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“The Most Dangerous Thing To You and Your Family is Government”

If government really wanted to protect the American people, the first thing it would do is disarm itself. Instead, it’s placed orders for over 2 billion bullets. If you trust the U.S. government, you’re a fool. (Incidentally, this is the 1,400th post on this blog.)

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Sobering, Frightening

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

The demographic trends reported in the video below are grim.  Europe will be predominantly Muslim in the near future.  Europe is toast.  The European Union will cease to be part of the “Western World” within the the next two generations.

The video below appears to be 5 years old, so the trends described are already advanced beyond what’s reported in the video.

Why is this happening?  Largely, because Caucasians in general, and Christians in particular, have allowed themselves to be seduced by government and economic forces into believing that they need not and/or cannot afford to have many children.  Without more children, the nation dies.

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A Good Question

(Courtesy Google Images)

(Courtesy Google Images)




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Democide: Mass Murder by Governments

In the 20th Century, more people were murdered by their own governments than killed by war. Governments don’t buy all those weapons merely to protect the country against foreign invaders. Governments buy those weapons in case the government has to defend itself against its own people.

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