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Hillary Won

Debate #1 [courtesy Google Images]

Debate #1
[courtesy Google Images]

Deciding who won the first Clinton-Trump debate is somewhat subjective.  Some will insist Hillary won; others will claim the victor was The Donald.  The result was close enough to a tie, that either side might claim victory.

After the 95-minute Clinton-Trump debate, there was a “reaction” panel composed of 5 or 6 people who analyzed who won or lost the debate.  That panel seemed to agree that the debate was a “wash”–neither candidate won or lost in an absolute sense.  But, they also seemed to agree (except for Katie Couric) that, if anyone won that debate (barely), it was Trump.

As a man whose reaction to Hillary goes much deeper than dislike, I can say I hope the “reaction” panel was right. I hope Trump won, even it the victory was only marginal.

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Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows–and even Stranger Interviews

I have no idea how this happened.  But it’s so funny it makes me wince.

video   00:05:47

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Obama Campaigns for Donald Trump

It’s a long time since you’ve heard Obama tell the truth, isn’t it?

video     00:01:27


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Forces Favoring the New World Order are Failing

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Whenever two homosexuals argue, they call each other a “fag” or a “queer”. Homosexuals know from personal experience that it hurts to be called a “fag” or “queer”.

Likewise, whenever two Negroes fight, the first thing they call each other is “nigger”. They know they’ve been hurt by being called a “nigger” and therefore assume that’s the insult they want to use to hurt other Negroes.

And, when two unintelligent people argue the first insult they reach for is to call each other “stoopid”.

When it comes to insults, we throw the stones that we know hurt from personal experience. Homosexuals know that it it hurts to be called a “fag” so that’s an insult they like to use against others. Negroes know it’s hurt them to be called “nigger” and so that’s the #1 insult they use against other Negroes.. Dummies know it hurts to be called “dumb” so that’s the insult they hurl against others.

My point is that there’s little in life that’s as revealing about a man’s self-image and true nature as his insults. If I can hear a man’s insults, I’ll have a very good idea of who he really is. The insults we hurl at others expose us like nothing else.

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Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President?

The following video reports that Hillary Clinton had to leave today’s 9/11 memorial ceremony early.  Some say she was “over heated”.  Most suspect that she had another one of her medical “episodes”.

She allegedly stumbled and fell when she tried to get into her vehicle.  The Main Stream Media is reporting this event.  Hillary’s health issues are finally going mainstream with almost two months before the election.

The increased demands of the presidential race may be more than Hillary’s weakened body can endure.  If she continues in the election race, we are all but certain to see more of her falling episodes take place in public.

It’s increasingly likely that, one way or another, over the next days or weeks, health problems will force Hillary to withdraw from the presidential contest.

I think she’s losing the will to run for office.  I suspect that loss is tantamount to losing her will to live.

Which brings us to a very interesting question:  Who will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for next November’s election?  Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine?   Joe Biden?   Elizabeth Warren?   Bill?

(I’m just jokin’ ’bout “Bill”–at least, I think it’s just a joke.)

Can anyone replace Hillary at this late date and expect to win?

If Hillary’s got to go, she’ll have to go soon.  Maybe this week.

video    00:02:14


Another view of the same event:

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Over Half the World Lives in Asia

Here’s a graphic that indicates the concentration of the world’s population in a relatively small area.

It means that most of the world’s power should be shifting towards Asia.

It also means that most of the world’s danger is shifting to Asia.  Famine.  Pandemics.  War.  All are most likely in those areas where population density is highest.

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The Gold Imperative

Got Gold? [courtesy Google Images]

Got Gold?
[courtesy Google Images] published an article entitled “The Inflation Imperative” which stated in part that:


“The western welfare states (US, UK, EU etc.) have borrowed more digital currency than can be repaid at current values. The choices are:

“1. Massive inflation: a bad choice.

“2. Default: an even worse choice.”


In fact, these two choices could be more clearly expressed as:


1. Covert debt default by means of massive inflation: a bad choice

2. Overt debt default: an even worse choice.

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