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Computerized Vote Rigging

Some of the following video is from A.D. 2010.  It implies that many, most, perhaps all, American elections have been significantly “rigged” for at least the last three election cycles.  It’s virtually certain that this year’s elections will also be rigged–at least, in part.

It’s worse than we’d imagined.  In this video we see evidence that explains how the “elite” and the “establishment” have gained and retained political power. They rig the elections.  We see evidence in this video that suggests why 3rd party and independent candidates almost always do poorly.  They’re not part of the “establishment” that rigs elections.  This video explains why almost the whole damned government seems to act in concert against the State and federal Constitutions and Americans’ rights and liberties.  Apparently, thanks to vote rigging, only establishment candidates are electable.

Except for Trump.   Once you understand the establishment’s reliance on vote rigging, you can understand why Democrat and even Republican “establishment” politicians have reacted so fiercely against Trump’s candidacy.

When you stop to think about it, if there is an “establishment” or “shadow government” that’s taken control of the U.S. government, isn’t it obvious that their first step would be to rig elections to insure their elections and reelections?

One solution:  Force legislators to pass laws that mandate that anyone who participates in election rigging/fraud be tried for treason.  If found guilty, hang ’em. No exceptions, no excuses, no crap. Hang ’em.

One implication:  Any incumbent politician who’s won election two or more times is almost certainly a member of the “establishment” that’s bent on treason.  Any politician.

Another implication:  If the “establishment” has rigged the general elections, they have nevertheless failed to rig the presidential primary elections.  Thus, Trump–perhaps the only non-establishment candidate advanced by either major political party in this year’s primary election–won the Republican nomination for President.   Oooo.  What a blow . . . what a frightening blow . . . to the “establishment”.

video     00:24:49


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The Rodney Dangerfield of American politics

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times reported in “John Bolton Dubs Obama ‘weak’ and warns ‘a dangerous time’ is coming” that:


“Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said President Obama’s weakness on the world stage is only opening the door for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to continue his aggression . . . .  Bolton said, ‘We’re in for a dangerous time in Europe for the next couple years. And yet the president doesn’t seem to pay attention anymore.’”


Why doesn’t Obama “pay any attention anymore”?

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Out of the Mouths of Blacks

There are some things Whites can’t say in this country without being called “racist”  But if the same statements are made by Blacks, they can be viewed as profoundly true.

In the following video, we see Blacks angry that Obama is spending money to help illegal aliens, but not spending money that might otherwise help poor Black (or White) Americans.  The protestors are right.  What th’ hell is Obama doing allowing illegals to enter this country, take jobs while unemployment is high, and receive federal funds?  Every poor or unemployed American should be outraged.

If this protest catches fire in the Black community, the Democrat Party is heading for a record-breaking rout in the November elections.

video   00:02:06


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“Epic Epidemic of Marketplace Fraud”

Government & Wall Street Corruption [courtesy Google Images]

Government & Wall Street Corruption
[courtesy Google Images]

Yesterday, I published an article based on a recent 60 Minutes report on the “rigging” of our commodities and stock markets.  One reader sent a comment.  I replied in part as follows:

“Your comment on LIBOR and governments’ ten-year-long resistance to prosecuting those responsible struck a chord with me. By allowing the crooks to get away with LIBOR, the government simply encouraged more people in the markets to become amoral, immoral and out-right criminal.

“Thus, today’s market rigging and ‘retirement’ account vulnerability have been, to some degree, caused by our earlier failure to prosecute the LIBOR crooks and send a message that corruption will not be tolerated.

“Insofar as we again fail to prosecute those responsible for “rigging” our markets and those responsible for protecting our retirement accounts who’ve failed to do so, we can assume that the markets will attract even more white-collar, organized crime. As criminal conduct becomes even more prevalent in our markets, the entire economic and financial system’ will become even more corrupt until it finally collapses under the weight of its own criminality.

“We aren’t heading for an economic collapse in this country because of some technical detail (like interest rates, inflation rates, unemployment rates, etc.). We’re heading for an economic collapse because America’s government, financial institutions, and people have become immoral. If this nation is going to be destroyed, it won’t be by mathematics and economic formulas–it’ll be by immorality.”

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Burning Bridges to Obama

Change even Obama can believe in.

A former Obama supporter changes her mind.

In and of itself, this video is not profound. Some of it is almost silly.  But as a leaf in the breeze, the video offers a clue as to which way the political wind is blowing among American youth.  If this video is representative of the political perspective of America’s youth, Democrats are headed for a lot of trouble in next November’s election. So is big government.

I think the tide’s beginning to turn. I think America has had just about enough of the treasonous whores in the cat-house on the Potomac and just about enough of the police state where cops can kill with impunity. I think that unless “big government” can somehow install and maintain an overt dictatorship within the next two years, the election of A.D. 2016 may mark the end of the line for “big government”. A.D. 2016 may even present an opportunity for the creation of a new, third party dedicated to the fundamental, spiritual principles (like Liberty) on which this nation was founded.

video   00:04:01


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Edward Snowden for Senator!

Earlier this month, TIME magazine considered eight nominees for their “Person of the Year” award. Edward Snowden (who famously released the NSA computer files that exposed the NSA’s domestic and international spying apparatus) was one of those nominees. None of the other nominees had as much national and international impact in A.D. 2013 ad Edward Snowden. Nevertheless, TIME awarded “Person of the Year” to the Pope Francis.

It occurs to me that we might correct TIME’s oversight if people started write-in campaigns for electing Edward Snowden to the office of US Senator in each of the roughly 33 States that will be electing Senators in A.D. 2014.

Since Snowden is 30 years old, he’s eligible to run for Senator.  If write-in movements were attempted in 33 (?) States, it’s not impossible that Snowden might not only be elected Senator in one of those States–he might even be elected in two, three or more of those States.

There might be some State citizenship problems to overcome.  Still, wouldn’t that be something if Snowden received the most votes for the office of Senator in any State and perhaps even in several States?  I doubt that the gov-co would be pleased.

Part of the reason I suggest that write-in movements be attempted is Snowden’s brief Christmas message in the following video.  I already knew he had courage.  I knew he had integrity and intelligence.  But I see in the following video that he’s also a competent public speaker.  Based on his performance in this video, I believe Snowden could be elected to high office

Of course, even if Snowden won office, his circumstances are such that he might never be able to occupy that office.  Still, the political impact of electing Snowden to the office of U.S. Senator would be huge, hilarious and infuriating for NSA and the gov-co.  Snowden’s election(s) might send a powerful message from all who despise the currently corrupt political system.

I like the idea.  It’s whimsical, humorous, serious and intriguing.  If it went viral, who can say?  Edward Snowden might be elected to the office of U.S. Senator.

video     00:01:44


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This Guy’s Singin’ My Song

E.W. Jackson is running for Lt. Governor of The Commonwealth of Virginia.   Here’s a speech he delivered on May 18th.  I hope the voters respond to his ideas.  That fact that he dares to present this message should send chills down the spines of most of the spineless, treasonous whores in the Cat House on the Potomac.  I think Mr. Jackson’s message is, unfortunately, a little premature–but not much.  What may not work this year, might work next.

video   00:07:49!


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