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Cognovit Study Guide

Sign Of The Times - Foreclosure

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The subject of “cognovits” is important because 1) they are declared illegal in most states; and 2) nevertheless, they seem to be commonly used in the foreclosure industry.

I have no evidence, but it’s conceivable that “cognovits” might even be included in bank signature cards, and applications for drivers licenses, so-so security cards, etc.

The attached 10,400 word document (below) is not “finished” in the sense that it has a beginning, evidence and a conclusion.  The document is only a collection of notes and observations on the subject of “cognovits”.

I “shoot from the hip” when I insert my comment among the Supreme Court cases (below).  I write whatever seems likely to me at the moment I read a particular text on cognovits.  But later, after I’d read and learned more, I might’ve written something new that contradicted some of my earlier observations.

The linked document is not an expression of what I know so much as an expression of what I’m learning that might be true.  Take all of my comments with salt.  The document is intended for your consideration, not belief.

I don’t expect many people to read this document, but those who make that effort may, like me, learn something.  You can download from this link:  100818 Findlaw search USSC for COGNOVIT final


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