The Issue of Hillary’s Health is Rising

28 Aug

The Main-Stream Media has generally ignored Hillary’s health issues.  But the issue is gaining traction on the Internet.

In some regards, the election contest between Hillary and The Donald may be determined by another contest between the Internet and the Main-Stream Media.  Which entity will control public opinion?  This election just might determine whether the dominant media of the future will remain the MSM or the Internet.

In any case, there’s little real evidence that Hillary is healthy.  There’s lots of evidence that she may be too impaired to be entrusted with the office of President.

video    00:06:14


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2 responses to “The Issue of Hillary’s Health is Rising

  1. wholy1

    August 28, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    Is the health issue possibly re-direction from the fact that “it” is a certified psychopath,
    a cold-blooded, shape-shifting, sulfur-stinking lizard.
    A deceiving, lying, grifting, murdering reprobate with absolutely no shame or redeeming value.
    ASABER (Aberrant, Semi-Animate, Bio-Engineered, Recombinant) parasitic virus.
    So aberrant to the laws of nature that “it” would be rejected by a black-hole.

    • Jethro!

      August 29, 2016 at 9:56 AM

      I’ve been thinking similarly. Of all of her loathsome flaws, suffering from seizures related to brain injury is less significant compared to her CHARACTER flaws. If Hillary can avoid having another public seizure before election, the press might have helped her deflect both issues long enough for her to get elected.


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