Brexit: What Happened?

26 Jun

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The European Union (EU) traces its origins back to the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community (EEC), formed by the Inner Six countries of Europe in 1951 and 1958, respectively.

The “Brexit” (Britain’s exit from the EU) is a political movement that’s sputtered along ever since the United Kingdom joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973.

After 43 years without success, no one gave the Brexit movement much chance of winning the recent referendum.

Nevertheless, English and EU politicians warned of economic catastrophe if “Brexit” succeeded and even begged the English people to vote against Brexit.

Jo Cox, an MP (Member of England’s Parliament), fought against the Brexit movement and was assassinated by an apparent Brexit supporter. English sympathy shifted from pro-Brexit towards anti-Brexit.

The odds-makers predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

The pollsters predicted that the Brexit movement would fail.

Cynics predicted that even if the Brexit movement won the referendum, the Powers That Be would still steal the election.

They were all wrong.

On June 23rd, much to everyone’s surprise (including avid Brexit supporters like Nigel Farage) the Brexit referendum won by 52% to 48%.

Within hours, the British pound dropped 11% to a low of 1.33—a level not seen since A.D. 1985.

Oil fell 6%.

Gold Rallied 8%.

Stocks were slammed with the FTSE off 8% and the DAX down 6%.

Here, in America, the Dow Jones dropped 600 points.

The sky had fallen.


The Washington Post (“Britain’s decision to leave the E.U. is a warning to America”) reported:


Like everybody else in London, I woke up Friday morning, after not much sleep, to graphic depictions of the pound crashing, the stock exchange collapsing and markets all over the world in turmoil. I have no doubt that tomorrow, or the next day, the story will be different. Traders will take a step back and notice that nothing, actually, has happened yet. There will be cheap assets to pick up. Markets will stabilize.”


In fact, the Brexit referendum only began the process of Britain’s separation from the EU. According to the terms of the EU charter, that separation process will require negotiations lasting for at least another two years. That means that, if everybody plays by the rules, Britain won’t really depart from the EU until at least A.D. 2018.

So, we can wonder whether there’s really any valid reason (other than psychological panic) for all “sturm und drang” that instantly followed the Brexit’s referendum win.

Nevertheless, The Washington Post continued its “warning to America”:


“The slow agony of the divorce proceedings will take up precious political time and energy in London and other European capitals, so Europe’s leaders will not unite to cope with other crises. The U.K. will turn farther in on itself [and] will not be dedicated to pushing back against the Islamic State, resettling migrants, resisting Russia. The situation of the U.K. will be unstable and uncertain for a long time to come, so investments will not take place. Money will not be spent. Opportunities will not be created.”


Is there anything about Brexit in Revelation. Clearly (if we believe The Washington Post and other MSM Cassandra’s) Brexit has triggered the end of the world. (Of course, if you suspect that the Post’s article is based more on hype than facts, maybe the world’s end is not yet upon us).


Other European countries may now face political instability as well. The British vote has, in just a few hours, energized the supporters of anti-European—and in some cases anti-democratic—parties . . . . Not just in the smaller European nations but in big countries—France, the Netherlands, Italy and possibly even Germanythe political scene may shift dramatically, particularly given the likelihood of slower economic growth.


Lions an’ tigers an’ bears, ohh my!

If we believe The Washington Post, Brexit released a Pandora’s box full of “political instability,” anti-European (isn’t that racist?) and “anti-democratic” political parties (isn’t that some kind of blasphemy?!), and even caused “slower economic growth” (Ahhhh—that’s terroristic!).

O. M. G.

Or—maybe whatever Pandora released, it’s all mostly hype.

From my perspective, it appears that Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel aren’t the only ones who believe that “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. So do the editors of most mainstream media.


Britain’s exit from the EU reminds me of the rampant, political instability among modern Middle East “nations”.

A major reason for that instability is that after World War I, the Western world carved out alleged “nations” in the Middle East. These “nations” included arbitrary political borders that ignored historic, cultural and political realities of the people of the Middle East. Western indifference resulted in “artificial nations” like Iraq composed of Sunni and Shiite Muslims who hate each other even more than they hate Jews and Christians.

Artificial nations like Iraq can’t be joined into a single “national entity” except by the brute force of dictatorships like that of Saddam Hussein.

