Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

05 Aug

There’s little doubt that Hillary is morally unfit to be President.

There’s growing evidence and suspicion that she’s also medically and even psychologically unfit to be President.

I’m beginning to think that Hillary is on the verge of a complete mental breakdown or even death.  It’s not funny when anyone dies.  Nevertheless, if Hillary dies, I promise to post the “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” song (from the Wizard of Oz) on this blog.

I don’t know if she’s evil, mentally ill or simply tragic.  But she is despicable.  And she is unfit.

She can not be endured.  One way or another, she’s got to go.

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One response to “Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

  1. Tee Quake (@Tee_Quake)

    August 6, 2016 at 4:03 AM

    I do not wish anyone’s demise, but there is absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clinton is embroiled in a competition which she is in no way competent to handle. If Bill, Chelsea, or any other loved one cared and loved Hillary, they would advise her to withdraw immediately for HER sake if not for the sake of the United States and the world. When Obama launched his ludicrous “unfit to be President” tirade against the remarkable DONALD TRUMP, his words would have rung strong and true if only he’d been talking about Hillary Clinton. Or course, it has proven, over time, to be extremely unhealthy for anyone (friend or foe) to criticise a Clinton. Their detractors seem to keep turning up dead, whether by suicide or a bullet to the back of their head.


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