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Nigel Farage: European Union’s similarities to former Soviet Union

EU member states

EU member states (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following video illustrates the fascism that’s coming to Europe–and, by implication, to the U.S..

The most troubling elements of this video are Nigel Farage’s complaints that the 24 people who comprise the “leadership” of the EU are unelected, self-appointed, granted lifetime immunity for anything they do, hugely overpaid, and beyond the touch or influence of the ordinary people of Europe.  While these 24 people extol the virtues of “democracy,” they are, in fact, seeking to create an aristocracy where the majority of Europeans are ruled by a handful of “aristocrats”.

Worse, when Nigel Farage makes these allegations, the 24 would-be “aristocrats” don’t appear to deny them or explain them–they just smirk.

You can see a similar smirk on the faces of Obama and various Congressmen, Senators, judges, and bureaucrats when they openly violate the Constitution.

Someone needs to wipe the smirk off their faces.

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Democracy is a Collectivist Form of Government

English: communism fail

English: communism fail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We live in a democracy.  Most nations in the western world are democracies.  We think so highly of democracy, that one of the rationales for invading Iraq and killing thousands of Iraqis was to give the Iraqi people the “blessing” of democracy.  As Americans, we are prepared to fight, kill, and sometimes die for our beloved democracy.

Nevertheless, our national commitment to democracy is a little odd since the word “democracy” does not appear in The Constitution of the United States.   In fact, the only form of government that’s expressly mentioned in our Constitution is seen at Article 4 Section 4 which declares in part,

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”.

So why did we kill all those Iraqis to give ‘em democracy?

Why didn’t we kill ‘em to give them a “republican form of government”?

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Ex-CIA Agent: “America Creates Its Own Enemies”

The World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks

Image via Wikipedia

There’s not one statement in this video (below) that strikes me as false.  I’m much surprised that an alleged “former CIA agent” would be “allowed” to go public with these allegations.  In fact, I’m so surprised, I’m left to wonder if Dr. Sawyer was ever really employed by the CIA.

But,whoever employed him, Dr. Sawyer makes a number of points that I absolutely agree with.  For example, he associates democracy (which I know to be a collectivist form of government) with Marxism.  He doesn’t say that democracy is collectivist, but he implies that fact.

He also recognizes that the current “war” in the Middle East is, at bottom, a “holy war”.  He’s absolutely correct.  More, we will lose that “holy war” if our government continues to fight as secularists and atheists.  Secularists and atheists fear death and therefore can’t possibly win a “holy war” against a people motivated by their faith and therefore willing to die. If you find yourself in a “holy war” either quit or find your own faith.  Christians, for example, can defeat Muslims.  Secularists cannot.  If you’re engaged in “holy war,” you must fight faith with faith.

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To Hell With Democracy II

Goddess of Democracy

My first article on “To Hell With Democracy” should be read as preface to this article.  The original “To Hell” article can be found at:

What follows began as my response to one reader’s comment on the original article.  This response grew to a point where I think it deserves to be published as a second article–To Hell With Democracy part II.  It explains the spiritual principles that distinguish the “republican form of government” mandated by our constitutions from the “democracy” that we currently “enjoy”.

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Corporate Sovereigns

To understand what kind of government you’re living under, you must first ask Who or What is deemed sovereign?

For example, in a theocracy, God is deemed to be the only sovereign.

In a monarchy, one man (the king) is the one and only (‘mono”) earthly sovereign.  He has ultimate power to declare the law.  He—as law-giver—is above the law.  All else are subjects in that they are “subject” to do just about anything the “monarch”/sovereign orders them to do.

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