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Emergency Powers

James Turk interviews Lawrence Parks on the subject of “emergency powers”.

Note that, in my opinion, the President’s “emergency powers” only apply within the districts and territories “of the United States”.  They do not apply within the borders of the States of the Union (“The United States of America”).  If my opinion is roughly correct, it implies that your exposure to the President’s “emergency powers” may depend on whether you consent to assent to government’s presumption that you are “in” a territorial state (“this state”) of the singular “United States“.

In theory, if you can establish that 1) you’re a man made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-28); 2) you’re “endowed by your Creator with certain unalienable Rights” (“Declaration of Independence”); 3) are one of the people of a State of the Union (like “The State of Texas”); who 4) is living and working within a State of the Union (a State of “The United States of America“); which 5) is not a “state of emergency”; and who is 6) entitled to “separation of powers”; and 7) therefore does not consent to be subject to administrative law or administrative process; then, 8) you might not be subject to President Obama’s “emergency powers”.

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Territorial “states”?

Gangsters--within and without government--fight for territory. [courtesy Google Images]

Gangsters–within and without government–fight for territory.
[courtesy Google Images]

In my article “A Reader Wonders—Art. 1.10.1 vs. Art. 4.3.2”, I hypothesized that that loss of gold and silver coin in domestic circulation caused the governments of the States of the Union to become insolvent and non-functional. I speculated that, in the resulting governmental void, the national government passed emergency legislation to allow “territorial states” and/or “administrative districts” to supplant the insolvent governments of the States of the Union.

In the aftermath of that article, some readers have asked for statutory evidence of when those “territorial states” were created by law.

I don’t know where and when these hypothetical “territorial states” were created in law.  If the hypothesis is true, that information remains to be discovered and confirmed.

But if it were true that: 1) the governments of the States of the Union did not become legally insolvent until after both the gold- and silver-based currencies had been removed from domestic circulation; and 2) the last of the silver-based currencies disappeared between A.D. 1964 and A.D. 1968—then it would seem to follow that the governments of the States of the Union didn’t stop functioning until the early 1960s.  Therefore, the hypothetical territorial-state governments did not come to full power until sometime in the early 1960s (when, incidentally, the Viet Nam war was heating up).

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Natural Law vs National Emergency

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte [courtesy Google Images]

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte
[courtesy Google Images]

Keith Johnson is a journalist who writes for the American Free Press.  He recently asked to interview me about a recent court “victory” by a Montana “mountain man” named Ernie Wayne Tertelgte.  You can see an 8-minute video of Mr. Tertelgte’s courtroom conflict at

Because I only use Skype, Keith Johnson couldn’t call me.  Therefore, he sent an email to me that posed some questions concerning the Tertelgte courtroom strategy.

Here’s his email and then my response:

Mr. Adask

Thank you for your timely reply.  I’ve been an admirer of your work for many years.  I regularly read your blog and have enjoyed your radio shows and guest appearances on the Alex Jones Show and Cost to Coast.

I’ve written several pieces for Alex Jones’ Infowars before being hired as a writer for American Free Press, where I contribute one article per week.

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The States of the Union vs. the Territory

Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...

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I embrace the fantastic hypothesis that the federal government has created a second, alternative set of “states” that are, in fact, administrative districts of a “territory” rather than States of the Union.  In essence, this “State-vs-territory” hypothesis argues that “TX” is a territory while “The State of Texas” is a member-State of the perpetual Union styled “The United States of America”.  Whichever of these venues (territory or State of the Union) that you inhabit will determine your rights, your duties, your taxes, your liabilities to arbitrary, unlimited government or your liberty within a limited government.

The idea of two, alternative “venues” (the States of the Union and territories) is at least fifteen years old.  So far as I know, the first person to advocate this concept was Paul Andrew Mitchell (writing under the pen name of “Mitch Modeleski”) in his book The Federal Zone.  The concept was picked up and amplified by Richard Kegley, TJ Henderson, Ed Wahler and Dennis Craig Bynum in A.D. 2006 in a book entitled USA v US.  I’ve studied and explored this concept for at least 10 years and, fantastic as it seems, I believe this hypothesis to be true.

I realize that the idea that our own federal government would intentionally “overthrow” the governments of the States of the Union, supplant those State governments with territorial administrative agencies seems too fantastic to believe.  I’ve spent at least 10 years looking for evidence to disprove this incredible hypothesis.  But after ten years of looking all I can tell you for sure is that: 1) It looks like a duck; 2) it walks like a duck; 3) it quacks like a duck; and 4) it goes good with orange sauce.  I still can’t prove that it’s a duck, but I’ve seen nothing in 10 years to suggest that it’s not.

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Arizona Emergency Suspends Speedy Trial

Great Seal of the State of Arizona

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The Arizona “speedy trial” act requires persons charged with a crime to be tried within 70 days.  The influx of illegal aliens into Arizona has increased the number of crimes by 200% or more. The result is that some judges are now sitting on up to 1,200 criminal charges waiting for trial.

Result?  A “judicial emergency” which has caused Arizona judges (not legislators) to extend its speedy trial act from 70 days to 180 days–at least for those who are charged but not actually being held in jail.

This story illustrates several points:  1) Illegal aliens pouring into Arizona include a disproportionate number of criminals who are predating upon the people of The State of Arizona; 2) the federal government refuses to perform its duty to protect the people of The State of Arizona against “invasion”; 3) the resulting increase in criminal activity is straining the Arizona criminal courts to the breaking point; and 4) under the pretext of an “emergency,” any law can be suspended (in this case, by judges rather than legislators).

Arizona judge Silver explains:

video 00:01:29


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There Will Be Tanks

Hungarian Revolution, October 1956 - Sovjet ta...

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There’s something about the current revolt in Egypt, that reminds me of the A.D. 1956 revolt in Hungary.

There are significant dissimilarities.  For example, the Hungarian revolutionaries were ultimately crushed by an invasion of foreign (Soviet) tanks.  There’ll be no foreign tanks invading Egypt.

But the Hungarian and Egyptian revolutions are also similar in that both were spontaneous acts of the people that inspired the world with a sense of admiration and hope.

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Mind Over Money

Circulation in macroeconomics

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Here’s a 53 minute video that offers an introduction to modern economic theory–and confusion.

The video is extraordinarily well done.  The insights are significant, disturbing and even chilling.  There’s a suggestion that the whole damn system is inherently irrational–or at least partly rational, but ultimately also subject to sudden, unpredictable “emotional events” which can cause the entire system to collapse suddenly and without obvious reason.

Insofar as our economy may be subject to sudden, unpredictable irrationality, then no one really knows what’s going on and no one is truly in control.  The whole system is little more than a house of cards and the only real questions are: 1) When will the next collapse take place?; and 2) Am I prepared to weather such a collapse?

I’ll probably watch this video more than once.  It’s absolutely worth my time.  I believe it’s worth yours.

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