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Rising American Police State sees American People as Primary Enemy

It's not just a "radical" poster.  Obama in particular and government in general routinely violates the Constitution (the People's law).  As such, he is an "enemy" of the American people. [courtesy Google Images]

It’s not just a “radical” poster. Obama, in particular, and government, in general ,routinely violate the Constitution (the People’s law). As such, Obama and government are “enemies” of the American people.
[courtesy Google Images]

The principle enemy of the people of The United States of America is the government of the United States.  A lot of people would probably dismiss that opinion as crazy talk from the lunatic fringe.

But the adversarial relationship that exists between the American people and the American government is not the least bit unusual.  The primary enemy of the people of every nation is their own government.  Government seeks to convince that it’s “here to help us,” but it’s here to rule and exploit us.

Did Rome really fall to the barbarians?  Or did Rome fall to the Roman government’s excesses?

Was Italy ruined by the Allies in WWII?  Or was Italy actually destroyed by Mussolini and the Fascist Government?

How many Germans died in WWII?  Who reduced the nation of Germany to rubble–the Americans?  The Russians?  Or the Nazis?  Germany was destroyed by its own government.

Who destroyed the former Soviet Union?  The United States–or was it the Soviet Union’s government and its idiotic enforcement of the philosophy of communism?

Similarly, who’s responsible for bringing the USA to the edge of economic collapse changing the Land of the Free into a police state? Who’s responsible for the loss of our liberty, standard of living and the American Dream?

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Talk Radio as Psycho-Therapy

Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones

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If you care about this country, our G.D. “government” can drive you nuts.

I usually host 4 hours of live talk radio a week.  Sometimes I have a guest.  Mostly I do monologues.

For years, I’ve said jokingly (at least half-jokingly) that I do talk radio because I can’t afford a shrink.  I get to try to tell the truth for 4 hours every week.  It’s somewhat like laying on a couch in the shrink’s office and talking while the shrink listens–but in my case he doesn’t charge me to listen.

No one tells me what to say on my programs.  I say what I want.  My sponsor doesn’t bother trying to control me.  I have free rein to try to tell whatever truth grabs me.  I’m grateful.

My talk-radio “freedom of speech” is truly therapeutic–not necessarily for my audience, but absolutely for me.  In a world based on fictions and outright lies, four hours a week of unfettered attempts to tell the truth–and having a few thousand people actually listen and sometimes respond–is a great blessing.  I mean it.  A blessing.  I am grateful for every man and woman who listens to my radio shows or reads my blog.  Grateful.

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