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“It’s Always the Patriots Who First Hear the Call”: Charlton Heston

The following video doesn’t offer much in the way of information, but it offers a great deal in terms of emotion and even motivation.  It doesn’t tell us what all soldiers feel, but it tells us what some soldiers feel–and I don’t think that these soldiers represent a mere “fringe” element.

There’s a growing “Limited Government Movement”.  That movement is not yet cohesive or even self-aware, but it’s the common denominator between the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Wikileaks, and whistle-blowers “movements”.  It’s the common denominator behind the recent Debt Ceiling vs Obamacare “drama” in Congress, the veterans who “reopened” veterans memorials closed by big government during the “government shutdown,” and the 26 state legislatures that have considered or even enacted laws to expressly prohibit their state’s enforcement of some federal laws.

The “Limited Government Movement” is motivated by people who understand that government has not only gone too far, but intends to go much further.  Even people associated with big government are fed up with big government. We are increasingly sick of, and even frightened by, the modern government’s dedication to more, bigger and even unlimited government.  The “Limited Government Movement” wants to return to the “limited government” still guaranteed by our State and federal constitutions.

There’s a “Limited Government” Revolution taking place now.  It’s been growing for at least five years–maybe since 9/11, maybe even from the loss of constitutional money in A.D. 1971. It’s already been happening, but it hasn’t had a name.  It’s been expressed in scores of smaller “movements”–but that common denominator is always there:  people want smaller, limited, constitutional government.

The government calls such people “domestic terrorists” and “sovereign citizens”–but the real terrorists are those who favor unlimited (lawless) government.  The real terrorists and treasonous whores are those who favor big government.

How will the Limited Government Movement be stopped?  And if it’s not stopped, what will prevent the day from coming when we see trials for treason?  Lots of ’em.

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Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

Registration leads to confiscation.  When Canada started to confiscate Canadian rifles, Canadians tried to play “Mr. Nice Guy”.  The news anchor in this video warns Americans to avoid making the same mistake.

The people in positions of power in Washington DC no longer represent the best interests of the American people and therefore can no longer claim to be the “American government”.  Thus, it’s not really the “American government” that wants Americans disarmed–it’s the same group of globalists that wanted Canadians disarmed.  It’s the New World Order that wants you disarmed.  And they’ll probably have their way, unless the American gun-owners stop playing “Mr. Nice Guy” and instead tell all gun control to stick it up their arse and shut their G.D. mouths.

video     00:05:21


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“When Should You Shoot A Cop?”

Larken Rose

Larken Rose

Larken Rose has struggled against the government for a decade or more.  His resistance initially focused on the IRS and caused him to be imprisoned for several years.

Since his release, his determination to resist government oppression is not only undeterred, it’s enhanced.

Here’s a video by Larken that may make you squirm.  The video’s title (“When Should You Shoot A Cop”) is beyond any concept of political correctness.  The title is shocking and poses a question that most Americans are afraid to ask let alone consider.

I suspect that Laken’s question may inspire fear in most Americans.  I also suspect that if our reluctance to confront the question is inspired by our fear of the police and “official oppression,” then our reluctance is evidence of how important it is that the question be openly asked, considered and answered.

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Anonymous Revenge: Interpol site down after hacktivists arrested

Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology...

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You can’t have a police state without massive, central government computers.  The fascist governments of the western world are absolutely dependent on their computers to maintain control over their people.  However, that dependence creates a problem:  increased access to the governmental computers.

For example, the police have computer terminals in most police cars that allow officers to have instant access to local, state and national data bases stored on distant computers.  The multiplicity of computer terminals makes it fairly easy for “hacktivists” to also access and “hack” into the police computers.  The more a government relies on computers, the more easily government computers can be “hacked” into.

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John Bush Returns to Speak Before Austin City Council

John Bush, Freedom Fighter

Last August, John Bush–a political activist at Austin, Texas–was ejected from an Austin City Council meeting and banned from returning for one year.  Reason?  The Austin City Council didn’t like what he had to say.  Recently, the City Council terminated their ban and allowed Mr. Bush to again speak at that public forum.

Here’s his return speech.  Note that while Mr. Bush brought some notes with him, he speaks primarily from his heart and mind.  By speaking, he’s having far more effect than if he were shooting or bombing.   Judging from this video, Mr. Bush may soon be elected as a member of the City Council that previously banned him, or even as congressman.  This guy’s good.  If we can find a few more like Mr. Bush, we just might save this country from the fascists.

video   00:03:36


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Little Brother is Watching–and Video-taping–Big Brother

A man in Austin, Texas sees a woman being abused by the police.  He videotapes the abuse.

The police see him videotaping, come over and arrest him, claiming 1) he was interfering with a police investigation; and 2) that he spit on the officer.

Unbeknownst to the police and even the first videographer, a second citizen-videographer tapes the police arresting the first videographer.

Later, the first videographer advertises on Craig’s List for anyone who witnessed his arrest.  The second videographer sees that ad and supplies his video of the event.  The second video refutes the police version of the arrest.  Local TV stations pick up the story.

I don’t know how many cops would like to outlaw firearms, but I’ll bet a bunch of ’em would like to ban video cameras.

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99% Choir Forecloses on Bank of America

Christmas CarolersWatch ’em infiltrate the Bank of America with caroler’s costumes.  It’s Christmas and these carolers look harmless.




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