The EU is similar to the Middle East in that it’s attempted to join 28 separate nation-states with separate languages, cultures and interests, into a single, artificial European Union. It’s at least debatable whether the 28 nations of the EU will ever be much more “united” than Iraq. The only way that EU can suppress the ancient cultural and political rivalries (that resist unification and push the EU towards disintegration) will be by deceit, false promises of economic prosperity, and ultimately by force and dictatorship.

Those who really want the EU, must also be prepared to welcome Big Brother.


As Europeans realize that the final glue holding the EU together is political force rather than “free lunches,” other European nations will also seek to leave the EU and seek their independence, freedom and prosperity elsewhere.

England just broke loose from the EU. Scotland and Northern Ireland may soon break loose from England. Some fear that nations like France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany, might also want to break free from the EU or at least agree to less binding rules of membership. We live in an age of political disintegration.

One lesson in this disintegration is that the New World Order (N.W.O.) can only deceive and exploit people for so long before the people revolt. The world’s people can only be contained within the artificial “states” created by the N.W.O. by increasingly brutal dictatorships and police states.

Eventually, all plans for world domination—like those of the 3rd Reich, Communism, Middle East nation-building, Unification of all European nations, the North American Union, the New World Order and global government—crash on the rocks of national, cultural differences that are centuries old and won’t be easily erased. Globalist plans to erase those cultural differences will stir local resentment. Inevitably, globalist plans will foment local resistance and revolution.

The British people have taken pride in “being British” for over 500 years. The EU can’t overcome that pride in national identity with promises of “access” to European markets.

Brexit was a reaffirmation of people’s pride in their nation rather than their economy.


In Britain’s recent referendum, we’ve seen evidence of one nation’s resistance to globalists and the would-be “masters of the universe”. The Brexit is a strike against globalist oppression and a victory for national independence and freedom. That victory is inspiring because virtually everyone assumed the Powers That Be would, by hook or by crook, subject the Brexit movement to defeat.

But, much to everyone’s surprise, the “Powers” failed. So far.

The globalist emperors were shown to be nude.

The People, believe it or not, prevailed.

How amazing.

We’d assumed that the gangsters running most western governments couldn’t be defeated. We’d assumed that the People could no longer control their governments.

We were wrong.

As the English people demonstrated, We the People are still the “800-pound gorillas”—if we ever decide to turn off the TV, get up off the couch and take action.


The Washington Post:

This referendum campaign was not fought on the issues that are normally central to British elections. Identity politics trumped economics; arguments about “independence” and “sovereignty” defeated arguments about British influence and importance. The advice of once-trusted institutions was ignored. Elected leaders were swept aside. If that kind of transformation can take place in the U.K., then it can happen in the United States, too. We have been warned.”

Gee, The Washington Post almost makes national identity, independence and sovereignty sound like bad things.

We’ve been “warned” about what? The dangers of freedom and independence? The dangers of trying to survive without the guidance and control of “big government”?

I disagree with The Washington Post’s contention that Brexit should serve as America’s “warning”.

Instead, I’d say that Americans have been inspired by Brexit to believe that we, too, can escape big government. The Washington Post implied that Brexit should be viewed as a warning to the American people to resist any impulse to reject our “big,” and increasingly oppressive, government. The Washington Post implied that Brexit is a “warning” to all who despise big government and the New World Order. The Washington Post implied that you and I are too ignorant and incompetent to survive without “big brother” to provide for us. The Post implies that We the People can’t make it on our own—we’ll starve without big government to spoon feed us.

I see Brexit as reason to hope that global government might not take place. I see Brexit as reason to believe that freedom might still be possible. I don’t see Brexit as a “warning”. I see Brexit as reason to say, “Thank God!”.


Writing in “Brexit Shows a Global Desire to Throw the Bums Out,” Time magazine reported that,


The 52% of the British electorate who voted the U.K. out of the E.U. yesterday have signaled clearly that they want to “take back control.” They want to be governed by British leaders, observe British laws and control British borders. They’ve listened to dire predictions from pro-European British politicians, European politicians, economists, bankers, academics, think tank wonks, movie stars, athletes, members of the clergy, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. And it’s pretty clear that a majority of British voters don’t trust any of them. This was a vote against the entire political class. The bums have been tossed.”


Not exactly. The “bums” may have had their wrists slapped, but they haven’t yet been “tossed” out. As you’ll read, the Brexit movement is the result of a force, a sentiment, that’s far more ancient and powerful than the urge to “throw the bums out”.

