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As of August 12th, A.D. 2011, I’ve published nearly 600 entries on this blog.  Here are the 23 that my readers regard as most popular.  They are listed from the most popular (#1) to the least (#23).  If you’re interested in getting a good sampler of the kinds of articles I write and publish, here it is:

1.  Something Funny’s Goin’ On

2.  FRCP 12(b)(6) “Failure to State a Claim for which Relief can be Granted”

3.  FRCP 17(a), Ratification of Commencement & Real Party In Interest

4. Dennis Craig’s Sovereignty Documents, #s 1, 2 & 3

5. Am I About To Be Labeled a “Domestic Terrorist”?

6. Ohio Foreclosure Stopped by “Real Party in Interest” Objection

7. “Unalienable” vs. “Inalienable”

8. “Alfred Adask a/k/a ALFRED ADASK”

9. Conspiracy Theory du jour

10. Actions of Account

11. Prophecy?  A.D. 2011 Currency Collapse?

12.  “Without Prejudice”:  Reserving your Rights under the UCC

13. Notice Pleading Notes

14. Debtor’s Prison or Breach of Fiduciary Obligation?  A Habeas Corpus that Worked.

15.  “Man or Other Animals” #1

16. Preamble to the “Bill of Rights”

17.  “Man or Other Animals” #3–GENOCIDE

18. “Global Systemic Geopolitical Dislocation”?

19.  What If US Collapses? Soviet Collapse Lessons Every American Needs To Know

20. How to Make a Nigger a Slave—Fact or Fiction?

21. Bond vs U.S.

22. The Organic Laws of The United States of America

23.  Currency War III—the Libyan Intervention


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  1. Nemry

    August 20, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    How about putting all of this into one downloadable file, So that we can save it in a timely manner?


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