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Dennis Craig: Bynum R.I.P.

Better Times.  Dennis Craig: Bynum circa A.D. 2008

Better times. Dennis Craig: Bynum circa A.D. 2008

On Saturday, I received the following email from Kate, Dennis Craig: Bynum’s wife and friend:

“It saddens me greatly to tell you that Dennis Craig; Bynum went to be with his LORD December 20th at approximately 10:30 p.m at the LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville, Tennessee.

“His companion for 39 years,


I’d known Dennis for at least ten years.  He was intelligent, determined, charming when he wanted to be, and otherwise difficult.  He devoted his life to researching the law and made some solid, perhaps great, contributions to the “patriot movement”.
Dennis co-hosted one night a week on my nighttime radio show (“The American Independence Hour”) for a little over a year.  He’s the only man who has a Category on this blog devoted to his name alone:  Dennis Craig.
Dennis had a hard life.  Lots of trouble as a kid.  Real trouble.  Violence.  Poor education.  Scrapes with the law.  Yet he educated himself and became a excellent researcher and a good communicator.  He was both charming and cantankerous.  Intelligent and opinionated.  Mellow and dangerous.  There was always an element of ambiguity in Dennis.  At any moment, he might be good, but he might also be bad.  He was fascinating in the sense that you could never quite predict what he might do next.

Dennis and I didn’t part on good terms.  I haven’t talked to him in at least eighteen months.  Still, his memory makes me smile.  There was something about his ambiguity that turned him into a “character” and made him memorable.  Whether you liked Dennis or not, I doubt that anyone who knew him will soon forget him.  I will not.


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Dennis Craig #4–the Pissing Contest

winghouse pissing boy

Image by quite peculiar via Flickr

C’mon in, the water’s warm!

(And kinda yellow.)

Dennis Craig devised some documents and a strategy that have apparently caused the government to recognize him in a status that is very much like that of a “sovereign”.  I’ve published those documents on this blog Dennis Craig #2—31-page Document.

Since the publication of Dennis’ documents (and subsequent excitement), “Michael” and his legal research group have identified several flaws in those documents.  Those flaws were first reported on this blog at Dennis Craig #3—Dayahm!

Dennis has since explained that these “flaws” were not mistakes, but were intentionally included as “traps” to ensure that people didn’t merely copy his documents, but had to read and fully understand them in order to “make them work”.

Since the disclosure of these “traps,” there’s been a persistent controversy between Dennis Craig (the documents’ author) and “Michael”—one Dennis’ strongest critics. This controversy seems to be growing more personal as the sides not only attack the other’s facts and logic, but also the other’s motives and character.

I’m writing this blog entry in hopes of reducing that controversy–in part, by recognizing some surprising ironies:

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Dennis Craig #3–Dayahm!

Seal of the United States Department of State.

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As you may know, several years ago, Dennis Craig devised several documents and a procedure for submitting them to the State Department that has apparently caused the federales to recognize Dennis in a status that is very near to that of a “sovereign”.  For further information on Dennis’ documents, you can read “Dennis Craig’s Documents–#1” and/or download copies of those documents at  “Dennis Craig #2–31 page Document“.

Dennis’ status as something very like a “sovereign” was reported by a group of researchers interested in Dennis’ documents. One of the group’s members was a police officer who reportedly performed a background check on Dennis on the NCIS national database. That background check identified Dennis with a “code” that the officer didn’t recognize, but was described as being associated with “royalty” or some such.

The concept of “royalty” is not far removed from the concept of “sovereignty”.

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Dennis Craig #2–31 Page Document

Declaration of Independence

Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

Dennis Craig has drafted and recorded a series of documents (see, Dennis Craig’s Documents–#1) which appear to have caused the government to recognize him as an individual “sovereign”.

The first document is 31 pages long and an assembly of seven smaller documents.  The entire 31-page assembly has already been published (at the above link) on this blog, but for the sake of analysis on my radio shows and ease of comprehension, I’ve broken the 31-pages down into the seven sub-components:

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Dennis Craig’s Documents–#1

Sovereignty or Secession Rally in Austin, TX. ...

Dennis Craig has been a regular guest on my radio show over the past six or eight weeks.  We’ve talked about a number of subjects, but the central theme has been a series of documents that Dennis drafted and ultimately filed with the national government.

Dennis claims that as a result of his process, when his name comes up on government computer data bases, the government files now include a “DO NOT HOLD” notice.  As a result, Dennis claims to have had a number of confrontations with the police or other “authorities” who, upon checking Dennis in their federal data base, simply release him and avoid further contact.

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