Time continued:


There’s nothing unique to Britain about this sentiment. Populist political parties in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Poland and Hungary are banging this same drum with gusto. Listen to Trump and Bernie Sanders.

“British voters have taken firm action—and they will now face the consequences [including] . . . political and legal uncertainties . . . serious economic pain. Immigration into Britain will slow, because that’s what happens when recession takes hold.

Expect a series of emergency meetings among E.U. leaders in coming days. Their message for Britain: If you’re leaving, go quickly. We don’t need the uncertainty. In particular, France and Germany face national elections next year. They will want to make clear to voters in their own countries that exit comes with a heavy cost.”


Time implies that instead of slowly boiling British bullfrogs over the next two years of negotiations, the EU’s administrators will instead force Britain to leave the EU quickly and with maximum heat. Time implies that, rather than simply letting Britain exit with the least possible fuss, the British people will be made to suffer a high price for daring to reject the EU market’s dictatorship of the consumers.

I’m not convinced. I doubt that Britain will be subjected to unnecessary trauma.

But I could be wrong. It’s certainly conceivable that England might be made to suffer unnecessary economic damage in the next few months. This damage could be justified as a deterrent to other EU nations that might also dare to leave the EU and the almighty New World Order.

Nevertheless, I can’t see how the EU can openly “punish” Britain without admitting that, at bottom, the EU is (or plans to become) a thuggish dictatorship. I doubt that the EU wants to risk making that revelation. The more the EU punishes Britain, the more other nations will see the EU as a brute and seek to escape their EU “master”.

Therefore, I’d bet that the EU will let Britain exit with as little trouble as possible.


If the Powers behind the EU and the New World Order could still generate a roaring-hot economy able to produce piles of “free lunches,” their warning to other dissident nations might work.

Unfortunately, our seemingly “free” lunches are an illusion that can only be provided by going deeper into debt. Yes, we may not have to pay for today’s “free” lunch right now. But that’s only because the lunch was purchased with credit. Sooner or later that “free” lunch will have to be paid for by ourselves, our children or our grandkids.

The EU, U.S. and global economies are already so deeply indebted that they can’t go much deeper. Without more debt, it follows that the big governments and the N.W.O. won’t be able to provide many more “free” lunches. If the Globalists can’t provide more “free” lunches, who needs ‘em?

Debt in the EU, U.S. and world economies has just about maxed out. As I’ve said for at least five years, the debt is already so enormous that at least 80% (probably 90%) of it can’t and therefore won’t ever be repaid. Debt has grown too large to support the illusion of more “free lunches” that so inspire public confidence and allegiance. No one is inclined to follow the leadership of any man or institution that can’t provide anything more than a recession. What have we had for the past eight years if not persistent recession?

Big government and the New World Order are being destroyed by debt limits and governments’ consequent inability to provide more free lunches.

Brexit is evidence of that destruction.


For thousands of years, a “nation” has been defined as a group of people of one race, one language, one religion, and one culture occupying a limited and distinct territory.

An economy, on the other hand, is a relatively recent invention composed of a mongrel mix of people of any or all races, languages, religions, and cultures, without regard for national boundaries, who are bound together in a common determination to consume and, if necessary, sometimes even produce, commodities goods and services.

The EU is an economy managed by some purported “geniuses” who act on the premise that “It’s the economy, stupid!” People are presumed to be naturally more interested in the goods and services (especially the “free” ones) produced by an “economy” than they are in ancient notions of national identity and independence.

Brexit is evidence that the EU’s fundamental premise is wrong. The 28 nation-states of Europe will not be replaced and erased by the homogeneity of the EU’s “economy”.

Brexit was based, only secondarily, on the impulse to “throw the bums out” of political office. Brexit’s fundamental motive was to restore and preserve the ancient concept of the nation-state in general, and that of England, in particular.

What’s the real cause of the EU’s failure to entice England into surrendering its nationality?


