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Welcome to Monetary “Darnation”

RockHardPlace1Most economists agree that America’s hope of future prosperity has been compromised by America’s debt. The currency we spend paying the principal or even just the interest on the existing National Debt is currency that we can’t spend investing in new factories or technologies that would increase our productivity and therefore our prosperity.

So long as the National Debt remains or, worse, grows—America will continue to slide towards austerity rather than prosperity.

But, it’s not just America that’s overly indebted. The world is awash in debt. That debt is reducing global productivity and prosperity.

If America—and the world—would become prosperous again, something’s got to be done about paying or otherwise eliminating our excessive National (and global) Debt.

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Day of the Debt


March 15th. The Ides of March. Day of the Debt.

Greg Hunter ( recently interviewed Mexican billionaire and retail magnate Hugo Salinas Price.

Salinas Price advocated using silver as money in Mexico:

The idea is not to go back to a silver standard, but to create a parallel currency which would be a monetized silver coin. It would not bear a stamped value. It would be a plain silver coin with a quoted [periodically adjustable] value given to it. This value would be adjusted upward with a fall in the value of the peso or a rise with the price of silver.”

Adjusted” by whom? The Mexican government? And that government would promise (cross-their-hearts-and-hope-to-die) that they would never, ever try to manipulate the silver coin’s value for political gain—right? And the people of Mexico and of the world would believe that the Mexican government would never try to manipulate the value of the silver coins for political purposes—right?

I don’t think so.

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The Winter of My Discontent


The last time I posted an article on this blog was November 6th.  Up until then, I’d posted about 1,900 articles–about one every day and a half for a number of years.  It’s hard work trying to find something to say that’s (hopefully) new, worthwhile, insightful and still not too long.  I was, to some extent, exhausted.  Burnt out.

It wasn’t just burn-out from the writing.  I love writing.  Not because I love telling my ideas to others.  That’s good, but it’s not my primary motivation.  I love writing because it teaches me.  I don’t seek to teach by writing.  I (mostly) seek to learn by writing.

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