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9/11 WTC 7

It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since some Muslim terrorists allegedly hijacked four airplanes and used them to attack the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It seems like it happened just two or three years ago.

We all have good reason to know that Bush, Cheney, Bush administration officials, the Saudi government and the National Institute of Standards and Technology all lied in order to cover-up and conceal the real culprits behind the 9/11 attack.  We all have good reason to know that the real purpose behind the 9/11 attacks was to precipitate a unjustified invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps destabilize the entire Middle East.

The following video report doesn’t offer any new information.  It won’t tell you anything that you don’t already know about the implosion of World Trade Center Building #7.  But it’s a good summary of the evidence that implies that 9/11 could not have been perpetrated by a rag-tag band of Muslims and therefore had to have been perpetrated–and subsequently concealed–by our own government.  This video is a memorial to 9/11 that deserves to be posted on this blog as reminder to all that our government is willing to murder thousands (millions?) or Americans to expand its power.

How many millions of Muslims have died as retribution for the 9/11 attacks that were blamed on Muslims but which the Muslims could not have actually caused?  I.e., Building 7 was not hit by an airplane.  There is no credible reason for it’s sudden, 7-second collapse, other than implosion.  It would take weeks or months to wire Building 7 to implode.  The Muslims could not have spent months sneaking into Building 7 to plant explosives.  The wiring of Building 7 was an inside job that could not have been achieved or concealed without the complicity of our own government.

Some might say, Well, that was the Bush administration.  Today’s government isn’t like that.

Bunk.  There’s no statute of limitations on murder.  3,000 Americans were murdered in 9/11.  If today’s congressmen, senators or presidents don’t seek to expose and prosecute the true perpetrators, then today’s politicians are accomplices after the fact to mass murder.  They’re just as guilty as the Bush administrations’ fascists and psychopaths.

And, incidentally, how’d the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq work out?  You could make a good case that those unjustified invasions have badly diminished Americans’ previous faith in government, caused the U.S. military to be badly weakened, triggered enormous instability in the Middle East, and (since Afghanistan and Iraq were not quickly subdued by our “shock and awe”) even caused serious damage to the New World Order.

Although perpetrators like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have gone free, the lies surrounding 9/11 are still coming home to roost.  There’s an ironic justice in all that.

video     00:14:59


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9/11 Airplanes: Skyjacked by Hackers?

James Corbett resides in Japan and is the author of the Corbett Report.  I interview him on radio almost every Wednesday night for about 40 minutes.  That interview is rebroadcast at about 4:23 PM (Eastern) on the Financial Survival radio show on American Voice Radio.

James is a brilliant man and author of the following video “How To Steal an Airplane”.  This video explores the possibility that the airplanes flown into the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11th, A.D. 2001 had been hijacked by computer hackers outside the planes, rather than Muslims within the planes armed with box cutters.  The video is well-done, insightful and persuasive.

video   00:14:45


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Bush almost said “Conspiracy”

George W. Bush is interviewed about the Boston Bombing and 9/11.  His response is kinda hilarious.  He starts to bumbles right into the subject, and then tries to figure out how to gracefully retreat.

Laura Bush doesn’t say anything, but there’s a moment starting around 30 seconds into the video where she narrows her eyes, looks at GW and seems to ask, “How, in God’s name, did I ever manage to marry this moron?”

video    00:00:52


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9/11: Follow the Money

bush_911nypostMost 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” believe that the 9/11/2001 attacks were caused by elements of our own government.  These “conspiracy theorists” generally assume that the primary objective of the 9/11 attacks was to lay a political foundation for the future enactment of laws favorable to fascism such as the “Patriot Act”.  Up until now, I believed most such “conspiracy theorists” were correct.

However, the video below implies that future enactment of pro-fascist legislation was only a secondary objective.  Instead, the primary purpose for 9/11 may have been to destroy evidence of a pre-existing $240 billion dollar loan (that would allegedly come due on 9/12/2001)and many of the creditors who issued that loan.

I don’t know what the truth is, but it makes more sense to me to suppose that 9/11 was intended to “cancel” a preexisting loan than to implement future fascism.

One of the surprising, some might say gratifying, results of 9/11 is the number of government (FBI, Naval Intelligence, IRS, Military) and corporate “insiders” who might have deduced the cause and perpetrators of 9/11 but who died in those attacks.  Presumably, many of these government “insiders” were treasonous whores who thought they were “connected” and therefore would be safe because they worked for the gangsters who claim to run this country and the world.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. “DUSTIFICATION”

The video below deals with the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.

The first 6 minutes of this video are haunting.

The next 8 minutes of the video are mind boggling.

Dr. Judy Wood observes that although the Twin Towers fell, the actual mass of debris found in piles at the bottom of the Towers does appear to match the mass of the component parts of the Towers when they were still intact.  Dr. Wood observes that much of the mass of the towers simply turned to dust–while the towers were still in the air.

I.e., the Towers might’ve been expected to fall in chunks, and when the chunks hit the ground, the chunks might turn (at least partially) into smaller chunks and dust.

But instead, Dr. Wood claims that much of the mass of the Towers is not found at the bottom of the Towers because that mass had already been reduced to dust while the Towers were still “in the air”–and then blew away in the breeze.

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Will The Real Terrorists, Stand Up Please!

President George Bush introduces the Joint Res...

Another “audience” that does not object:  President George Bush introduces the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq, October 2, 2002. The resolution was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law two weeks later. White House photo by Paul Morse. Image obtained from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One man’s bureaucrat is another man’s terrorist.

While our government constantly reminds us that its attempts to stop Muslim (and now, “domestic”) terrorists are all “honorable,” our drones terrorize innocent foreigners with the threat of sudden and unexpected death, we have condoned torture, and American cops, prosecutors and judges celebrate and use the prospect of being sodomized in prison as a device to terrorize suspects into plea bargains.

Here’s a video of a US government spokesman accusing Al Qaida of violence and terrorism.  He’s interrupted by a young woman determined to speak out against violence and terrorism committed by the US government.  The woman is forcibly removed.  More importantly, the audience does not object. The woman tries to speak the truth to the apparent authorities–but the audience doesn’t want to hear it.  I wonder how many members of that audience understand that, by their silence, they’ve not only assented to their government’s terrorist acts against foreigners, but also to their government’s terrorist acts against other Americans and even themselves.

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New Video on 9/11

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in...

Image via Wikipedia

9/11 witnesses speak of explosions in the World Trade Center.



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