The people of Europe and the world will follow the proposals of any leader or aristocracy, no matter how hare-brained or treasonous, so long as those “leaders(s)” can provide an unlimited supply of free lunches (and circuses). If you can build a better economic theory that provides people with more free lunches, the world will beat a path to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, when the world finds out that:


1) Free lunches aren’t really free;

2) Free lunches can only be made to appear to be free by going into debt; and,

3) That debt won’t be imposed on some distant, future generation but will be imposed instead on the current generation; then,

4) The current generation will abandon the idiotic economic theory that promised “free lunches for all!,” kick its proponents to the curb and perhaps even hang the treasonous S.O.B.s. If our would-be leaders can’t provide more free lunches, the world will beat a path from their doorstep.


In essence, Brexit served notice on the globalist Powers behind the EU, the North American Union, and the New World Order that, when it comes to power able to motivate the people, “It’s not the economy, stupid—it’s the nation.”

When it came down to choosing between possibly being more prosperous in the EU economy or definitely remaining “British” in the nation of Great Britain, the British people chose to be “British”.

Good for them.


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8 responses to “Brexit: What Happened?

  1. cathy baldwin

    June 26, 2016 at 11:55 PM

    The E.U. is the revived Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne’s name being on E.U. properties and extensions. Iron is ruling power, feet of clay the professed church. Daniel 2: 41-43. The clay is miry, representing the end time apostate church ( Church of Rome, catholicism).

  2. Blonddbythelight

    June 27, 2016 at 12:27 AM

    This is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen, my friend. Thank you!

    I grew up hearing the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That always made sense to me. Who am I to go into a different country on vacation or to move there and demand they change things for me? That sounds ridiculous to me! But that’s what’s been happening lately, all over the world. All this bending over backwards to accommodate people from all corners of the earth is making us lose our identity. There is only so much bending before it breaks. All countries are losing their identities along with the people of said countries. And this silly notion that we might offend someone or hurt their feelings…has the whole world gone mad?

    Another huge problem is the politically correct morons. I am not a politician, I am not a public servant therefore I don’t get paid to act like a politician who gets a great salary, medical, dental, vision, paid vacations, sick days, 401k’s, pensions, many have armed security, etc., to be politically correct. Those who are not politicians themselves who tell others they have to be politically correct, are basically saying that you must specifically perform as a public servant by acting in a certain manner, for no compensation. It’s unbelievable. We who never chose a public servant job are still the superior source, not subservients. If superior source people have been so indoctrinated that they feel they have to act like a subservient with no compensation, that’s their choice. But the next time someone tells you you have to be politically correct, ask them, “Are you under the impression that I am a politician that is being paid to be POLITICALLY correct? Whatever or whooever gave you that absurd notion?”

    I love people of all races, all colors, from all walks of life. I find it terribly sad that US and other foreign policy is causing a lot of the turmoil and refugee exodus from many, many other countries. I wish people would be more astute and instead of blaming the refugees, look back a little further and ask yourself what is the root cause of this mass exodus?. Ask yourself why are they even coming here, coming to Europe, coming to Germany and other countries? I believe the bulk of the reason is specifically due to US, Europe, Germany, etc. foreign policy. Hey, I’m an American, part English, part German. I accept some responsibility but not the blame. All I can do is try to educate people. To have them look outside themselves a little bit more. Hard to do, I know, due to people working harder and making less. Oh, that hidden inflationary tax, yet another mirage. A suit, loaf of bread, milk, you name it, purchased today, should actually cost LESS than the same exact thing purchased 2,000 years ago. Why? Because of automation and abundance, there is no lack of scarcity. Yet all these items are marked up thousands of times more than what they are worth. And taxed beyond belief. Are we stupid or what accepting this insane frog-in-the-pot incrementalization?

    For example, politicians wanted to add more taxes on cigarettes that are already insanely overpriced and vastly overtaxed to cover the SCHIP (poor children health insurance. The problem was, voluminous amounts of people said that if cigarettes were taxed any more, they would simply not purchase them anymore and quit smoking. One politician, who apparently was anti-tax (how refreshing) sarcastically said that the solution to that problem was to have the poor children who needed health insurance was to have the children start smoking and purchasing the cigarettes themselves so they could pay for their own health insurance…

    Back to the mass exodus, I’m sure the US, Europe, Germany would just LOVE for us to keep blaming the refugees and such, because that keeps the spotlight off who and what is to really blame for it. Just some food for thought.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. pamelazander

    June 27, 2016 at 1:43 AM

    Please take me off your list. NOW.

    Sent from Outlook


    • moon

      June 27, 2016 at 8:45 AM

      Uh-oh. Al, would you please just ease back a bit on the rhetoric against “free lunches”? If you lose readers, you’ll be forced to raise the price we all pay to participate on this blog.

