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Gun-Control Saves—Or Kills?


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Some say Chicago has the most rigid and draconian gun control laws in the country.  Common sense tells us that less guns should translate into fewer shooting.

However—first, commonsense ain’t so common—and, second, Breitbart recently reported that, over our recent Memorial Day weekend, in heavily gun-controlled Chicago,

At least 53 people were shot and wounded and four were killed.

Given that only 4 people died out of the 57 who were shot, I guess the good news is that Chicago shooters aren’t very good shots.  Apparently, only 7% of those who are shot, actually die. I’m sure that the folks down here on Texas could teach those Chicagoans a thing or two about firearms accuracy.

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Federal Judge Overturns some of Obama’s Gun Control Laws

A Federal Judge in the Marianas Islands has overturned Obama gun control laws.  I don’t know how far this Judge’s ruling extends.  It almost certainly does not apply to the entire U.S..  But it does set a precedent that may not control but could persuade.  It almost certainly guarantees that the issue will soon go the Supreme Court of the United States.   Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

While we wait for further developments, this ruling is (temporarily?) cause for celebration.

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“There’s a Crate of Guns in the Alley”

The following video implies that elements of government are dumping guns into Black neighborhoods in order to create violence and civil strife.  Maybe that’s true, maybe not.  I’m inclined to think those allegations could be true.

However, this video also alleges some significant number of guns dumped into Black neighborhoods are full-automatic weapons able to fire hundreds of bullets per minute.  Maybe that’s true; maybe not.  I was disinclined to believe the “full-automatic” allegations because, if that were true, the MainStream Media should report instances where scores of rounds were fired at a victim, leaving scores of casings on the ground.  I haven’t heard those MSM reports so I wonder if full-auto weapons are being dumped into Black neighborhoods.

But then, as I thought back to about 20 years ago, I remembered a New Years Eve TV newscast from the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park at Dallas, Texas.  The Cotton Bowl is located on the South side of Dallas in a Black neighborhood.  That New Years Eve, the stadium was empty except for the TV crew.  No lights except those provided by the TV crew.

There was a female reporter.  The clock ticked down to midnight and gunfire began to erupt from the surrounding Black community.  People were firing their weapons into the air.  You could hear all different size calibers.  But it wasn’t just the sounds of various pistols or rifles going Bang! [pause]  Bang! [pause] Bang!

Repeatedly, even predominantly, I heard the chatter of full-automatic weapons.  I guessed I was hearing AK-47s, M-16s, and Uzis.  Not one or two, but lots of ’em.  I remember thinking that it sounded like a civil war in Beirut, Lebanon.  The Blacks in South Dallas had some serious firepower.

The lady TV reporter started making her report in a professional, detached manner.  The purpose of her broadcast was to report on the gun fire in the South side of Dallas.  She apparently expected to hear a few gunshots.

However, she was not prepared to hear the noise of a civil war.  Her eyes went wide when she realized that scores of guns were being fired, and perhaps a dozen of them were full-automatic. A lot of bullets were being fired up into the air.  Those bullets had to come back down somewhere.  The TV lady and her crew were standing at the 50-yard line of the Cotton Bowl with nothing over their heads.  She involuntarily hunched over to make a smaller target. The TV lady was clearly afraid.

My point is that I saw that live TV news report back in the mid-1990s.  I knew then that Blacks had a good number of fully-automatic weapons.  That’s consistent with claims made in the following video.

Maybe government is dumping full-auto weapons into the ‘Hood.

Imagine finding a crate of guns in your back alley.

What would you do?

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Napolitano: No One Died in Orlando until the SWAT Team Entered the Building

Pulse night club Mass Killing [courtesy Google Images]

Pulse night club Mass Killing
[courtesy Google Images]

According to Wikipedia, “On June 12, 2016, [the Orlando, Florida, Pulse night] club gained international attention as it was the scene of the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in US history, with 49 people killed and 53 injured.”

There were over 100 casualties. This implies that at least 100 bullets had been fired.  This implies that even if the gunman had 30-round ammunition clips for his semi-automatic rifle and he had one clip in the rifle when he arrived–he still had to change clips at least three more times during the massacre.

Why didn’t one or more of the Pulse crowd try to jump the “single gunman” when he changed clips?

Some people have speculated that one man couldn’t have caused over 100 casualties all by himself.  That speculation leads to the conclusion that the “lone gunman” must’ve had one or more accomplices who have, so far, remained unidentified.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was recently interviewed by Fox News and offered an implicit answer to how the “lone gunman” caused so many casualties:  He had help, alright, but it wasn’t from some accomplices–it was the government.

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An Immigrant’s Perspective on American Gun Control

Applause, applause!

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Judge Napolitano on Nevada gun control

As usual, Judge Napolitano makes another strong argument that touches on both the legality and politics of an important issue.  This time, it’s gun control.

I wonder what Napolitano’s relationship is to Donald Trump.  They might despise each other, but they seem to have a lot in common.  Both are brash and outspoken.  I wonder if Trump could appoint Napolitano to the Supreme Court.  I wonder if Napolitiano would take the job seeing as it would probably cause him to take a considerable cut in pay from his current job as TV analyst.

Given the need for judges to at least “appear” impartial, I’m not even sure that Napolitano could become a Supreme Court justice.  Napolitano has publicly expressed so many passionate opinions that, as a Supreme Court justice, he mgiht be repeatedly asked to recuse himself for partiality and bias

Still, the idea of “Trump–Napolitano–Supreme Court” has a ring to it.

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Gun Control Nuts

Gun Control Nuts In the 20th century, over 50 million people were murdered by their own governments--AFTER those governments banned private ownership of firearms. GUN CONTROL KILLS [courtesy Google Images]

In the 20th century, over 50 million people were murdered by their own governments–AFTER those governments banned private ownership of firearms.
[courtesy Google Images]

 “There has never been an occasion where a people gave up their weapons in the interest of peace that didn’t end in their massacre.” Louis L’Amour reported in “Meanwhile In Chicago, 120 People Shot In First 10 Days Of 2016” that,


“Even as Obama takes his anti-gun crusade to new highs [by] dispensing executive orders, the president conveniently continues to ignore the state of affairs in his native Chicago—a city in which guns are banned—yet where the shooting epidemic has never been worse.

“According to the Chicago Tribune, the total number of shootings in the windy city has risen to 120 in just over a week into the new year . . . at least 19 people have been killed and at least 101 more have been wounded. This is three times higher than compared to the same period one year ago.

“Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement saying, ‘Every year Chicago Police recover more illegal guns than officers in any other city, and as more and more illegal guns continue to find their way into our neighborhoods. So it is clear we need stronger state and federal gun laws.‘”


That’s not “clear” at all.

What’s clear is that the Chicago Police Department is lying or stupid.  As you’ll read, there’s good evidence indicating that Chicago gun deaths aren’t due to Chicago’s gun control laws being too weak, but because their gun control laws are too strong.

Gun control kills.

The cops should know it.  Insofar as the Chicago Police Department advocates more gun control, it’s helping to cause, rather than prevent, more deaths.

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