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The 747 Flu

Coming soon!  To an airport near you! [courtesy Google Images]

Coming soon! To an airport near you!
[courtesy Google Images]

Every year about this time, we begin to hear warnings about the “flu”.  The warnings flow from the colder weather, but sometimes we also hear warnings about the “bird flu”–a particular variety of “avian influenza” that’s slowly spreading across Asia and will spread around the world based largely on the fact that birds can fly.

In theory, the bird flu is most contagious on a global basis whenever some species of birds migrate from one nation or even continent to another in the Fall and back again in the Spring.

Once the migrating birds reach their Winter home or their Summer home, they stay more-or-less in that place.  Other “local” birds may pick up whatever disease the migrating birds are carrying.  Those diseases can ultimately reach the local people.

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CDC: Ebola Outbreak Possible

First, here’s a short video warning that there’s a slim possibility of an outbreak of the Ebola disease here in the US.  The video is reasonable and not tending to incite fear or panic.

video    00:01:44


Second, here’s an article at entitled, “The Ebola Breakout Coincided with UN Vaccine Campaigns.”  Although the article’s premise may seem fantastic and conspiratorial, it seems to be written reasonably and professionally.  If the article is true, it’s scary.  Infuriating.

Is it possible that the Ebola outbreak in Africa was caused intentionally?

I don’t know, but we live in a world where I wouldn’t be surprised.


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