An Immigrant’s Perspective on American Gun Control

13 Jun

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7 responses to “An Immigrant’s Perspective on American Gun Control

  1. Anthony Clifton

    June 14, 2016 at 3:43 PM

    “These are my opinions of General Washington,
    which I would vouch at the judgment seat of God,
    having been formed on an acquaintance of thirty years. . . .

    “I felt on his death, with my countrymen,
    that ‘verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.’”

    at that time :
    … there was no cult compound in Palestine for the
    “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism,
    and the economic terrorists
    were not printing the currency and owning the media…

    Gay is defined as happy, and sodomites are NOT happy…

    America was not “manifested” as a “society” for
    {{{{JEW}}} worshippers

  2. Peg-Powers

    June 14, 2016 at 9:37 PM

    Interesting reading, Anthony. Thank you.

    I’m quite certain history tells us that Alexander Hamilton was the “Rothschild agent” which guaranteed him the position of FIRST Secretary of the Treasury on 9-11-1789, (that’s 9-11), under George Washington. Hamilton also founded the “Federalist Party”. You see, the Money Changers were inter-connected around the globe, even at that time…..running things according to their own fiscal timetable.

    Remember, the conquerors get to write the history books. Be careful about choosing any hero.

    • Anthony Clifton

      June 15, 2016 at 12:28 PM

      if you can find a copy you might also read
      THE NAZARENE…by Sholem Asch

      The novel that caused such a commotion is itself an oddity.
      Asch constructed the book in three parts: Pan Viadomsky,
      a bilious anti-Semitic history professor in pre-Hitler Warsaw,
      has just hired an unnamed Jewish assistant to help him translate an ancient manuscript.
      Soon Viadomsky is confiding in the assistant about his, um, past life as the Roman commander Cornelius, Pontius Pilate’s right-hand man.
      Viadomsky/Cornelius recounts life in Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple and the appearance of the Rabbi from the Galilee that had everyone talking.
      The text of the yellowing manuscript, which Viadomsky insists is written by Judah Ish-Kiriot, constitutes the second part of Asch’s novel.
      Then Asch returns to Viadomsky’s Jewish assistant, who conjures a past life of his own
      as a student of a rabbi witness to Jesus’ last days.

      In rich, dizzying detail, Asch reconstructs ancient Jerusalem chafing under Roman rule,
      from the gleaming golden towers of the Temple to the spice dealers and money changers
      of the old city and the poor in the teeming crooked streets below.
      But his principal goal was to reclaim Jesus—and his earth-bound rabbi Yeshua ben Joseph
      is unquestionably grounded in his Jewish faith. Asch introduces us to a
      “lean and hungry-looking” Jesus preaching to the poor fishermen by the harbor,
      with his dark beard and traditional sidelocks, clad in a tallis with the
      “ritualistic fringes hanging down almost to the ground.”
      This is a rabbi who followed Hillel’s teachings, who was well-liked and
      respected by his fellow clergymen, who declared while speaking from a
      tiny synagogue pulpit (with his mother, Miriam, proudly watching with the
      other women in the balcony) that he had come
      “not to destroy the Law and prophets, but to fulfill them.”

      how do {{{JEWS}}} make it into the first 5 books of the Bible…?

      how do {{{JEWS}}} make it into the Old Testament…?

      was Jesus telling the TRUTH in John 8:44 ?

  3. Agent Burt

    June 15, 2016 at 10:23 AM

    He is wrong, The “State” is the Corporation Government, The People are The Government, the citizen is Property of The Government. “Firearms” are not arms, “firearms” is a creation of the US Board of Directors.
    A permit to purchase this benefit is evidence that you are begging for another Gov Benefit, but this points made here by me, will not be comprehended except by those who know that the man is free, but The LEGAL NAME bestowed on the man belongs to the STATE, such NAME is therefore property of The STATE.

  4. dog-move

    June 15, 2016 at 2:17 PM

    Alexander Hamilton was his alias— His real name was Alexander Levine. It was very unpopular to be JEWISH in the early days of the republic.
    One may surmise that the current debt bubble we are trapped in at present was his and his agents creation. If he was only alive to see the size of the bubble in A.D. 2016.
    His real name was Alexander Levine; the son of a Jew named John Michael Levine and a mulatto named Rachel Faucitt. Alex was stigmatized as a “bastard” rather than acknowledge his Negro and Jewish ancestry.

  5. cathy baldwin

    June 19, 2016 at 3:27 AM

    John 10:19 there was a division among the Jews.


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