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Capitis Diminutio–more on the All-Upper-Case Name


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Here’s a well done video from someone else who’s also persuaded that the all-upper-case name identifies some entity or capacity other than that of a living man made in our Father YHWH Elohiym’s image and endowed by his Creator with “certain unalienable Rights”.

I don’t absolutely agree with everything in this video.  I’m sure that the video’s author doesn’t absolutely agree with everything I believe, either.  At least one of us–and probably both of us–have more to learn.  But for the moment, we both agree that the all-upper-case name “may be hazardous to your (political) health.”

The point is that the all-upper-case name theory is being increasingly explored and advocated by other people.  The “lunatic fringe” (of which I’m a card-carrying member) is growing thicker every day.  And sometimes, the “lunatic fringe” becomes the “cutting edge”.

7 minutes:


Meet Your Strawman

The attached is a high-quality, animated video that explains the nature of your “strawman”–the legal entity identified with an all-upper-case name like “ALFRED N ADASK”.  I don’t absolutely agree with every contention, but I agree with at least 95%.   The video is excellent because it shows how these insights are beginning to penetrate into the body politic.    5 minutes.


“Alfred Adask a/k/a ALFRED ADASK”


An email from a listener to my radio show:

For the second time of which I am aware, on Tuesday, May 13, 2008, you invited our attention to the point that we no longer pay our debts, but that we now only discharge them. If I correctly read and understand the legislation of March 1933, we do not even do that, We simply discharge obligations.

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