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Supreme Bastards Legalize Strip-Searches for All

Strip Search

Strip Search (Photo credit: MrVJTod)

I think the sonsabitches on the Supreme Court are trying to kill me.  Why else would those treasonous bastards issue a judgment that would drive me to such fury that I have to wonder if my heart can stand the strain?

Get this:  New York Times headline:  “Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any Offense”.

That’s right any offense—no matter how minor.  One example expressly quoted by the Supreme Court was walking your dog without a leash.  For that, you can be strip-searched.  Another example was driving without a license.  A third was child support arrearages.  In this specific case, the plaintiff was arrested based on a computer database report that claimed he’d failed to pay a previous fine.  The computer was wrong.  The man had, in fact, payed the fine.  But that didn’t matter; he was still subjected to TWO strip searches.   What luck, hmm?

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Jury Refuses to Convict for Marijuana Possession


English: Removal of liquor during prohibition

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A Montana judge had to dismiss charges against a man caught with marijuana.  Why?  Because the judge couldn’t find a jury willing to convict.


Our government imposed a prohibition on alcohol with the 18th Amendment in A.D. 1919.  The result was enormous profits in booze, an increase in alcohol use, and an increase in violent crime.  That prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment in A.D. 1933.


I’m told that the real reason the government ended the prohibition on alcohol, was not to reduce the increased use, profits or crime that resulted from prohibition.  The reason prohibition died is because jurors refused to convict bootleggers, booze smugglers and the operators of speakeasy’s.


Once the people, when called to serve as jurors, simply refused to convict the alleged “criminals,” there was no longer a reason to prosecute, and the underlying law became void and of no effect.

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How the Courts Really Work

Don't get into drugs!

Image by Raul Crimson via Flickr

Here’s a 7-minute animated video explaining how the court system really works–especially the prevalence of widespread corruption.  It’s accurate and well-done–including the conclusion that the only solution may be massive riots and perhaps even some lynchings of judges.

The natives are restless–even the animated natives.


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