      Ironically, in my opinion, you produce a product worth consuming, yet it’s like a “free lunch”…imagine that.

      It’s amazing to me that too many folks feel the Brexit situation is an affair far across the waters, when it exists all around us here. The several states, according to the original agreement, should be loosely affiliated in a very small central government. Forget the North American Union, the several states have already been conned into serving a corrupt, massive, and unlawful “Federal Government”. Do we, the people have the guts to do a Brexit here? Quick, someone think of a catchy name for adherence to and evolution toward the Constitutional importance of state’s rights!

      • Adask

        June 27, 2016 at 9:42 AM

        Somebody else has already coined the term “Texit” to signify a Texas movement to break free from Washington DC.

        As for these articles being “free lunches,” they aren’t actually “free”. I must expend some effort to write them and people like yourself must expend some effort to read and understand them.

        So, if these articles are not “free lunches,” maybe we could call them “cheap brunches”. Whatcha think?

      • moon

        June 27, 2016 at 10:36 AM

        My comment was not in any way meant to diminish the effort you put into the articles. I admire and applaud your expenditure of effort. Please, though, don’t spoil my illusion that I have the opportunity to freely take shots at them whenever I choose. The “lunch” seems free on my part because you put so much food for thought into them without requiring pay to play.

        As for “Texit”, my eyes and ears have been attuned to that movement. There may come a time for me to join it. It seems very remote that “Alaexit” will fly in light of the fact that the secession of Alabama would remove both the University of Alabama AND Auburn University from the SEC.

  4. Chris

    June 27, 2016 at 6:46 AM

    Great insight, especially about the idea that nations are not formed from economies, they are (or should be) formed from like-minded people based on beliefs and values. While I was reading your article, this got me thinking. I don’t feign to know everything or even a large part of exactly what the EU is based on, but this brought to mind NAFTA and all the other ‘free trade agreements’ the US has entered into in the past 25 years, which I believe are a huge reason we’re seeing accelerated disintegration of our nation’s identity, increased political unrest, and even problems like mass shootings. Main reason? The NWO is doing things to specifically tear apart the fabric that built our nation and replace it with their fabricated ‘world economy’ and one government.

    So anyways, your article inspired me to check out all of our current free trade agreements. I’ll stick to just a few with comments where I think it works with your blog (my comments in parentheses):

    NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership allows us to bring NAFTA into the 21st Century for the benefit of working families in America (thinking about free lunches, NAFTA and TPP will reduce the number of working families, ‘benefitting’ them by removing their ability to find gainful employment). Following the great progress (for global corporations) in U.S. trade policy since NAFTA was implemented, the TPP will help the U.S. address environmental challenges like wildlife trafficking and illegal fishing, respond to new developments in global trade (by removing all safeguards that protect local economies from artificially subsidized, cheaper imports), such as the growth of the digital economy, and reinforce the U.S. commitment to upholding cutting-edge labor and environmental standards to level the playing field for American workers (leveling the playing field is the absolute truth- these agreements are intended to ‘level’ the wages of American workers to that of slave or conscripted labor in less developed countries!).

    I wholeheartedly agree with many of your sentiments on national identity trumping ‘economy’…. Hopefully Brexit will be a shining example of giving ‘The Man’ the finger, but this will just be another instance of where artificially imposing a larger, more controlling government over several nations does not, and likely will never, work. You hit on a few- Nazi ‘unification’ of Europe (the first plan for the EU?), Communism’s ‘unification’ in the USSR, and older examples like the British and Spanish empires of the past 400 years. All of these ‘unifications’ to a ‘one government’ mindset were carried out by force, both the submission of the natives and the administration of the subservient nations, to hold them to the expectations of the ‘parent’ entity- Hitler, Stalin, and the kings and queens of Britain and Spain. There are others, but history shows they have all ended similarly. There has been a collapse, a vacuum of power for a short time, and then the people again rise up and re-form THEIR nation, as they intend.

    As always Al, thanks for the great insight and points to help us think through the chess game that is being played. And please, NEVER take me off your list. God Bless!

    • Adask

      June 27, 2016 at 7:46 AM

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments,compliments and blessing. All are appreciated.

      Thanks for reading–and understanding–my stuff.



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