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Agenda 21 Wants 500 Foot “Buffer” Around Waterways

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Clint Didier played tight end for the Washington Redskins in the 1980s.  As a Redskin he won two Super Bowl championship rings–one in Super Bowl XVII; the other in Super Bowl XXII.

Now, he’s a farmer in The State of Washington, and the head of the EPA wants to establish a 500 foot “buffer” on each side of every fresh water lake, river or creek in Washington.  Didier claims this “buffer” will deprive farmers of use of up to 61% of their land.  He says he (and other farmers) are ready to fight–and he understands some constitutional fundamentals.

Taking control of a 500-foot buffer around waterways may sound fairly reasonable, but 500 feet on all sides means each mere 3-foot wide creek could take a 1,003-foot-wide strip of land out of agricultural production.

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