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“Hacksaw Ridge” by Mel Gibson

True story.

I haven’t been to a movie in years, but I’m goin’ to this one.

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True Story

Mel Gibson’s movie–Hacksaw Ridge–is coming out this November.  It’s the story of Desmond Doss–a Conscientious Objector–who served in WWII but refused to carry a rifle and refused to kill others.  He saved 75 lives during one battle in the Battle of Okinawa in the Pacific. The Army postponed a second battle until Desmond could finish praying.  Medal of Honor.  If this guy’s not saved, I don’t know who is.

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If You’re a Creationist, You’ll Love this Video

This video appears to be legit.  If it is, it indicates that “fossilized” dinosaur bones may be no older than Egyptian mummies.  That would be the biggest story of the past century.

Paleontologists are finding carbon-14, blood vessels, and flexible, stretchable tendons, DNA and soft tissue within dinosaur bones.  The findings are happening all around the world.

Evidence is being uncovered that dinosaurs that were previously believed to be tens of millions of years old, may be less than 10,000 years old.

The findings are controversial, but if the evidence is true, Darwin’s theory of evolution will be discredited and perhaps even destroyed.  Creationism will become the accepted and even “scientific” truth.  Atheism will suffer a mortal wound.

We live in truly exciting times.

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Bible-based Market Timing?

The following video is an “infomercial”–a “commercial”.  It’s commercial nature causes me to distrust it.  Even so, it offers an interesting approach to timing markets based on Biblical “cycles”.  Although it’s an “info-mercial” there’s a lot more “info” than “mercial”.  You might learn something from this video.

Again, I don’t necessarily trust this system of timing markets.  Why?

First, because, in regard to End Times, I understand the Bible to declare that no man knows the precise date.  This video isn’t telling us the exact date for End Times to begin or for the Messiah’s return.  Still, I am habitually wary of anyone who claims to have read the Bible to reveal an “exact date” that anything will happen in End Times.

Second, because, as I hear this video for the first time, the timing is based on cycles of various lengths (which is not necessarily unreasonable)–but the choice of the day on which those cycles begin seem to me to be somewhat arbitrary.

Yes, whichever date is being used to start a relatively recent cycle corresponds with some fact of apparent Biblical significance.  But the problem is that you can find something that’s Biblically “significant” on lots of days.  That gives the person making these calculations a lot of leeway in terms of choosing cycle-start days.  That leeway casts some doubt on whether the cycle start-date truly reflects Biblical “prophecy” or human contrivance.

Similarly,the cycle end-dates are potentially suspicious in that no matter what cycle end-date is prophesied (or selected), something “important” happened that date.  For example, as I heard this video, most of the video is directed to using the cycle start- and end-days to determine when US stock markets (and perhaps the gold markets) will begin to go up or down.  Nevertheless, the Biblical start- and/or end-dates of the relevant cycles can relate to events in Israel. That’s not necessarily wrong.

Still, it seems to me that if we’re going to apply cycle-based predictions to US markets, the cycle start- and end-dates might be more convincing if they were all found in the context of the US events rather than those of Israel.

I’m not saying that this use of alleged Bible-based cycles is right or wrong.  I am saying that it’s not yet totally convincing–at least not for me.

But.  The authors claim to have made some persistently remarkable investment predictions by using their system.  If their claims are legitimate, there’s something here that’s worth considering.

More, the authors’ proposed system of several, Bible-based cycles is interesting.  I haven’t heard this one before.  Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong.  Maybe it’s 70% and 30% wrong.  But it’s news (to me), therefore interesting (to me) and might therefore also be worth your consideration.

Incidentally, I’m not associated with this infomercial’s promoters.  I don’t know anything about him/them.  I make no recommendation as to whether you should pay to subscribe to their product or leave it along. I don’t stand to profit or lose based on your decision.  All I’m saying is that this “system” strikes me as “interesting”.  Other than that, caveat emptor.

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Questions, We Get Questions

The "Sorcery" of End-Times "Babylon"? [courtesy Google Images]

The “Sorcery” of End-Times “Babylon”?
[courtesy Google Images]

A reader asked,


“So Al,

Q1)  What happens when the dollar crashes?

Q2)  “How will we then buy and sell?

Q3)  “Is this Revelation 18 in our faces?”


Al:  Our debt-based monetary system has produced a debt-based economy that is so strange and irrational that we’re now deep into “uncharted waters”.  As a result, no one really knows what might follow a dollar crash.

However, we can speculate.

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Hillary Communes with Eleanor

Hillary Clinton    Eleanor Roosevelt "Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . ." [courtesy Google Images]

Hillary Clinton                   Eleanor Roosevelt
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . . .”
[courtesy Google Images]

This isn’t exactly news.  Apparently, it’s been known for a number of years that Hillary Clinton (a living candidate for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States) has, in the past, routinely “communicated” with Eleanor Roosevelt (the dead wife of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt).  Presumably, Hillary still communes with Eleanor.  (No word on whether their relationship is strictly platonic.)

But all of that is news to me.  In fact, it’s an astonishment to me.  It’s even scary to me because the mere idea that a woman who openly admits that she communes with the dead could even be considered as a candidate for President seems virtually incomprehensible.  To me, if we wind up with Hillary in the White House, it will another (after Obama, the Kenyan Muslim) judgement and curse by God on the United States.

I cannot explain Obama’s election except as a judgment and curse by God.  How th’ helk did America nominate and elect a man to the presidency who can’t even produce a birth certificate?  Is that even possible without God’s intervention?

Likewise, how th’ helk can enough Americans even consider voting for and electing a woman for President who openly communes with the dead?  I can’t see her candidacy having any success whatsoever except as a curse by God on the United States.

Obama’s election is not politics as usual.  Neither is Hillary’s candidacy.

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Another, Fundamental Spiritual Distinction between Muslims and Christians That Can’t Be Overcome

What can match the pure exhilaration of sinless murder under the guise of Holy War and/or Jihad? [courtesy Google Images]

What can match the pure exhilaration of sinless murder under the guise of Christian Holy War and/or Muslim Jihad?
[courtesy Google Images]

The most important principle in the Bible is seen in Genesis 1:1:


“in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”


That verse is not simply an introduction to a story similar to “It was a dark and rainy night”.  The first first verse of the Bible is a legal statement of title to property.

The legal significance of that verse is seen in modern copyright and patent laws:  The author, inventor, creator of any new book, article, invention, heaven or earth owns perfect title to his creation and can do whatever he pleases with his creation.  He can ignore his creation, store it in some dusty attic, destroy it, sell it, lease it, or even use it to pick his nose or wipe his butt.  The “creator” owns the creation.

By virtue of having created the heaven and earth, our father YHWH ha Elohiym owns it all.  Because He created the sun, moon, earth and stars, he owns all of those entities and do with those entities whatever He pleases.

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