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Extraordinary Interview with George Soros

George Soros [courtesy Google Images]

George Soros
[courtesy Google Images]

George Soros is an 86-year old Hungarian multi-billionaire.  Somewhat like the “Goldfinger” character in the A.D. 1964 James Bond movie, Soros is determined to destroy The United States of America.   Soros strikes me an an ugly and wicked old man.  I’ve wondered for years why some “lone gunman” hasn’t whacked him.

Here’s an extraordinary video of a Soros interview where we can see that he’s become so feeble, shaky and almost incoherent that he’s likely to die or become completely incapacitated even before crooked Hillary.  I can’t say I’m displeased.

In any case, Soros has apparently lost his capacity for discretion and therefore made some extraordinary admissions during his interview.

For example, he said:


•  “We have discovered the Achilles heel of western civilization.”


Why would Soros gloat over that discovery if he didn’t intend to destroy “western civilization”?  Of what use could an “Achilles Heel” be if not as a means to destroy an adversary?

What is the “western civilization” that Soros seeks to destroy?

At it’s foundation, “western civilization” is Christendom.  It’s a civilization, culture and system of values that’s fundamentally based on the Christian faith.  Soros is apparently at war with Christianity and the Christ.
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US Refugee Resettlement Programs

This video was prepared by a decent woman who’s seen her rural community torn apart by federal government edict.

I don’t doubt that the feds have the legal power to bring refugees into Washington DC and legitimate US territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.  But I don’t believe that the feds have constitutional power to move refugees into the States of the Union without those States’ express approval.

Our government is knowingly and intentionally bringing refugees into this country for the purpose of “balkanize” this country, divide it into a multitude of conflicting cultures and thereby destroy America’s ability to stand as one to resist or defeat the New World Order and global government.

video   00:04:00


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