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Monetary Madness Part I—Negative Interest Rates

Negative Interest Rates-- Heading for Hell? [courtesy Google Images]

Negative Interest Rates–
Taking us towards Hell?
[courtesy Google Images]

The fundamental premise underlying negative-interest rate bonds is that lenders pay government borrowers for the “privilege” of lending to government. Based on this premise, governments receive loans at less than the face value of the bond. For example, if you loaned $100,000 to the government on a negative-interest loan, you might only receive, say, $98,000 when you redeemed that bond. You’d lose $2,000 for the privilege of lending to the government.

In all of world history, I doubt that there’s ever before been a time when lenders paid borrowers for the privilege of lending money.

The world is embracing negative-interest rate bonds for the first time. That fact is not evidence of economic creativity and financial innovation so much as evidence of desperation and the financial madness that lies at the heart of debt-based monetary and economic systems.


A few facts about negative-yield bonds:

According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the global amount of government bonds having negative yields is now $13 trillion,.

Just two years ago, there were virtually zero negative-interest rate bonds. The subsequent, two-year rise to $13 trillion is unprecedented.

In February A.D. 2015, the total amount of negative-interest debt was $3.6 trillion.

By February A.D. 2016 that negative-interest debt had nearly doubled to $7 trillion.

In the five months since February, A.D. 2016, the amount of negative-yielding bonds nearly doubled again to $13 trillion.

The spread of negative-yielding bonds is unprecedented, fantastic and accelerating.

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Theeere’s Nooo Business . . . Like Shooow Business . . . .

If the Democrats couldn’t really have party unity at their National Convention, they could at least appear to have unity by removing or silencing Bernie Sanders delegates.  Reality be darned!  It’s the appearance of reality that matters.

video      00:09:56



Here’s another video describing Democratic National Convention “show biz”.  The the DNC hired “extras” to sit in empty seats to give the appearance that the place was packed and virtually everyone was cheering for Hillary.

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Teeter-Totter Relationship Between U.S.$ and Foreign Currencies

USDX [courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The “Group of 20” (G20) includes the world’s 20 biggest industrial and emerging economies. G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs met in China on Saturday and Sunday (July 23-24, A.D. 2016).

According to the AFP (“US Warns Against Devaluation Ahead of G20 Finance Meeting”), on the Thursday before this G20 meeting:


US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said that top economies should refrain from competitive currency devaluations–a message likely directed at China.

According to Secretary Lew, “The global outlook . . . underscores our focus on the commitment made at the last G20 in Shanghai to consult closely with one another on [currency] exchange rate policy, and to refrain from competitive devaluation.”


First, the term “competitive currency devaluations” is misleading insofar as “competitive” signals something civil like a genteel, after-dinner game of Whist in the parlor. In fact, these “competitive currency devaluations” are almost as potentially serious and lethal as nuclear war.

(More, it’s conceivable that China’s “competitive currency devaluations” just might be enough to trigger naval conflict between China and the U.S. or even Japan in the South China Sea.)

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Once a Thief, Always a Thief

You've Got Mail [courtesy Google Images]

You’ve Got Mail
[courtesy Google Images]

As you know, last Friday Wikileaks released 20,000 email that had been written to or from Hillary Clinton. Among other things, those email provided proof that, just as Bernie Sanders had claimed for most of a year, Hillary Clinton had been working to with the Democratic National Committee (the Democrat “establishment”) to rig the Democrat Primary to ensure that Hillary won and Bernie lost.

According to Yahoo! News (“Bernie Sanders says leaked emails show he was right about the DNC all along”):


Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that the leak of Democratic National Committee emails that show its staffers plotting against him proves Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign.

Shortly after the interview aired, CNN reported that Wasserman Schultz will no longer serve as chair of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, which began Monday.

Sanders said the email leak proved once and for all that Wasserman Schultz was unfit to lead the committee.”

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Hillary’s Seizure?

In December of A.D. 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted, fell down, and struck her head.  It was claimed that she fainted due to dehydration and the fall caused a concussion.  That may be true.

It’s also possible that Hillary suffered some sort of a brain seizure that caused her to faint and fall.  In other words, the fall didn’t cause a concussion in her brain, but was instead the result of a problem in her brain.

Whatever happened in A.D. 2012, there’ve been persistent rumors that, since then, Hillary has suffered from repeated seizures, convulsions or other adverse reactions to her earlier “concussion”.

Until now, those rumors were largely ignored because there was no video evidence of such seizures.  However, here’s a video of Hillary taken about four days before the opening of the Democratic National Convention.  In this video, Hillary seems to suffer from some sort of seizure.

It’s fascinating to see Hillary react by automatically smiling, smiling, smiling.  If you keep smiling, the world will love you and forgive almost anything.   Such smiles are lies, of course.  Still, the persistent smile is the politician’s best friend.

But, smile or not, this video should just about finish Hillary’s presidential ambitions.  Her apparent seizure may elicit sympathy from her supporters, but many will grudgingly agree that they can’t support a candidate for president who is mentally or physically impaired.  The strain of the presidential contest against Trump will probably produce more seizures that will be caught on video.

It’s entirely possible that, faced with public exposure of her seizures, Hillary will volunteer, or be forced, to abandon her presidential ambitions in the next day or two.  If so, she’ll leave the Democratic National Convention wide open to selecting a new candidate like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or some “dark horse” that we haven’t yet even heard of.  On the other hand, it’s also possible that Hillary’s ambition to become president is so enormous that Hillary will not voluntarily withdraw from the race for any reason other than death.

I don’t like Hillary.  I never have.  Every bit of real news I’ve seen or heard about her for several decades indicates that she’s a mean, foul-tempered, violence-prone bitch.  Still, even I feel a certain amount of sympathy for her based on her apparent seizure and likely end of her “blind ambition” to become president.  Her life story will end in tragedy.  She may have earned that tragedy, but it’s a tragedy nonetheless. Perhaps I’m old enough to lament any tragedy.

In any case, one way or another, this video should just about terminate her presidential ambitions.  Not many people will vote for a candidate whose head sometimes bobs around like a cork on rough water. That termination could take place in the next day or two.

This is yet another bizarre event in a presidential campaign that’s already become the most improbable and fantastic in American history.

video   00:01:02



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Alex Jones Confronts the “Young Turks” at the RNC

Alex Jones receives his fair share of criticism.  Some of it’s right, some wrong.  But you can’t fault Jones for a lack of balls.  He’s like Trump, in that regard–they both like to fight; they both thrive in the midst of conflict.  If there’s a hornets nest that needs stirring, call Jones or Trump. Makes me laugh.

video    00:05:26


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An English Politician’s View of Central Banks

Is criticism of central banking an idea whose time has come?

video      00:01:55


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