9/11 WTC 7

04 Sep

It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since some Muslim terrorists allegedly hijacked four airplanes and used them to attack the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It seems like it happened just two or three years ago.

We all have good reason to know that Bush, Cheney, Bush administration officials, the Saudi government and the National Institute of Standards and Technology all lied in order to cover-up and conceal the real culprits behind the 9/11 attack.  We all have good reason to know that the real purpose behind the 9/11 attacks was to precipitate a unjustified invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps destabilize the entire Middle East.

The following video report doesn’t offer any new information.  It won’t tell you anything that you don’t already know about the implosion of World Trade Center Building #7.  But it’s a good summary of the evidence that implies that 9/11 could not have been perpetrated by a rag-tag band of Muslims and therefore had to have been perpetrated–and subsequently concealed–by our own government.  This video is a memorial to 9/11 that deserves to be posted on this blog as reminder to all that our government is willing to murder thousands (millions?) or Americans to expand its power.

How many millions of Muslims have died as retribution for the 9/11 attacks that were blamed on Muslims but which the Muslims could not have actually caused?  I.e., Building 7 was not hit by an airplane.  There is no credible reason for it’s sudden, 7-second collapse, other than implosion.  It would take weeks or months to wire Building 7 to implode.  The Muslims could not have spent months sneaking into Building 7 to plant explosives.  The wiring of Building 7 was an inside job that could not have been achieved or concealed without the complicity of our own government.

Some might say, Well, that was the Bush administration.  Today’s government isn’t like that.

Bunk.  There’s no statute of limitations on murder.  3,000 Americans were murdered in 9/11.  If today’s congressmen, senators or presidents don’t seek to expose and prosecute the true perpetrators, then today’s politicians are accomplices after the fact to mass murder.  They’re just as guilty as the Bush administrations’ fascists and psychopaths.

And, incidentally, how’d the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq work out?  You could make a good case that those unjustified invasions have badly diminished Americans’ previous faith in government, caused the U.S. military to be badly weakened, triggered enormous instability in the Middle East, and (since Afghanistan and Iraq were not quickly subdued by our “shock and awe”) even caused serious damage to the New World Order.

Although perpetrators like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have gone free, the lies surrounding 9/11 are still coming home to roost.  There’s an ironic justice in all that.

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9 responses to “9/11 WTC 7

  1. BMan

    September 4, 2016 at 1:32 PM

    Interesting that there is not a peep about Israel, Greater Israel (Eretz Israel), zionist jew connections at every front on that day, dancing Israelis, etc.

    • Anthony Clifton

      September 6, 2016 at 3:11 PM

      completely, “interesting”…

      considering the smoking gun “Emet Group” that
      set up a “WAR ROOM” in D.C…..23 days before 9/11 !
      …..Its founder, president and CEO Les Wexner is a Zionist Billionaire Terrorist
      He is on the board of directors of Emet: An Educational Initiative, Inc,
      the Pro-Israel Media ‘War Room’ whose function is to ensure that all media in the
      US stays biased in favor of “ISRAEL”….the “JEWISH” so-called “STATE” of
      Zionist/Bolshevik “Terrorists”…

      In early 2001, a tightly knit group of billionaire philanthropists conceived of a plan to win American sympathy for Israel’s response to the Palestinian intifada. They believed that the Palestinian cause was finding too much support within crucial segments of the American public, particularly within the media and on college campuses.

      They formed an organization, Emet: An Educational Initiative, Inc., to offer
      “TALMUDIA”…AKA…”ISRAEL” the kind of PR that the Zionist / Bolshevik “TERRORIST”
      so-called Israeli government seemed unable to provide itself.

      At first, Emet floundered, without an executive director or a well-defined mission.
      But that changed after the Zionist/Bolshevik TERRORIST Sept. 11 attacks
      and Emet changed too, into what is now the
      ….Foundation for the Defense of Zionist Hijacked “Democracies”…. !

      The name is different, but the goal of influencing America’s opinion-forming classes remains.

      The World
      Flash Traffic reported by Joel C. Rosenberg
      August 18, 2001

      A group of American business and political leaders are building a
      pro-Israel media “war room” in Washington, D.C.
      The group will be called “Emet”-which in Hebrew means “truth.”

      Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
      and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important,
      pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States
      and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or
      acquire weapons of mass destruction.

      Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s
      for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors,
      including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited;
      Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram’s;
      and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel’s largest banks.
      Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN,
      and …. Jack Kemp.

      15 Years of Change the subject, and ignore the Truth…{No Matter What}….!

      No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…
      No “Jews” in the Old Testament !

      Thanks to the Messiah for the Children of Israel
      “The Only Begotten Son Of The Almighty”…
      no one on Earth HAS to be a “Jew” !!!

  2. cathy baldwin

    September 7, 2016 at 2:27 AM

    The return of Jesus is to Jerusalem, Israel. His return saves the Jewish people from annihilation. God’s Millenial Kingdom is set up and administered from Jerusalem, Israel. tThe topography of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is changed. The Jewish people and their homeland will be Jesus Christ’s people and home in the Millenium. Would you have one scripture to dispute any of these statements, Mr. Clifton? There is no doubt or question to the unworthiness and unfaithfulness of the Jewish people at this time. The point is, their redemption draws nigh. The centrality of ISRAEL with God Almighty is unable to be missed or misunderstood. Do you understand any eschatology at all? Denigration, villification, hatred of Israel is a fool’s game.

    • Anthony Clifton

      September 13, 2016 at 3:44 PM

      “Israel” is a people, not a place….Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32.

      John 8:44. <—-That's according to the Messiah for "Israel"…

      furthermore Gog & Magog "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism are
      not "Israel"…

      "Israel" and the "Jewish" narrative are antonyms..! complete opposites.

      the Children of Israel did not turn into "Jews" in the Old Testament.

      100% of modern day so-called "Jews" are merely 'Proselytes' to


      you might ….IN GOOD FAITH …READ !


      Revelation 3:9.

      can anyone provide the physics for the secret pancake recipe the
      so-called Islamic Extremists "Al Quida" allegedly used to make
      3 steel and concrete buildings turn into dust in MID AIR in
      New York City….?

  3. moon

    September 7, 2016 at 10:15 AM

    Interesting turn of conversation in the comments for this post.

    It is amazing to me that some still seem to believe the “official” story and say Bush, Cheney, etc are heros for their efforts of and about 9/11. By now it must take much energy to hold on to the “official” story.

    Al, thanks for the reminder. Mass murder is actually a serious crime.

  4. cathy baldwin

    September 19, 2016 at 12:08 AM

    I believe I have asked you before Mr. Clifton, please try to speak in simple terms, without internet site references. What is your reply to the statements I made as to the prophetic future of Jerusalem, Israel? John 8:44 simply denotes there were those who accepted Jesus as Messiah and those who did not. This scripture has nothing whatsoever to do with Christs return to Jerusalem, Israel. Matthew 23:15 is the same concept. The people of the Old Testament covenants, Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 32 are the embryonic Israel, not the spiritual Israel of the New Testament. The point remains, Jerusalem, Israel, physically, materially, is mentioned so many times prophetically, how can it be missed?

  5. dog-move

    September 21, 2016 at 6:13 PM

    Bless you Anthony.

  6. dog-move

    September 21, 2016 at 6:18 PM

    The United States of America is the New Jerusalm– regathered Israel. JerUSAlem. 2 Samuel 7:10 was written when Israel was gathered in PALESTINE them. 7:10 was speaking of a day in the future in which that Israel would form a multitude of nations in the Latter Days.


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