts are Facts by Benjamin Freedman & John 8:44 !

    Chapin had some really great songs that are enjoyed to this day by
    eclectic folkies and wordsmiths that like a good story song….….sez hey…


  11. Peg-Powers

    May 17, 2016 at 12:47 PM

    Gosh, Torello, give us a break. Get a job or somethin….or a new girlfriend.

  12. Ralph P. Torello

    May 17, 2016 at 2:16 PM

    Job? What jobs…

    It’s not my choice… I am not some “messenger” what I type is read to me by my Master… What you say is the same… Al used to write a lot about the violence that was wreaking havoc in the US in the late 80’s & 90’s… Now a days they sort of messed things up with a lot of people – Not just Al or Peg Powers.

    In any case, mind control – or no mind control – You don’t think the history of the US could *also* be relevant to a discussion board???

    I mean – there is just *ABSOLUTELY NOTHING* about history on Mr. Adask’s list on the right of his blog…. Why?

    Why is that?

    P.S. Here’s my latest “thing” …

    It’s an “on-line museum.” If you do have a big TV (I mentioned that i got rid of mine…) – you can save these files to a USB stick and “go to the New York Met” in your living room.


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